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News 2002:

This page provides information on 2002 events, observations, and news of interest. Click on the dates to read the news items.

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December 2002:

12.31.2002Spherical UFO in upstate New York, USA.
12.30.2002You had to be very out of your mind not to see a UFO in Chilean skies in 2002, ufologists say.
12.29.2002Orange-red UFO sighted in Powers, Oklahoma, USA.
12.28.2002Audio webcast of the recent abduction symposium.
12.27.2002UFO sighting in British Colombia, Canada.
12.27.20023 nocturnal lights above New South Wales, Australia.
12.26.2002Couple sees UFO near Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA.
12.21.2002Whote spherical object near vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.
12.20.2002Luminous daytime UFO in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.
12.19.2002Light in the sky, Birmingham, U-K.
12.19.2002New data on Titan.
12.16.2002UFO seen in Caracas, Venezuela.
12.16.2002F-16s scrambled, Washington DC, USA.
12.13.2002UFO seen in Caracas, Venezuela.
12.13.2002V shaped triangle seen in Colorado, USA.
12.13.2002UFOs visit Grampians, Australia.
12.12.2002UFO seen in U-K.
12.11.2002Nocturnal light in South Carolina.
12.11.2002Horten flying wings ridiculously used as "ET evidence" again.
12.10.2002Water ice also discovered around South pole of Mars.
12.10.2002And again probable liquid water on Mars.
12.09.2002UFO videotaped above Bogota, Columbia.
12.09.2002Something crashes on Serra Da Estrella, Portugal.
12.08.2002UFO spotted in Polanco, Mexico.
12.08.2002Dogs go crazy over huge UFO, Washington, USA.
12.08.2002Two objects with light beams, Pennsylvania, USA.
12.08.2002Strange blue light seen at the French-Spanish border.
12.08.2002A special day in 2003 at SETI's Arecibo radio telescope.
12.06.2002UFO spotted by Matamoros police officers, Mexico.
12.04.2002First accurate measurement of an extrasolar planet.
12.03.2002UFO videotaped over Cuernavaca, Mexico.
12.02.2002MUFON UFO report, Georgia, USA.
12.01.2002UFOs and Sturrock's book in the French regional press.
12.01.2002Light flies over Caracas, Vénézuela.

November 2002:

11.30.2002UFOs over Xativa, Spain.
11.28.2002Saucers seen and taped above Bogota, Colombia.
11.28.2002UFOs seen and taped above Buenos Aires, Argentina.
11.28.2002UK's MoD publishes FOIA UFO documents on their web site.
11.27.2002Three lights seen in Ohio, USA.
11.27.2002SEPRA is menaced to be shut down.
11.23.2002Yacht has rapid flshing object flyover, Mexico.
11.22.2002UFO or whatever videod in Norway.
11.23.2002Roswell Sci Fi channel documentary, news.
11.22.2002Roswell Sci Fi channel documentary, news.
11.21.2002UFO over San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile.
11.19.2002Strange craft over bay area, California, USA.
11.17.2002Nocturnal lights, Australia.
11.16.2002Thing in the sky spotted in Australia.
11.15.2002Roswell, news.
11.14.2002Grandmother's experience.
11.14.2002Strange robed creature in Oregon, USA.
11.13.2002Object with changing lights, Douai, France.
12.11.2002Phenomenon seen in Valdériès, France.
11.10.2002Lights over lake Michigan, Wisconsin, USA.
11.08.2002Sci Fi Channel UFO symposium in George Washington University, USA.
11.07.2002Pilots report UFO or UFOs in China, more information.
11.07.2002Pilots report UFO or UFOs in China.
11.07.2002Contactee story in Argentina.
11.04.2002Bright disk seen near naval base, Virginia, USA.
11.04.2002Mysterious cattle death in Arizona, USA.
11.03.2002Latest news about Charles Hickson.
11.02.2002Speeding object with low murmur, Illinois, USA.
11.02.2002Large sphere swaying and bobbing, Washington, USA.
11.01.2002Sphere sighted in Derry, New Hampshire, USA.
11.01.2002Leonid meteors caused UFO reports by pilot, Turkey.
11.01.2002Mystery aircraft over Victoria, BC, Canada.
11.01.2002Four people see UFO in Kitwanga, BC, Canada.
11.00.2002UFOs outran jets, Cornwall, U.K.

October 2002:

