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News 2005:

This page provides information on recent events, latest observations, and news of interest. Click on the dates to read the news items.

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Click on the dates:


12.30.2005Argentina: careful, there's a UFO on the road.
12.22.2005Ufology masters in Swiss University La Ludes.
12.18.2005Walter Haut died at 83.
12.13.2005New KBO with titled circular orbit found.
12.09.2005Sci Fi channel still in pursuit of Kecksburg object.
12.09.2005Fast moving object seen in New Jersey, USA.
12.09.2005Strange flying cigar seen in California, USA.
12.05.2005UFO seen in the skies over Tampico Alto, Mexico.
12.01.2005ESA radar reveals water below Martian surface.


11.31.2005UFO or UFOs reported over Shanghai, China.
11.28.2005Strange craft in California, USA.
11.28.2005A UFO over Catamarca?
11.21.2005Triangular shapes in the sky, California, USA.
11.15.2005Sightings of nocturnal lights and flying Triangle, Ashville, Alabama, USA
11.12.2005Lights in triangle and weird sensation, France.
11.07.2005Flying Triangle in Texas, USA.
11.05.2005Strange phenomenon in Hamblen County, Tennessee, USA.
11.02.2005Orange-white UFO in Jackson, Michigan, USA.


10.31.2005Large livestock water tank mysteriously drained in Argentina.
10.29.2005Flying saucer said to have landed in a field in Prini, Greece.
10.27.20052 sightings in Thames Valley, U-K.
10.27.2005Unknown flying craft in Marnoz, France.
10.27.2005CNES Press Release: a new start for the official UFO investigation in France.
10.23.2005Object of humanoid with large head shape videotaped drifting in the sky, Nancy, France.
10.23.2005Nocturnal row of lights in Ludlow, Shropshire, U-K.
10.22.2005Nocturnal lights in two concentric circles near Sarlat, France.
10.21.2005Unbalanced man jumps out of the window to escape aliens, France.
10.19.2005Airliner crew reports UFO encounter, Mexico.
10.18.2005Nocturnal lights fly in circles, Belgium.
16.10.2005Observation in Thouars, France.
10.16.2005Angel hair in France.
10.14.2005Alleged UFO landings in Truk Island, the Pacific.
10.12.2005UFO reports from eastern Bolivia.
10.10.2005Nocturnal lights in Nantes, France.
10.06.2005Fireballs in Martinsville, Indiana, USA.
10.01.2005French official research on UFO reports resumed?
10.01.2005Nocturnal lights, Southland, USA.
10.01.2005Fast red lights, Québec, Canada.


09.17.2005Nocturnal lights motionless then fast, Essex, U-K.
09.15.2005Nocturnal lights spotted in Scotland.
09.14.2005Two objects with green lights, Arizona, USA.
09.12.2005Nocturnal lights spotted in West Yorkshire, U-K.
09.10.2005Thai TV reports on an entity sighting in Thailand.
09.10.2005Astronomers find a stellar system similar to ours but younger.
09.10.2005Scientists now speculate on the possibility of life on Titan.
09.08.2005Chemical proof from Gusev crater for wet Mars scenarii offered by scientists.

AUGUST 2005:

08.31.2005UFO above the roofs of Rodez, France, 2005.
08.29.2005Dark daylight object seen in Dominican Republic.
08.28.2005Object in the sky, Bois de Vincennes, France.
08.27.2005Shining white wingless silent object seen in Blois, France.
08.27.2005Six orange UFOs seen above Hobart, Tasmania.
08.26.2005Two UFOs seen above Toronto, Canada.
08.26.2005UFO seen in South Yorkshire, U-K.
08.25.2005UFOs seen in Essex, U-K.
08.23.2005Lights, Danville, Kentucky, USA.
08.21.2005Weird lights in the sky of St.Jean de Luz, France.
08.17.2005Silent object with lights and power blackouts, La Réunion island.
08.17.2005Orange UFOs seen in Crowpoint, New-Mexico, USA.
08.15.2005Couple sees UFO in south of France.
08.28.2005Cone seen in U-K.
08.23.2005Triangle, A1 motorway near Chessy, France.
08.19.2005Object with bulge in the sky in Nice, France.
08.18.2005White elongated object and helicopters, Var, France.
08.13.2005Nocturnal orange lights seen in Devon, U-K.
08.12.2005A light and a ray in Hessdalen Valley, Norway.
08.12.2005Craft seen in Nottinghamshire, U.K.
08.10.2005White UFO or blimp in the New Jersey, USA.
08.09.2005Sighting in Argentina.
08.08.2005Triangle in the Gard, France.
08.07.2005Foam mutilated mysteriously.
08.07.2005Four jets and objects, New York, USA.
08.06.2005Sightings in Argentina.
08.06.2005Object with plume entering the athmosphere near Toulouse, France.
08.05.2005Three fast moving orange lights near Nîmes, France.
08.05.2005Orange pulsating light, New Zealand.
08.04.2005Nocturnal light in Normandy, France.
08.01.2005Nocturnal light, green - yellow.

JULY 2005:

07.31.2005Confusion around the 10th planet explained: there really are two separate discoveries.
07.30.2005ESA's Mars Express finds water ice in Martian crater.
07.30.2005Strange low flying objectin the Gers, France.
07.30.2005About the new planet.
07.29.2005NASA scientists discover a 10th planet in the solar system.
07.22.2005Australia releases classified UFO documents.
07.15.2005UFO or ballon, France.
07.15.2005Wingless object, Seraing, Belgium.
07.15.2005Wingless object, Brittany, France.
07.14.2005Light goes much too fast near Metz, France.
07.10.2005Moving lights, Paris, France.
07.08.2005Images and videos from North Queensland, Australia.
07.02.2005Nocturnal light seen by couple in Ontario, Canada.
07.01.2005Night saucer seen near Hollis, Oklahoma, USA.
07.01.2005Nocturnal lights in le Coustelet, the Vaucluse, France.

