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News 2010:

This page provides information on 2010 events, observations, and news of interest. Click on the dates to read the news items.

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10.10.2010Nocturnal light in Aiglemont, France.

AUGUST 2010:

08.25.2010Quite stunning ideas are issued in 2010 about Titan by exobiologists.
08.21.2010Chinese lanterns in the sky of Béthune, France.
08.14.2010Strange lights reported over Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada.
08.14.2010Aviation personal in Brazil must report their UFO sightings for the Public Records.
08.12.2010Multicellular life forms on Earth 2.1 billion years old.
08.08.2010Luminous dots in the Bas-Bugey, France.
08.05.2010Newly released UFO files from the UK government.

JULY 2010:

07.11.2010Another "UFO landing strip" in France.
07.10.2010Rumours of UFOs over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station in Zarate, Argentina.
07.07.2010Claim that Hangzhou airport traffic was disturbed by a UFO, China.

JUNE 2010:

06.26.2010UFOs claims in Nancy, France.
06.19.2010Luminous balls in the Country of Gex, France.
06.15.2010Kepler space telescope's team talks of 706 new candidate exoplanets.
06.12.2010No Chinese lanterns sold in Belgium?
06.11.2010Talks of UFOs in Sorrente, Italy.
06.11.2010Photograph of exoplanet proves they form early.
06.11.2010Lanterns or UFO above Vatican.
06.11.2010Lanterns or UFO above London, U-K.
06.11.2010Jean-Pierre Rospars organizes UFO workshop, in Paris.
06.10.2010Orange lights called UFOs again in Italy.
07.06.2010Experts say life could survive on Mars.
06.05.2010Chinese lanterns called UFOs, on Paris, France.
06.05.2010Chinese lanterns called UFOs, on Nancy, France.
06.05.2010So-called "spiralling UFO in Australia - will they ever learn?
06.03.2010U-K Space Agency announces ExoMars mission.
06.02.2010Talks of UFO sightings in Colombia.

MAY 2010:

05.30.2010Another U-K UFO that looks like a Chinese lantern.
05.23.2010"Blame tsunamis on ET" conference in France.
05.18.2010Newspaper talks of "UFO fall" in the Jura, France.
05.16.2010"Expert" says Voyager 2 probe was "hijacked by aliens".
05.15.2010Another "glowing light", in Potters Bar, U-K.
05.13.2010Non-UFO said to have caused "alien invasion fear" in New Jersey, USA.
05.11.2010Hovering black globe, Florida, USA.
05.10.2010"Strange light" in New Jersey, USA.
05.02.2010RAF man and his wife see UFO above Inverness, Scotland.

APRIL 2010:

04.20.2010French TV channel looks for UFO-crazed people for a show.
04.18.2010The UFO of the Icelandish volcano Eyjafjöll
04.16.2010UFO seen and recorded on video in the Republican Republic?
04.14.2010Big meteor over Central USA
04.08.2010How many people believe that "alien beings have come to earth and walk amongst us in our communities disguised as us"?
04.05.2010"The Sun" makes claims of "aliens attacking sheep", U-K.
04.04.2010Video of a "UFO" in the sky in Alvignanello, Italy.
04.04.2010Russian website claims a piece of extraterrestrial spaceship was found in Perm, Russia.
04.04.2010Nocturnal light in Aix-en-Provence, France.
04.03.2010Video of "possible UFOs" over Dunfermline, Scotland.
04.02.2010Video of so-called "triangular UFO".

MARCH 2010:

03.29.2010Picture of a "UFO" in the Chilean sky.
03.26.2010Strange luminous object reported in Luque, Paraguay.
03.24.2010New forged UFO video by David Nicolas.
03.18.2010UFO or party balloon in the Casablanca sky, Morocco.
03.15.2010Molecules detected in space.
03.14.2010"UFOs" above the Neuchatel lake, Switzerland.
03.06.2010"UFOs" in the Isère, France.


02.21.2010British National Archive continue release of UFO files.
02.17.2010Alleged UFO seen and photographed in the sky over Rossendale, U-K.
02.17.2010UFOs or whatever seen above Aylesbury, U-K.
02.14.2010UFOs were indeed Chinese lanterns, Lorient, France.
02.06.2010Video in Brussels, Belgium.


01.23.2010New Zealand military to release hundreds of pages about UFO sightings this year.
01.20.2010A newspaper talks of strange filaments in the sky of Valeilles, France.
01.02.2010Surprise photograph in Salta, Argentina..
01.01.2010Observation in the Oleron island, Charente-Maritime, France.
01.01.2010First "UFO fleet" of 2010 is just Chinese lanterns launched for New Year's Eve, Germany.
01.01.2010"UFO" blog says UFO Sighting New Year Eve 2010 "coming soon".
01.01.2010Two weeks of "UFO" calls in Scotland.
01.01.2010Latest BS by Michael Cohen.