10.31.2002UFO sightings in Astrakan, Russia.
10.30.2002Photograph in vermont, USA.
10.30.2002Was the UFO near Lorient, France, an inflatable battletank?
10.29.2002UFO sightings in Russia.
10.29.2002Bright lights in New York, USA.
10.29.2002SCI FI Channel to sponsor digging at Roswell crash site.
10.28.2002Tiny 8 cm unidentified creature found in Chile: it's a terrestrial marsupial, new details.
10.28.2002Tiny 8 cm unidentified creature found in Chile, new details.
10.25.2002Tiny 8 cm unidentified creature found, Chile.
10.22.2002CNN: Clinton aide speaks against UFO secrecy.
10.18.2002UFO attacks car in Southern Australia.
10.17.2002US SciFi channel challenges US Government UFO secrecy.
10.16.2002Orange UFOs reported in South Brasil.
10.15.2002UFO flotilla gathers ovser South Illinois, USA.
10.15.2002Spherical UFO sighted North of Seattle, USA.
10.15.2002Silver cylindrical UFO seen in New Zealand.
10.14.2002Seven wedged shaped silent object seen in Canada.
10.14.2002Very bright light likely to be missile launch in Nevada, USA.
10.13.2002Object seen by entire family in Georgia, USA.
10.13.20024 lights in Wisconsin, USA.
10.13.20025 red lights in Wisconsin, USA.
10.12.2002Strange sphere above North Idaho, USA.
10.12.2002Strange light in the sky or ISS/Shuttle seen in U-K.
10.12.2002Saucer shaped light in Washington, USA.
10.12.2002White specks moving back and forth, Florida, USA.
10.12.2002Light larger than a star, England.
10.11.2002July crop circle was a German TV hoax.
10.11.2002Green triangular light, probable space junk, Missouri, USA.
10.11.2002Strange object filmed over airport, but web page gone (updated), Malaysia.
10.10.2002A light that splits, Wisconsin, USA.
10.10.2002Saucer shaped light, Washington, USA.
10.10.2002Large octagon UFO seen in Ohio, USA.
10.10.2002"Radar screen chowing incorrect data" have air trafic control staff see ghost planes, U-K.
10.09.2002Strange lights in Wisconsin, USA.
10.09.2002Object falls from the sky and cannot be found, Argentina.
10.08.2002strange sightings in Borneo Island.
10.08.2002Light in Connecticut, USA.
10.07.2002Sphere seen in New York, USA.
10.07.2002Bright lights in New York, USA.
10.06.2002Bright lights in New York, USA.
10.06.2002Bright lights in New York, USA.
10.06.2002High-flying UFO spotted in California, USA.
10.05.2002Ten UFOs in Illinois, USA.
10.05.2002Lights in Pennsylvania, USA.
10.05.2002UFO spotted in Georgia, USA.
10.04.2002Radar/camera/visual multiple UFO case in Malaysia airport?
10.04.2002Four triangular objects seen up in the sky in Northampton, U-K.
10.04.2002Fireball or UFO in Florida, USA.
10.03.2002Yellow UFO sighted in B.C, Canada.
10.01.2002Three objects spotted in Mannhatan, New York, USA.
10.01.2002Green light behind jet spotted in Staten Island, New York, USA.
10.01.2002Egg shaped UFO or blimp spotted in Staten Island, New York, USA.
10.01.2002Silver sphere UFO seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.
10.01.2002Mysterious flying object seen in Calgary, Canada.

September 2002:

09.30.2002UFO shoots up past office building, Australia.
09.30.2002UFO seen in the Netherland.
09.30.2002Family watches cigar shaped UFO, Derbyshire, U-K.
09.28.2002Witness followed by UFO, The Netherland.
09.28.2002Couple followed by UFO, The Netherland.
09.28.2002Green fireball falls from the sky, Hawaii.
09.28.2002Strange light over Staten Island, NY, USA.
09.28.2002Spheres photographed in daylight, Tennessee, USA.
09.27.2002UFO flies over bridge in Montreal, Canada.
09.26.2002Bright light seen in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.
09.26.2002Russian study shows a terrestrial microbe is probably of Martian origin.
09.25.2002Russia's RSC Energia has ready plans for manned mission to Mars 2014.
09.25.2002Arthur C. Clarke laments that there will be no manned mission to Mars before 2020.
09.24.2002Two flying triangles, Illinois, USA.
09.24.2002UFO and crop circle, Poland.
09.24.2002Mars missions cancelled or delayed everywhere.
09.23.2002Chances for primitive life on Titan?
09.20.2002Observation in St Gobain, Aisne, France.
09.22.2002Multiple witness of flying object over Cannes-Mandelieu, France.
09.20.2002CircleMakers' Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg not causing any damages?
09.19.2002b5 objects seen in the sky, California, USA.
09.19.2002UFO sighting in Oregon, USA.
09.18.2002Mutliple reports of same UFO, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
09.17.2002CircleMakers' Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg say they did all the crop circles in U-K.
09.15.2002Triangular UFOs seen by a family in Quebec, Canada.
09.15.2002Two silver UFOs seen high above Berlin, Germany.
09.14.2002Orange fireball in Chicago, USA.
09.14.2002Woman films UFO, California, USA.
09.09.2002UFOs seen in Cape Coral, Florida, USA.
09.09.2002Triangular UFO in Mesquite, New Mexico, USA.
09.09.2002Nocturnal lights seen in Wisconsin, USA.
09.09.2002Circular silent object with luminous top, Somme, France.
09.08.2002UFO seen above Long Island, N.Y, USA.
09.08.2002Pilot sighting, Canada.
09.07.2002Couple spots three lights in Rodney, Ontario, Canada.
09.06.2002Eight UFOs observed by police officers, Argentina.
09.06.2002Strange green meteor in Missouri, USA.
09.06.2002New witness for February lake Erie UFOs, USA.
09.05.2002Nocturnal lights seen in Wisconsin, USA.
09.05.2002Blue flash and sonic booms probable space junk, South Australia.
09.05.2002UFO filmed by police helicopter over Brighton Beach, U-K.
09.05.2002Life in near Martian conditions simulation.
09.04.2002UFOs and possible trace, Kazakhstan.
09.03.2002Crop circle appears man-made, Illinois, USA.
09.03.2002New wave of cattle mutilations in Argentina.
09.01.2002UFO over Tijuana, Mexico.

