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April 2018:

04.06.2018A broken stone flying saucer on Mars.
04.05.2018Donut-shaped UFO in Croydon, U-K.
04.04.2018Blue lights in the British sky reported on tabloid website.
04.03.2018Three orange orbs in Washington, USA.

March 2018:

03.29.2018Observation in Hyères, France.
03.24.2018Alleged "Men in Black" in Britanny, France.

February 2018:

02.28.2018John "The Black Vault" Greenewald saves loads of US Air force Blue Book ufo documents supposed to go to the trashcan.
02.27.2018New evidence of the "Moonhoax"? Of course not.
02.24.2018Pilots sighting over the Sonoran desert, USA.
02.24.2018It is claimed a UFO crashed in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium.
02.12.2018It is said the "twittosphere" buzzes as a "great light" crosses the Western France sky.
02.10.2018On the US MUFON website, a "UFO" sighting with a video taken in Houssen, Alsace, France.

January 2018:

01.20.2018Curiosity rover spots weird tiny structures on Mars.
01.12.2018Crucial ingredients for life found in meteorites that fell to Earth
01.12.2018Organic molecule benzonitrile detected in space
01.06.2018A "jellyfish-like" object allegedly filmed hovering over a Chinese train station.
01.06.2018Flying object seen and filmed above Rome, Italy.
01.04.2018UFOs reported from the Valensole area, France.

December 2017:

12.26.2017Probable lanternes in Oberschaeffolsheim in Alsace, France.
12.30.2017Sputnik.com claims UFO - or cloud - was seen over Mt. Elbruz, Russia.
12.25.2017UFOs reported in Provence, France.
12.16.2017Alleged flying object filmed in the Russian night sky.

October 2017:

10.15.2017Tabby star mystery: a cloud of dust in orbit.

September 2017:

09.14.2017Planes again mistaken for UFOs, this time in Bulgaria.
09.13.2017Alleged alien photographed, Parque Mitre, Argentina.
09.13.2017Maybe a UFO in the skies over East Lancashire, U-K.
09.08.2017Talks of humanoid encounters in Argentina.
09.08.2017A sighting in Réguisheim. France.

August 2017:

08.21.2017The "Nazca alien mummies".
08.13.2017Luminous beams in Simiane-la-Rotonde in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France.
08.12.2017Small fast dark or black sphere in Elk Rapids, Michigan, USA.
08.10.2017UFO filmed in the night in Liguria, Italy.
08.07.2017NASA finds moon of Saturn has chemical that could form 'membranes'.
08.05.2017A report from Pfastatt, France.

July 2017:

Sighting in Magstatt-le-Bas, Alsace, France.
07.28.2017Huge sphere reported seen near Burnhaupt-le-Bas, Alsace, France.
07.21.2017Radio signals from red dwarf star Ross 128 likely from geostationary satellites.
07.17.2017Intriguing radio signals detected from nearby red dwarf star Ross 128
07.11.2017CAA now turns down requests to pilots UFO reports in the U-K.
07.05.2017French Air Force aerobatic team again mistaken for UFOs.
07.01.2017"Mothman" returns, in Oregon this time.

June 2017:

06.21.2017Officer of ICBMs launch site writes book on Minuteman missiles UFO incidents in 1966.
06.09.2017The History Channel to air a series based on project Blue Book.
06.09.2017Methyl isocyanate detected in young stars system IRAS 16293-2422.
06.02.2017Curiosity rover science team finds Mars Gale crater lake simultaneously had different conditions favorable for different types of microbes.

May 2017:

05.31.2017Lighter-toned bedrock indicate Mars had liquid water much longer than previously believed..
05.29.2017Actor Ken Russell says he witnessed the "Phoenix lights" in 1997.
05.22.2017Aliens at work on Tabby's star?
05.05.2017UFO of Chinese lantern near Barr, Alsace, France.

April 2017:

04.25.2017UFOs in Florida?
04.19.2017A "Super-Earth" orbiting a nearby star found.
04.13.2017Molecular hydrogen clue of hydrothermal activity on Enceladus.
04.13.2017Hubble space telescope spots a plume again on Europe.
04.10.2017Allegation of UFO video in the Arizona desert, USA.
04.06.2017Atmosphere detected around super-Earth exoplanet.
04.01.20171131 alleged UFO sighting reports in Canada in 2016.

March 2017:

03.31.2017A newspaper announces that a "UFO has flown over the city" of Avesnes sur Helpe, France.
03.24.2017Do the Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) come from ET?
03.23.2017Object rose up from underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, USA.
03.22.20177 quasi-earth-sized planets around cool star TRAPPIST-1.
03.19.2017Flying boomerang in Alexandria, Virgina, USA.
03.19.2017Observation from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
03.15.2017Cassini probe sees more heat than expected unde the icy surface of Enceladus.
03.10.2017"UFO filmed" in Rouen, France.
03.09.2017Observation in the Liège province, Belgium.
03.08.2017Observation in Saint-Leu, La Réunion, France.
03.07.2017ISS "UFOs" again.
03.01.2017A so-called "UFO" in the sky of Tasmania.
03.01.2017UFOs filmed over Aktau, Kazakhstan.