JUNE 2005:

06.28.2005Nocturnal lights, Aix-en-Provence, France.
06.26.2005Light in Hessdalen, Norway.
06.23.2005Gray tube seen in Mulhouse, France.
06.21.2005Triangle seen above Paris, France.
06.12.2005ESA gives OK for deployment of second Marsis boom.
06.10.2005Creature startles woman motorist in Queensland, Australia.
06.10.2005UFO caught on tape in Ontario, Canada.
06.08.2005Sighting in the Blue Mountains, Colorado, USA.
06.07.2005Morphing object emitting light, Nevada, USA.
06.05.2005Things in the sky, a picture, Marseilles, France.
06.01.2005Three slow lights, the Cévennes, France.

MAY 2005:

05.27.2005Fast UFO flyby in southern Ontario, Canada.
05.26.2005White spot on Titan.
05.25.2005Titan's surface is young.
05.23.2005Official UFOs, a big step for Brazilian Ufologists.
05.21.2005Meteor or space junk in Alaska, USA.
05.20.2005Significant runoff on early Mars identified in river channels by National Air and Space Museum geologists.
05.20.2005Woman spots UFO in Central Virginia, USA.
05.14.2005Three nocturnal lights, Avignon, France.
05.12.2005Radar UFOs over Washington DC forbidden airpace?
05.12.2005News on element 115 in British Press.
05.12.2005Man puzzled by some light, North Wales, U-K.
05.02.2005Nocturnal light, Bondoufle, France.

APRIL 2005:

04.20.2005Triangle seen in Colorado, USA.
04.20.2005Flying triangle flies by skyscrapers in California, USA.
04.20.2005Possibly the A-17 near Edwards AFB, USA.
04.10.2005Observation in Sollies Toucas, France.
04.05.2005Ghost plane in Argentina?
04.04.2005Animal mutilations reported in La Pampa, Argentina.
04.02.2005Texas man said he videotaped a strange object, Texas.
04.01.2005Two round objects, Canada.

MARCH 2005:

03.27.2005Sighting report from Arizona, USA.
03.19.2005Nocturnal lights, Ontario, Canada.
03.15.2005Nocturnal lights, Ontario, Canada.
03.14.2005Nocturnal lights, Ontario, Canada.
03.09.2005UFO was a balloon, Maurice Island.
03.07.2005Nocturnal lights and UFO activity, U-K.
03.06.2005UFO was a kite, Australia.
03.05.2005Sighting in New Jersey, USA.
03.03.2005Press Release: John Mack interview intentionally removed from ABC UFO Special.
03.03.2005Sighting in Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA.
03.01.2005Mars: Press communiqué, Spherix inc.


02.27.2005Life on Mars: scientists say yes.
02.26.2005Bud Hopkins about ABC's UFO Special.
02.25.2005Phoenix man shows many videos of strange objects, Arizona, USA.
02.23.2005Le New Scientist: More Martian water evidence, and deeper too.
02.22.2005Scientists share an historic Mars Express moment.
02.22.2005Scientists suspect a frozen lake on Mars.
02.18.2005Sighting on mountain on Puerto Rico.
02.16.2005Other sighting in Tasmania.
02.15.2005Woman says she saw some alien behind the door, Saratosa, Florida, USA.
02.14.2005Sighting in Tasmania.
02.13.2005Three lights, Canada.
02.12.2005Man says he has many images, Australia.
02.10.2005Green light in the sky videotaped, USA.
02.10.2005Webcam captures alleged UFO, District of Columbia, USA.
02.07.2005Four hovering craft in Issaquah, USA.
02.07.2005UFO in West Haven, USA.
02.07.2005Shiny sphere near jet in Florida, USA.
02.05.2005Three strong lights in Ireland.
02.04.2005Two large crissrossing fireballs, Illinois, USA.
02.03.2005Secret UFO documents made public in U-K.
02.02.2005Black triangle craft seen in U-K.
02.02.2005Fireballs in New Jersey, USA.
02.02.2005Fast oval orange light, California, USA.
02.02.2005Coloured lights in triangular arrangement, Arizona USA.


01.31.2005Silent triangle in Columbia City, USA.
01.30.2005Triangle in Washington, USA.
01.29.2005Donut shaped UFO in California, USA.
01.27.2005U shaped UFO in illinois, USA.
01.26.2005Hovering triangle in Tennessee, USA.
01.25.2005UFO seen during cruise, Caraib.
01.19.2005Cattle mutilations, Sandia, Texas, USA.
01.18.2005Woman baffled by beam of light, U-K.
01.19.2005ESA Huygens probe landing on Titan, first comments.
01.17.2005Nocturnal lights photographed, Kaufman County, Texas, USA.
01.14.2005Hugens probe arrives on Titan, first raw images.
01.13.2005Opportunity finds possible meteorite.
01.01.2005Two bright objects, Portland, Oregon, USA.
01.07.2005Strange light in Florida, USA.
01.06.2005Bill Clinton comments on Roswell and secrecy, USA.
01.03.2005Flashing lights seen in Portland, Oregon, USA.
01.01.2005Seven objects, San Francisco, California, USA.
01.01.2005Lights in Paramount, California, USA.
01.01.2005Slow moving strange red light in Chino, California, USA.
01.01.2005Light in Hessdalen, Norway.

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