August 2002:

08.29.2002Cattle mutilations continue in Argentina.
08.29.2002UFOs photo continue Washington, USA.
08.28.2002Egg shaped craft, New Jersey, USA.
08.28.2002Bright orange lights, Washington, USA.
08.28.2002Sighting in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada.
08.28.2002Object or space junk seen above Hanford nuclear plant, USA.
08.27.2002Bright light spotted in Florida, USA.
08.27.2002Flying triangle seen in California, USA.
08.27.2002Observation in Houson, BC, Canada.
08.25.2002Fast flying object seen in Texas, USA.
08.25.2002Sighting in Salinas Valley, USA.
08.24.2002Nocturnal light observed near Abbeville, France.
08.24.2002Daylight disk seen in Texas, USA USA.
08.24.2002Balloon or UFO in Illinois, USA.
08.24.2002Sighting with telescope, Canada.
08.23.2002More areas and persons involved in Chajan case, Argentina.
08.23.2002Fast flying ballon, Illinois, USA.
08.23.2002Fireman and police officer besieged by beam of light, Argentina.
08.23.2002AFP report space junk in Angola, Africa.
08.22.2002Lights in the sky in New Mexico, USA.
08.22.2002Huge daylight disk above Rocky Mountains, USA.
08.22.2002Flying lights in Georgia, USA.
08.21.2002Observations in Oklahoma, USA.
08.21.2002Small disk near Wetchester Airport, New York, USA.
08.21.2002Daylight cigar over Logan Airoprt, Massachussetts, USA.
08.21.2002Strange flying object reported of Strasbourg, France.
08.19.2002Missiles launched at Vandenberg AFB cause many calls, USA.
08.19.2002Blue light divides in two, Scotland.
08.17.2002UFO above stadium, Montpellier, France.
08.17.2002The "muhnochwa" alarm in India.
08.17.2002UFO Tourism and bizness in Aurora, Texas.
15.08.2002Unusual crop circle reported in Pitt, U-K.
08.13.2002Black flying triangle seen in Cow Bay, Canada.
08.13.2002Two hours abduction in Pennsylvania, USA.
08.13.2002Giant colored object in New Mexico, USA.
08.12.2002Flashing light in Georgia, USA.
08.12.2002UFO changes shapes, Mississippi, USA.
08.12.2002Two sphere shaped orange lights seen in England.
08.12.2002Cylinder seen in Colorado, USA.
08.12.2002Man takes 6 pictures of triangular UFO, Massachussetts, USA.
08.11.2002Hovering disk in Michigan, USA.
08.11.2002Green glowing object probable meteor seen in California, USA.
08.11.2002Dark spherical object seen in Connecticut, USA.
08.10.2002Man reports eight UFOs in Pertuis, France.
08.10.2002Daylight disk seen over Empire State Building, New York, USA.
08.09.2002Three orange points, Colorado, USA.
08.08.2002UFO photographed in Douai, France.
08.07.2002Bright yellow lights, Illinois, USA.
08.07.2002Disk shaped lights with many colors seen in Florida, USA.
08.07.2002Eight objects dancing and zigzaging in the Virginia sky, USA.
06.08.2002Daylight flickering light seen from Papeete, Tahiti.
08.06.2002NIDS report says black triangles UFO may be secret craft.
08.05.2002Red object flies over Toronto, Canada.
08.05.2002Russian TV says UFO possibly caused air disaster in Ukraine.
08.04.2002Geologist remembers the 6 mutilated cows found at altitude 4.000, Argentina.
08.04.2002Man hurt and in state of schock after close encounter with UFO, Argentina.
08.04.2002Man took picture of UFO similar to McMinnvile 1950 object, the press, U-K.
08.04.2002Five egg shaped UFOs over Finistère, France.
08.04.2002Sightings reports continue in Canada.
08.04.2002Man took picture of UFO similar to McMinnvile 1950 object, U-K.
08.04.2002Sightings reports continue in Canada.
08.03.2002Lights seen in Cornwall, U-K.
08.02.2002Strange lights and figures allegedly seen in Atlantida, Argentina.
08.02.2002Reported cattle mutilation, Argentina.
08.02.2002Two square flying boxes, Nevada, USA.
08.02.2002Egg shaped UFO flies near Blue Angels, Washington, USA.
08.02.2002Flying triangle through storm, Alabama, USA.
08.01.2002Crop circles are 3000 years old, says Chinese researcher, The Shanghai Star, China.
08.01.2002Crop circles are hoaxes and lucrative business, The Boston Globe, USA.
08.01.2002Reported cattle mutilations of recent months nears 400 now, Argentina.
08.01.2002Boeing said to conduct anti-gravity research with help of Dr. Podkletnov.
08.01.2002Close range encounter with small sphere in Pennsylvania, USA.