February 2017:

02.25.2017Photo in Gnesta, Södermanland county, Sweden.
02.21.2017A "UFO almost hit a military plane" in Chile.
02.16.2017A Chinese webiste talks of UFOs in Normandy, France.
02.15.2017BLURFOs at the Musmiss, Alsace, France.
02.12.201712 UFOs said to have disturbed the air traffic of the Jorge Chavez airpport in Callao, Peru.
02.10.2017"UFO" seen and filmed in Lima, Peru.
02.04.2017Observation in Idaho Falls, USA.
02.05.2017BLURFO in New Zealand.
02.03.2017Phenomenon in the sky of the Var, France.
02.??.2017Phenomenon in the sky of La Réunion Island.

January 2017:

01.31.2017Light in Denver, Pennsylvania, USA.
01.29.2017Light on photo from Newcastle, Australia.
01.11.2017Triangular UFO at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA.
01.05.2017Disc reported from Clinton, Illinois, USA.

September 2016:

09.30.2016Flying triangle in the Shropshire, U-K.
09.27.2016Locals "on alert after suspected UFO sighting" in south Turkey.
09.27.2016Hubble space telescope spots possible water plumes erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa.
09.26.2016Possible buried ocean on Pluto.
09.21.2016Russian cosmonauts and general report UFO during 1981 Saliut VI mission.
09.16.2016Mars had liquid water and melting snow a billion years longer than even thought possible.
09.16.2016UFO report from Angus, Scotland.
09.11.2016Fast craft in Crokett, USA.
09.11.2016UFOs reportedly seen in the sky of Aixe-sur-Vienne, France.
09.03.2016A "strange light" filmed in Le Havre, France.
09.01.2016A "mysterious pyramid" located on the surface of Ceres - what is this really about?

August 2016:

08.31.2016Suspected alien signal from space had earthly cause, Russian scientists say.
08.14.2016UFOs reported in Berck, France.

July 2016:

07.25.2016Strange phenomenon in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
07.01.2016Recent hydrothermal activity may explain Ceres' bright spots.

June 2016:

06.16.2016A "luminous circle" reported in Alsace, France.

April 2016:

04.29.2016Luminous drones show in Japan.
04.20.2016Earth's first spacecraft to the stars.
17.04.2016UFO sighting report from Valmalenco, Italy.
04.12.2016A woman talks of her UFO sighting in 1957 in France and the "CE4" that followed.
04.10.2016Alleged aliens on 10.000-year-old cave paintings in India.
04.05.2016A "constellation" of lights seen in Rostov, Russia.
04.01.2016Sighting with photographs in Antalya, Turkey.
04.01.2016Object called UFO detected by radar in the sky of the area of Smolensk, Russia.

March 2016:

03.28.2016Another alleged UFO video from St. Petersburg, Russia.
03.19.2016Again an orange ball, the Loire-Atlantique, France.
03.18.2016Talks of a UFO landing with a trace in the Maurienne, Savoy, France.
03.14.2016Claim of alien encounter in Farmington, New Mexico, USA, March 14, 2016.
03.13.2016Silly claims about "Planet X" again.
03.08.2016The end of the world predicted again, this time for March 8, 2016.
03.04.2016Saucer-like object on truck on Arizona State Route 77 near Holbrook, USA.
01.03.2016About the "strange sounds from space" recorded by Apollo 10.
03.01.2016A UFO spreads its wings in Maubeuge, France.

February 2016:

02.29.2016UFO web report, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.
02.24.2016Meteor seen over Eastern France.
02.17.2016UFO or sprinkler helicopterin Sainte-Croix in the Sud-Ouest region of France.
02.16.2016A UFO or a moon for asteroïd 2004 BL86.
02.13.2016UFO seen and photographed in the sky of Mâcon, France?
02.10.2016A kite fitted with LED causes UFO sightings in Canada.
02.09.2016Meteor or UFO spotted over Gladstone, Australia.

January 2016:

01.27.2016A balloon called UFO, in India.
01.18.2016Claims of UFO video in Moscow, Russia.

September 2015:

09.29.2015About the "discovery of water on Mars".
09.14.2015Any "UFO video" prompts "comments".
09.07.2015A luminous phenomenon over Thailand, probably space junk
09.07.2015"Giant sperm UFO" reported from Florida, USA.
09.07.2015A luminous phenomenon and a crackle in Saint-Erme, France.
09.01.2015Did a Ryanair pilot avoid a UFO?
09.01.2015Man reports to MUFON his sighting from Golden Meadow, Louisiana, USA.
09.01.2015An Australian documentary showing "more than 2,000 UFO images or videos" is advertized.