12.31.2009Chinese lanterns called "UFOs", Worcester, U-K.
12.28.2009Light in sky in Belper, U-K.
12.22.2009Snow circles in Hoeven, the Netherlands.
12.13.2009Scientists say the methane found on Mars is not brought to the planet by meteor strikes.
12.12.2009Ceara UFO Research Center, in Brazil, provides figures.
12.09.2009Spiral rocket smoke in Norway.
12.07.2009"Exopolitics" and conspirationist predictions of "imminent ET disclosure".
12.01.2009U-K. Ministry of Defense closed their UFO hotline.


11.05.2009UFO abduction, or not, in Ural, Russia.
11.03.2009UFOs or Chinese lanterns in Lakeview/Boothville, U-K..
11.02.2009Ukraine starts to declassify UFO sighting reports.
11.02.2009U-K tabloid says a UFO was filmed while abducting a buffalon near Basingstoke, Hampshire, U-K.
11.01.2009UFO in Maine, USA.


10.31.2009Report from East Texas, USA.
10.28.2009"Plane in flames" was a Chinese lantern, Burnham-on-Sea, U-K.
10.27.2009Story of "Unidentified Floating Object" in La Rochelle, France.
10.26.2009UFO sighting report, Batavia, New York, USA.
10.23.2009UFO or plane filmed in Rio Branco, Brazil.
26.10.2009Latest "alien video" from the Internet U-K..
10.22.2009Again, methane, carbon dioxide and water detected on an exoplanet.
10.20.2009Latest "UFO video" from the Internet U-K.
10.20.2009Astronomers announce a haul of planets found beyond our Solar System.
10.18.2009Rocket fuel dump caused minor sensation in Europe.
10.18.2009So-called UFO in Barcelona, Spain..
10.16.2009Astronomers sightings reporting website and project.
10.16.2009Rendlesham 1980 UFO witness Larry Warren says he will show a never seen footage of the sighting..
10.13.2009Observation in Nardo, Italy.
10.13.2009Dutch meteor photographed.
10.07.2009Observation in Casanero, Italy.
10.04.2009Claims of UFO sightings, Gorleston, U-K.
10.03.2009Help needed, to analyze and research alleged UFO fragment.
10.02.2009U-K newspaper and folks start to discover about Chinese lanterns.
10.01.2009UFO documents declassification continue in Brazil.


09.31.2009Over Leeds, U-K.
09.29.2009UFO does crop circles in India
09.29.2009She filmed strange white lights in the Ayr skies, Ireland.
09.28.2009Talks of a UFO landing in Mulungu, Brazil.
09.27.2009A UFO said to have been spotted in Atoxa Island, Spain.
09.27.2009So-called UFOs in Alvear, Argentina.
09.27.2009Lights near Heathrow, London, R-U.
09.27.2009Newspaper wonders about mysterious UFO sightings on Cannock Chase, U-K.
09.27.2009Website talks of UFO fleet photographed over Hydra Island, Greece.
09.26.2009It's orange, it's in the sky, it's a UFO, Ireland.
09.26.2009Chinese lanterns in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.
09.26.2009Bright orange and like on fire in Bournemouth, Dorset, U-K.
09.25.2009UFOs or not in Britanny, France.
09.25.2009Newspaper claims UFOs spotted in Redditch, U-K.
09.25.2009Scientists see more water ice than expected in fresh craters On Mars.
09.25.2009Newspaper says a UFO was spotted in Matlock, U-K.
09.21.2009Amateur astronomer photographs reddish thing with his telescope, Newton St Cyres, Devon, U-K.
09.21.2009So-called "UFOs" in the Lebanon sky.
09.20.2009Above Yarmouth, U-K.
09.19.2009Reports of lights and glows in the sky caused by rocket cloud, East coast USA.
09.19.2009Man saw light over Hovey Lake, Michigan, USA.
09.18.2009Red light hovers above Boise, Idaho, USA.
09.17.2009Large dark triangular object over San Mateo airport, California, USA.
09.17.2009Mysterious lights, Epsom, U-K.
09.16.2009Lava planet at 500 light years from us.
09.13.2009Orange balls in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
09.12.2009Sightings near Lake Huron, Michigan, USA
09.12.2009Observation and images in La Réunion Island.
09.06.2009Over Mildenhall, Suffolk, U-K.
09.06.2009Chinese lanterns near Nancy, France.
09.05.2009Mysterious lights, Epsom, U-K.