July 2002:

07.31.2002Blue flash in sky quite certainly a meteor, Ohio, USA.
07.30.2002Pilot UFO report mentionned on the radio, Washington DC, USA.
07.30.2002Observation in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
07.30.2002Unusual light streak in Ohio, USA.
07.29.2002Observation in Georgia, USA.
07.29.2002Moving lights reported in Maine, USA.
07.28.2002Five cows mutilated, Argentina.
07.28.2002Flying triangle, New York, USA.
07.28.2002Flying disc, New York, USA.
07.27.2002Strange lights seen by several residents over the lagoon again, Argentina.
07.27.2002Another bovine mutilated, this time in Parish, Argentina.
07.26.2002Washington Post about jets chasing UFO, NORAD confirms and says it's routine, USA.
07.26.2002News radio says jets seen chasing UFO in Maryland, National Air Guard confirms, USA.
07.26.2002Triangular UFOs sighted near Strasburg, Alsace, France.
07.25.2002ABC news item on strange figure circling in parking lot caught on surveillance tape, Oklahoma, USA.
07.23.2002Vague allegations about discovery of ET fossils in California, USA.
07.23.2002Commotion over UFO Sighting in Southern Cordoba, Argentina.
07.21.200250 years ago: the Washington Post remembers the National Airport radar visual multiple witness sightings of UFO over Washington of July 1952, USA.
07.21.2002Flying "fountain pen" in youngston, Ohio, USA.
07.21.2002Policeman sees giant UFO, Argentina.
07.21.2002Luminous UFO seen in Argentina.
07.21.2002Mutiple witness sighting of large bright luminous UFO, Argentina.
07.21.2002Investigation starts after mutiple witness sighting, Argentina.
07.21.2002Residents of Formosa claim having seen light in cattle mutilations sector, Argentina.
07.19.2002Luminous UFO seen in Australia.
07.18.2002Three yellowish lights in a row, Texas, USA.
07.19.2002Seven mutilated animals in Yataí, Argentina.
07.18.2002Search for life on Europa, by The Guardian, U-K.
07.18.2002Extraterrestrials in China as seen by Shanghaï Star journalist.
07.18.2002Nocturnal lights, Asnière, France.
07.15.2002Luminous UFO seen in Vienna area, Austria.
07.15.2002Italian Air Forces release disappointing 2001 UFO sightings log.
07.15.2002Dead sheep with mutilated head found in Salto, Uruguay.
07.15.2002Germany has more crop circle so far for 2002.
07.14.2002A small metal sphere falls from the sky in Brazil.
07.14.2002Bright lights in Wisconsin, USA.
07.13.2002UFO and crop circle in Czech Republic.
07.13.2002Strange lights seen by many at the edge of lagoon, Argentina.
07.12.2002UFO causes a sensation across Villarica, Chile.
07.12.2002Tests to be sent to laboratory, cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.12.2002Luminous phenomenon observed at Eyne, Eastern Pyrenean mountains, France.
07.12.2002Bovines found dead near Colòn, Argentina.
07.11.2002Government commissioned a study - partially released - suspecting the presence of a toxic agent, Argentina.
07.10.2002Animal mutilations and bright light in the sky, Argentina.
07.10.2002Disk shaped object chased by jets, USA.
07.09.2002Another mutilated cow in San Francisco, Argentina.
07.09.2002Cows found inside a water tank, Argentina.
07.09.2002La Pampa regional government dismisses official cattle mutilation explanation, Argentina.
07.09.200250th anniversary of significant days in UFO history.
07.08.2002UFO seen two nights in Haute-Savoie, France.
07.07.2002Ruby red light seen in Florida, USA.
07.07.2002Chupacabra blamed in lamb death, Chile.
07.07.2002Crop circle near Gongelfang, France.
07.06.2002UFOs seen over Patagones, Argentina.
07.06.2002Debates about cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.06.2002UFO spotted in Athens, Georgia, USA.
07.06.2002Weird light flashes seen in Somerset, U-K.
07.06.2002NIDS publishes report about mysterious ice circle on US ranch.
07.06.2002NIDS publishes report on mutilated cow in June 2001 in Montana.
07.06.2002UFO or balloon over Luebeck chased by police car, Germany.
07.06.2002Pilots report surface-to-air missile explosion, Ukraine.
07.05.200215 to 20 flying metallic spheres reported over Mexico City.
07.05.2002Strange luminous phenomenon over the Vosges mountains, call for witnesses, France.
07.05.2002Triangular silent UFO seen near Mulhouse, France.
07.05.2002Two triangular UFOs seen in Carpentras, France.
07.04.2002Two alleged UFO sightings in Ohio, USA.
07.04.2002Sightings in Sri Lanka.
07.03.2002SENASA hypothesis generates many doubts, Argentina.
07.03.2002SENASA official explanation found unconvincing in Río Cuarto, Argentina.
07.02.2002Orange lights, Wisconsin, USA.
07.01.2002Metallic saucer in broad daylight, USA.
07.01.2002SENASA official press release on recent cattle mutilations in Argentina: rodents.
07.01.2002Observations in China.
07.01.2002Sighting in Grenoble, France.