August 2015:

08.29.2015Elderly man says UFO tried to run him down and abduct him, Mexico.
08.27.2015The "Sud-Ouest" newspaper talks of a "strange orange-colored luminous ball" seen on August 27, 2015, in Pau, France.
08.25.2015Publication of a study of the April 25, 2013, Puertorico UFO.
08.25.2015A new ufology association in Picardie, France.
08.21.2015Newspaper talks of UFOs in Cholette, France.
08.18.2015Silent, low flying triangle UFO moves over Austin, Texas, USA.
08.15.2015Alleged UFO video in Southwick, U-K., August 15, 2015.
08.14.2015Witness describes low flying triangular UFO, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
08.13.2015Again talks of UFO video taken by the ISS.
08.12.2015Lounge lamps reflections published as video of UFOs above Bordeaux, France.
08.10.2015British astronomers claim traces of self-destruct ET civilizations could be spotted by Earthly telescopes.
08.09.2015Videos of a "flying humanoid caught near Los Angeles, California, USA.
08.03.2015Alleged UFO video in Yukon, Canada, published in August 2015.
03.08.2015General Gerald Johnson told of his 1952 UFO sighting.
08.03.2015Alleged UFO video from New York, USA, published in August 2015.

June 2012:

06.22.2012Robert Salas lectures in Paris, France.

May 2012:

05.28.2012Parasol UFO and tent UFO in Biron, France.
05.24.2012A hum in the night in Primrose Hill, London, U-K., called "UFO sighting report".
05.24.2012UFO media buzz in Blue Spring, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
05.22.2012So-called UFOs filmed in tornados.
05.21.201210 UFO sightings in a bit more than 2 years in Northern Norway.
05.21.2012A video of a supposed UFO followed by an helicopter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
05.21.2012Crackpots gather in Bugarach, France.
05.20.2012He takes pictures of "UFOs" all the time in Castellar, Argentina.
05.20.2012He thinks he filmed UFOs above Bologna, Italy.
05.20.2012Strange lights in Lubbock sky, Texas, USA.
05.19.2012Man claims to have the ability to summon UFOs at will, Los Angeles, USA.
05.18.2012Another BLURFO, this time in Fiambala, Argentina.
05.15.2012Near air miss in Denver creates UFO buzz on the web.
05.15.2012Russian cosmonaut Gretchko reportedly claims aliens will come here on December 21 or 23, 2012.
05.13.2012"UFO ballet" reported in Dampicourt, Belgium..
05.12.2012Man films "UFO?" in Fresno, California, USA.
05.10.2012St. George Island visitor reports UFO, Florida, USA.
05.10.2012Objects proclaimed "very strange" in Israel.
05.06.2012Chinese lanterns above Bordeaux, France.
05.05.2012Man thinks he filmed UFOs in the sky of Rome, Italy.
05.04.2012Daily Mail website sees "UFO" in Lithuania and also next to the Sun.

April 2012:

04.30.2012"UFO video" over St Albans, England, U-K..
04.29.2012Four "luminous balls" reported above Etion in the Ardennes, France.
04.25.2012Crop circle in Las Predices, Argentina.
04.23.2012A fake "French Defense official document" debunked in France.
04.17.2012Large disc-shaped object in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.
04.12.2012The Mars Monolith again.
04.12.2012So-called UFOs photographed in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
04.01.2012claims of UFO visits in the sky of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

March 2012:

03.28.2012Exoplanets in habitable zone around red dwarves.
03.26.2012Fireball in the sky of Rheims, France.
03.11.2012"Strange lights" said to have been seen in the sky of Brest, France.
03.11.2012Talks of UFO filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
03.09.2012Unexplained flash of light, Phoenix, USA.
03.06.2012Rapper believes he filmed a UFO, San Diego, USA.
05.03.2012Official UFOlogy in Chile.
03.05.2012Study on free floating planets in our galaxy.
03.01.2012Earth as an experiment field for a new technique of extraterrestrial life detection.

February 2012:

02.18.2012Rumor about SETI Institute picking up ET signal.
02.02.2012A fourth habitable exoplanet found.

January 2012:

01.24.2012A meteor in Lorraine, France.
01.24.2012A "cloud" or UFO reported near Curbans, France.
01.23.2012Mexican authorities chase UFO in Mexicali.
01.23.2012"UFO sighting" north of Narooma, Australia.
01.22.2012KCBD investigates mysterious lights over Lubbock, USA.
01.12.2012SETI now thinks of targeting planets.
01.12.2012Statistics on the number of planets in our galaxy.
01.07.2012So-called UFO photo in Cabra Corral, Argentina.
01.07.2012Nocturnal light in Païta, New Caledonia.
01.06.2012Discovery report of an intact Martian meteorite in the Sahara.
01.06.2012Proposition to amateurs to search of ET artifacts on the Moon.
01.04.2012Three white things in triangle in Georgia, USA.
01.01.2012UFOs ring in the New Year across Canada.

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