AUGUST 2009:

08.31.2009So-called videos of "meteor" in Cholet, France.
08.17.2009U-K Ministry of Defense releases a fourth batch of UFO documents.
08.15.2009Green blue or yellow oval or round gleam in the sky of Touffreville and Sierville, France
08.13.2009UFO-tourism: Darwin, Australia, tipped as "world's next UFO hotspot".
08.09.2009Red-orange light in Arizona, USA.
09.08.2009Red mass falling from object in Arizona, USA.
08.08.2009Orange lights in the U-K sky again.
08.01.2009People say they saw a UFO in the Châlon area, France.

JULY 2009:

07.14.2009UFO - or not - in Paris, France.
07.06.2009NASA Phoenix scientific results publications.
07.05.2009So-called crop circle message says 5 coronal ejection mass from the sun will hit the Earth on July 6 or 7, 2009
07.04.2009Distant object in Toulouse, France.
07.04.2009Thai lantern UFO video again publicized, Carlisle, U-K.
07.02.2009Landforms indicate recent warm weather on Mars.

JUNE 2009:

06.30.2009Noisy UFO in Pont du Chateau, France.
06.28.2009Zigzagging with blinking red lights, Pau, France.
06.28.2009UFOs or birds in the night, France.
06.26.2009Water spouts detected on Encelade.
06.19.2009Uruguayan Air Force declassifies UFO files.
06.17.2009Colorado University researchers announce first definitive evidence of an ancient lake on Mars.
06.13.2009Flotilla of UFO or just flotilla of ballons filmed in Italy.
06.13.2009Flotilla of almost identified lanterns seen in Paris, France.
06.11.2009They wonder where aliens will be landing, Kent, U-K.
06.04.2009Chinese lanterns, U-K.
06.02.2009Hayling Island UFOs were 25 Chinese lanterns, U-K.
02.06.2009BLURFO in south Shrosphire, U-K.
06.01.2009UFO spotted over Sutton Leach, U-K.

MAY 2009:

05.26.2009Female alien from planet Mattel on Pakistani TV.
05.24.2009Report from Feluy, Belgium.
05.23.2009US artist creates a "flying saucer" dragged by helicopter.
05.23.2009Triangle in Texas, USA.
05.23.2009Thai lanterns in Sierentz, France.
05.22.2009So-called UFO in Udmurtia Republic, Russia.
05.21.2009Weird object in Maryland, USA.
05.21.2009Two UFOs claimed to have been filmed at Edinburgh's Airport, Scotland.
05.17.2009Orange sphere with two blue lights attached in Florida, USA.
05.16.2009Object moves and stops repeatedly in Colorado, USA.
05.12.2009Chinese lantern UFO video again publicized, Carlisle, U-K.
05.10.2009Rhombus object with lights in the night near Beersel, Belgium.
05.10.2009White ball, traveling fast, seen over Washington state for six to seven seconds, USA.
05.08.2009Triangular craft with lights in the night near Rennes, France: was small private plane.
02.05.2009Two balloons and an airliner called two UFOs and a mothership in Lublin, Poland.
02.02.2009UFOs or thai lanterns in Turin, Italy.

APRIL 2009:

04.21.2009Smallest exoplanet detected so far.
04.21.2009Three lights in the Las Vegas sky, USA.
04.13.2009Kid's kite cause UFO commotion in Fallas, Cuba.
04.12.2009Moving blue lights in Edmonton, Canada.
04.11.2009Weird lights in the sky above Oslo, Norway.
04.07.2009New Jersey UFO hoaxers sentenced, USA.

MARCH 2009:

03.29.2009Mars: Spirit and Opportunity still going.
03.29.2009Alleged UFO piece for sale in Ohio, USA.
03.26.2009Nocturnal lights in Houston, Texas, USA.
03.25.2009UFO near Medina Lake, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
03.24.2009UFO's or Thai lanterns in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
03.23.2009UFO's or Thai lanterns in Austin, Texas, USA.
03.22.2009UFO landing, occupants, in Lorena, Texas, USA.
03.07.2009Light in the sky in Zadar, Croatia.


02.18.2009Paul Davies: look for aliens on Earth.
02.16.2009Canadian UFO archive online.
02.14.2009Three space objects enter the atmosphere in Argentina.


01.30.2009GEIPAN, nasty people?
01.29.2009Denmark Air Force opens its UFO file.
01.20.2009Woo woo! Obama's UFO.
01.19.2009Alleged UFO over Germany.

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