June 2002:

06.29.2002Three orange lights in the sky, Australia.
06.27.2002Strange lights seen in the sky in Argentina.
06.25.2002Mysterious U.S. military man reported to visit SENASA, Argentina.
06.25.2002Second mutilated cow found in Uruguay.
06.25.20024 witnesses of strange lights on mutilations sites, Argentina.
06.25.2002Director of SENASA says mutilations are "actions of rogue surgeons," Argentina.
06.24.2002First report of cattle mutilation, Uruguay.
06.24.2002Another horse found dead, Choele Choel, Argentina.
06.24.2002SENASA to publish its report on cattle mutilations, Argentina.
06.23.2002UFOs and mutilations in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.
06.23.20028 more animals mutilations cases, Puelches, Argentina.
06.22.2002Several sightings of nocturnal lights reported in Argentina.
06.22.2002Strange mutilations reaches Chubut, two guacanos mutilated, Argentina.
06.22.2002Animal mutilations and UFOs reported in Argentinean newspaper.
06.22.2002UFO at Las Lenas summarized in Argentinean newspaper.
06.22.2002More mutilations, also ewes and birds in Argentinean newspaper.
06.21.2002Mutilations cases extend to Valdes peninsula, Argentina.
06.21.2002UFO reported at Las Lenas in Argentinean newspaper.
06.21.2002Cattle mutilations and UFO reports, Argentina.
06.21.2002Nocturnal light seen in Argentina.
06.21.2002Possible bull mutilation in Canada.
06.21.2002SIB concerned over relation between UFOs and cattle mutilations, Argentina.
06.20.2002Possible UFO over Hietzing district, Vienna, Austria.
06.20.2002Four saucer shaped objects hover above Baku, Azerbaidjan.
06.20.2002Fear of cattle mutilation grows, Argentina.
06.19.2002UFO follows two female drivers, Australia.
06.19.2002Chinese scientists will examine old site in West China.
06.19.2002Reuters confuses Argentinean cattle mutilations and US fictionnal TV show.
06.20.2002Animal mutilation, 84 cases now, Argentina.
06.17.2002UFOs no way, says A.C. Clarke.
06.17.2002Daylight disk sighted in New Jersey, USA.
06.17.2002Light observed in Minnesota, USA.
06.18.2002Quantum teleportation technique improved.
06.17.2002Animal mutilation cause national concern in Argentina.
06.15.2002Animal mutilation, interview of a veterinarian, Argentina.
06.15.2002Groups of lights or jets seen over Vienna, Austria.
06.14.2002Pr. Massimo Theodorani presents SETV hypothesis and plans Hessdalen mission EMBLA 2002.
06.14.2002UFO in West Virginia, USA.
06.14.2002Ten more mutilated cows found in a field in La Pampa, Argentina.
06.12.2002Sightings continue in Washington, USA.
06.11.2002Roswell case documentary to be aired on June 13 by The History Channel, USA.
06.10.2002White sphere or ISS in New Hampshire, USA.
06.10.2002UFO seen near Toronto, Canada.
06.10.2002UFO seen in Kent, U-K.
06.10.2002False UFO reports from Turkey, says TUVPO.
06.10.2002Illusionnist predicts UFO sigthing, a publicity stunt.
06.09.2002Two balls of light in the Wisconsin sky, USA.
06.09.2002UFO and aliens reports on TV, Sri Lanka.
06.08.2002Flying triangle in Georgia, USA.
06.08.2002USAF announced succesful UCAV test, implications on UFO reports.
06.08.2002Pastor reports UFO, Virginia, USA.
06.07.2002Photograph of UFO in West Virginia, USA.
06.07.2002Ufology group says UFOs land in Turkey, ETs get out.
06.06.2002Alleged green dwarf causes stir in central Argentina.
06.06.2002More cattle mutilation in cantral Argentina.
06.04.2002Tubular shape and glinting object in Wisconsin, USA.
06.04.2002Cigar flies next to airliner, Australia.
06.03.2002UFO reported near Shalya, Russia.
06.03.2002Daylight disk in Colorado, USA.
06.03.2002UFO reported ovser power plant in Venezuela.
06.03.2002Sphere seen in Tennessee, USA.
06.02.2002Five UFOs in West Vancouver, British Coulmbia, Canada.
06.02.2002Daylight disks seen in Texas, USA.
06.02.20024 lights, probable blimp, Illinois, USA.
06.01.2002Strange orange light reported by driver in Black Forest, Germany.

May 2002:

05.30.2002Many scientists discover evidence of water in MGS pictures now.
05.29.2002Gilbert L. Levin: the king has clothes.
05.27.2002French balloon of May 22 as UFO in Andorra newspaper article of May 27.
05.26.2002Black triangle reported ovser Winnipeg, Canada.
05.25.2002Another major Mars water announcement coming soon.
05.25.2002Ufologist Brian Vikes continues witnesses interviews, British Columbia, Canada.
05.25.2002UK Mars lander due to 2003 will use a miniature mass spectrometer.
05.20.2002Observation and photo, similar to Laughton case, Oklahoma, USA.
05.20.2002Dozens see UFO over Perm, Russia.
05.18.2002Two police officers report a UFO, Australia.
05.18.2002Bull mutilated in Christmas valley, Oregon, USA.
05.17.2002Chilean claims to recall how he passed out when a strange light came above his car.
05.16.2002UK ufologist reports luminous UFO over Cairo sky, Egypt.
05.13.2002Black object seen in Kentucky, USA.
05.13.2002Low flying triangle in Wisconsin, USA.
05.13.2002sighting in Michigan, USA.
05.13.2002Flying silver cigar seen in Missouri, USA.
05.13.2002Grey noisy rectagle seen in Newark, USA.
05.12.2002Unusual ringed UFO seen in South of India.
05.11.2002Strange call to the police, Indiana, USA.
05.10.2002Larry Bryant wants FOIA lawsuit filed before June 24.
05.10.2002Public access to space data to be reassessed due to Sept. 11 events.
05.09.2002Flashing lights seen near Winnipag, Canada.
05.09.2002Meteor seen in Kentucky, USA.
05.09.2002Lights repoted by pilotes are probable space junk, Michigan, USA.
05.09.2002Pilots report spectacular fireball, Michigan, USA.
05.08.2002Cigar shaped object seen over Los Angeles, California, USA.
05.08.2002One witness sees mystery noiseless fireball seen crashing in Easten France.
05.08.2002More orange flying triangles seen from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
05.07.2002Saucer with many lights, Oregon, USA.
05.06.2002More UFOs over Angol, Chile.
05.06.2002Moving light in the sky grows to full moon brilliance, Illinois, USA.
05.05.2002Flashing UFO spotted in Nottinghamshire, U-K.
05.05.2002UFO hotspot and landing 170 km NW of Abku, according Azerbaidjan newspaper.
05.05.2002Italian CISU will introduce press archives of 100.000 Italian UFO reports from 1946 on.
05.03.2002Large disc shaped UFO reported in Colorado, USA.
05.02.2002Chris Rutkowski, about the recent NSF survey of pseudoscience.
05.01.2002Cigar shaped UFO reported by 3, Cachi, Argentina.
05.01.2002Inauguration of the 1st UFO and ET exhibition in Russia.

April 2002:

04.30.2002UFO seen in Mexico.
04.30.2002Norwegian newspaper publishes a short article about the Hessdalen UFOs.
04.29.2002UFO reported again over Cerro Avila, Caraca, Venezuela.
04.29.2002UFO reported over Cerro Avila, Caraca, Venezuela.
04.29.2002The dean of Chilean ufology passed away.
04.29.2002Call for information: Norwood 1949 searchlight incident, USA.
04.29.2002Eerie blue light in Bonsall Moor, Derbyshire, U-K.
04.29.2002Phone interview of Armando Valdes.
04.25.2002UFOs seen in Venezuela.
04.25.2002CISU news flash reports sighting statistics for March in Italy.
04.25.2002Cuba has numerous UFOs.
04.25.2002Spaceguard Japan association observe UFO or satellite, new details.
04.24.2002Light with a reddish hue seen in Milwaukee, USA.
04.23.2002Five orange lights in the sky, New South Wales, Australia.
04.22.2002Object seen in the sky over Toulouse (balloon), France.
04.22.2002Object seen in the sky over Cahors (balloon), France.
04.22.2002Objects seen in Beijing sky, China.
04.20.2002Nocturnal light seen in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
04.18.2002Sphere of light videotaped in Argentina.
04.18.2002Alleged UFO fragment for sale.
04.17.2002Oval shaped object, Ottawa, Canada.
04.17.2002Star-like UFO seen in Lakewood, Colorado, USA.
04.16.2002UFO appears behind CNN reporter on TV, Venezuela.
04.16.20023 nocturnal luminous objects in Jaynesville, Wisconsin, USA.
04.16.2002Luminous flash seen in Georgia, USA.
04.16.2002Motionless object seen on TV in Jenin, Palestine.
04.16.2002Press release by The Project Disclosure.
04.15.2002Ottawa Citizen article about the increase of UFO sightings reports in Canada, 2001.
04.14.200214 strange lights seen high above Chicago, USA.
04.14.2002A short article about a UFO club in Hong Kong.
04.14.2002Amino acids artificially created in simulated interstellar conditions.
04.14.2002Moving lights ween in Wisconsin, USA.
04.13.2002Grey spherical UFO videotaped above Mexico City.
04.13.2002UFO seen in Wisconsin, USA.
04.12.2002Triangular UFO spotted in New South Wales, Australia.
04.12.2002Pulsating light seen by family in Wisconsin, USA.
04.11.2002The fireball seen over Germany four days ago was a fireball.
04.11.2002The changing image of Mars in the media.
05.10.2002Motionless silver sphere seen in Texas, USA.
04.08.2002Nocturnal lights videotaped by couple, Australia.
04.08.2002Light in the sky breaks in two, Wisconsin, USA.
04.08.2002Firefly type light seen in Florida, USA.
04.08.2002Asteroid hunters say they spotted secret spy satellite.
04.07.2002Fireball over Germany.
04.06.2002Lights in rotating circle, Wisconsin, USA.
04.08.2002Premature, exagerated, but interesting announcements about Martian chlorophyl.
04.04.2002UFO reported in Pennsylvania, USA.
04.04.2002Six lights in formation, Alabama, USA.
04.04.2002Ugandans fearful of meteors passing in the sky.
04.03.2002Member of Corporal Valdes patrol revisits abduction site 25 years later.
04.02.2002Two flying triangles seen in North Carolina, USA.
04.02.2002Crescent sighted in Maryland, USA.
04.02.2002Lenticular cloud in Argentina.
04.01.2002Star-like light turns off, Pennsylvania, USA.
04.01.2002Circular dots seen through telescope, Pennsylvania, USA.
04.01.2002Small metallic looking sphere in Missouri, USA.
04.01.2002Newspaper mentions a curious sphere seen at night, Argentina.

March 2002:

31.03.2002Des lumières en mouvement rapide, Floride, USA.
03.31.2002Switftly moving lights seen in Florida, USA.
03.30.2002Brisbane suburb police received four UFO sightings reports, Australia.
03.30.2002German newspaper SudDeutsche and the UFOs.
30.03.2002Occult swindle: a woman jailed, U-K.
28.03.2002NUFORC investigations about gliders, Ohio, USA.
03.27.2002Disk shaped UFO with dome spotted in Allen, Texas.
03.26.2002Mayor wants to set up UFO observatory, Puerto Rico.
03.25.2002Old files found at farmington, USA.
03.24.2002Australian aborigene encounters UFO and silvery people.
03.23.2002Wright Patterson AFB reports major hacking attempt.
03.23.2002Please sign the electronic petition to the UN secretary general.
03.23.20025 hours DVD documentary to be released.
03.23.2002Of the Martian meteorite and other stuff.
03.23.2002The recent Ohio "mini-flap" a radio host hype.
03.22.2002Some news about the life on Mars.
03.21.2002Luminous UFO seen over Hugo, Oklahoma, USA.
03.20.2002Phenomenon on Jupiter not yet understood.
03.19.2002UFO sightings reports continue in British Columbia, Canada.
03.17.2002UFO sightings reports continue in British Columbia, Canada.
03.17.2002Kathy asks what she saw in Saint Lucia, Caribean island.
03.16.2002Another sighting report from Canada.
03.14.2002Huge flying triangle seen in Texas, USA.
03.13.2002Triangular formation of silent red lights sighted in La Place, Louisiana, USA.
03.13.20025th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights.
03.12.2002Satellite photo of the UFO over Monselice, Italy?
03.13.2002Luminous UFO returns to Tres Cerritos, Argentina.
03.13.2002CISU records its 1000th Italian close encounter of the 3rd kind.
03.11.2002Many more UFOs taped on video near Mexico City.
03.11.2002Investigation of UFO case in Oklahoma, USA.
03.10.2002Metallic grey UFO seen in Bridgewater, Tasmania.
03.10.2002Ovnivison Chile presents 250 photographs including alleged UFO over Easter Island.
03.09.2002Lights in Palmer, Texas, USA.
03.09.2002Nocturnal lights in Argentina.
03.08.2002UFO sightings reports continue in British Columbia, Canada.
03.07.2002Hundreds report nocturnal lights and booms in Yougoslavia.
03.06.2002Flying triangle photographed in Maryland, USA.
03.06.2002French radio France Culture announces UFO debate on March 19.
03.05.2002Sightings reports continue in British Columbia, Canada.
03.05.2002Strange stationnary light reported by cable TV network, Mexico.
03.05.2002Boeing 727 crew sees UFO, not detected on ground radar, Mexico.
03.05.2002JPL conference confirms abundant water on Mars detected in December.
03.04.2002UFO sightings reports continue in British Columbia, Canada.
03.04.2002UFOs in triangle formation, U-K.
03.04.2002International-independant pictures corp. wins e-bay auction of 1870 stereo UFO photograph.
03.03.2002Observation en Oklahoma, USA.
03.03.2002UFO taped on video by women North of Mexico City, Mexico.
03.02.2002Strange UFO seen by lady in state of Queretaro, Mexico.
03.01.2002Observation in British Columbia, Canada.
03.01.2002The mystery of the underground chambers of Myrte AFB solved.

February 2002:

02.28.2002More observations of orange spheres in Australia.
02.24.2002Student says he experienced a "missing time", USA.
02.24.2002Newspaper gives details on New Brunswick sightings.
02.24.2002Controversy around skull found in Bulgaria, pictures.
02.21.2002UFOs or Earthlights? The debate rages in Turkey.
02.20.2002Blinking light seen in Mississippi, USA.
02.20.2002Former Admiral and officer tell UFOs are real on Chilean TV.
02.19.2002Newspaper reports sightings in Tartagal and Calama, Chile. presents videos of unusual orange flying object in UK skies.
02.18.2002Ohio flap develops on radio show.
02.18.2002UFO sightings in New Brunswick village, Canada.
02.17.2002UFO sighting in Magstadt, Germany.
02.17.2002Belgian TV channel RTBF announces UFO debate, March 3.
02.16.2002Luminous disk hovers above Mercedes, Uruguay.
02.16.2002Flying triangle spotted at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.
02.16.2002Several UFO sighting reports from the past months in Chile.
02.15.2002Newspaper reports videotaped UFO over Salta, Argentina.
02.12.2002Massive Lights in Georgia, USA.
02.10.2002Peruvian Air Force set up a UFO investigation Group.
02.10.2002Probable satellite reentry over Perth, Australia.
02.10.2002Publication of FRANCE-OVNI, the magazine of the Fédération Française d'Ufologie.
02.09.2002UFO photographed by ufologist in Calama.
02.08.2002Fast moving bright light stops dead in Pennsylvania, USA.
02.08.2002Fireballs and sonic booms in Vermont and Massachussetts, USA.
02.08.2002Observation of a red of dark orange ball in the skies of Aveyron, France.
02.07.2002Triangular aircaft with three lights seen in Wisconsin, USA.
02.07.2002Teleportation gets closer to reality.
02.06.2002Flying triangle reported in Oakham, U-K.
02.06.2002Sightings increase, Pine Bush, New York.
02.06.2002Mars Odyssey main antenna successfully deployed.
02.06.2002Ball of light over Cayey, Puerto Rico.
02.05.2002Small being seen in Pantana region, Brazil.
02.05.2002UFOs observed near Metepec, Mexico.
02.05.2002Alien skull reported found in Bulgaria causes great excitement.
02.04.2002Huge flying triangle seen Deland, USA, USA.
02.04.2002Huge flying triangle seen in Kansas, USA.
02.04.2002Strange dark or red object shooting straight up in Villeneuve-Loubet, France.
02.03.2002Couple witnesses large white object emitting rays, Houston, British Columbia.
02.02.2002Glowing amber lights, probably flares, seen in Moore Haven, Florida, USA.
02.02.2002Set of bright lights or candles in Lake Wales, Florida, USA.
02.02.2002Changing lights, probable flares in Lake Washington, Melbourne, USA.
02.02.2002A luminous silent flying object causes car shutdown, Florida, USA.
02.02.2002Circular bright light seen in Wisconsin, USA.
02.02.2002More UFO sightings in Chile, says newspaper Diario Austral de Temuco.
02.01.2002Mexican TV news caméra captures flying metallic sphere above Mount Popocatepetl.
02.01.2002Adiyaman UFO activity explained: Earth lights along seismic sector.
02.01.2002Orange sphere seen by resident of Louhans, France.
02.01.2002Large objet over car with 3, Woodmere, British Colombia, Canada.

January 2002:

01.31.200212 lights circle over Gatwick Airport, U-K.
01.29.2002News from Popocatepetl.
01.28.2002TV Cameraman inadvertently tapes UFOs, Calama, Chile.
01.27.2002Major UFO activity over city of Adiyaman, Turkey.
01.26.2002Jean-Pierre Petit disclosure.
01.25.2002Rock hunters find five more Martian meteorites.
01.25.2002Peru Air Force sets up UFO Office.
01.24.2002Bright lights in the skies of New Hampshire, USA.
01.24.2002Turkish newspaper claims finding of buried alien skull.
01.22.2002Little girl sees three lights fly over Uruguay.
01.22.2002UFO sighting over Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
01.22.2002Two wild horses found dead in Alberta, Canada.
01.17.2002Breakthrough towards understanding gravity.
01.17.2002Observations near Popocatepetl, Mexico.
02.01.2002Scientists apply Earth hydrothermal plumes dynamics to Europa.
01.17.2002"Nature" publishes dicovery of even more extreme extremophiles.
01.16.2002Object with two beam-lights in Arkansas, USA.
01.16.2002Couple sees UFO or flares in Louisiana, USA.
01.12.2002Kids frightened by strange looking animal in Calama, Chile.
01.12.2002Mars Odyssey reached orbit, aerobreaking successfully achieved.
01.12.2002NIDS published its report on a recent cattle mutilation case.
01.11.2002Man reports UFOs over Vienna, Austria.
01.11.2002German new years UFOs were balloons.
01.10.2002Silvery daylight disk seen in Washington, USA.
01.09.2002Annanova says man sells piece of UFO $10.000.000.
01.08.2002Multiple witnesses observe UFO or aircraft near Seville.
01.08.2002Brazilian newspaper mentions UFO activity.
01.07.2002Moving blue green light in Virginia, USA.
01.07.2002Five luminescent objects in California, USA.
01.07.2002Egg shaped fluorescent green object with blue center in Maryland, USA.
01.07.2002Streak of white then blue color in Maryland USA.
01.07.2002Malaysian UFO center say there were 6 sightings last year.
01.06.2002Jet chasing UFO in California.
01.06.2002Strange glowing hovering object videotaped near Houston Texas.
01.06.2002Webcam near Area 51 shows possible UFO, USA.
01.05.2002Strange lights in the sky in Montana, USA.
01.05.2002Square shaped UFO reported in Wisconsin, USA.
01.04.2002Wiltshire man observes UFO during power outage, U-K.
01.04.2002Daily Telegraph reports new UFO video in Darbyshire Dales.
01.04.2002Hoax exposed for the dubious Vatican/Vietnam alien skull photograph.
01.04.2002Further information about the recent Belgian sightings.
01.03.2002Cattle mutilation back in Montana, USA.
02.01.2002More evidence of ocean under Callisto icy layer.
01.04.2002Only three weeks away from start of studies.
01.01.2002Possible luminous UFO in Jordanian sky.

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