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Alleged alien skull found in Bulgaria:

The whole story is still developing. It is quite probably a hoax in my opinion, but ... who knows?

The story has been spread mainly as "news items" so far. Underneath, I have reproduced these news items as I published them in my news section.

Then, at the end of the page, you will find the pictures of the skull. Please note that these pictures are impressive to sensitive people.

Alien skull causes great excitement in Bulgaria:

The mysterious skull and metal fragment found buried in the Rhodopes mountain range in southern Bulgaria on May 21, 2001 are generating a lot of excitement and controversy in that southeastern European nation.

According to Iassen Kobarelov, UFO Roundup correspondent in Bulgaria, the news magazine BTA published a photo of the skull in the edition that appeared on newstands in Sofia on Thursday, January 31, 2002. "The mysterious skull of unidentified origin has confused Bulgarian scientists and stirred the emotions of the fans of extraterrestrial civilizations," Iassen reported.

"The strange skull is as large as a baby's. There are six cavities (orifices) in it, but none of them resembles a mouth. The skull weighs 250 grams and its bones are light, " and thinner than the skull bones of the average Homo sapiens.

The skull "was found by a 38-year-old resident of Plovdiv," a mid-sized city about 150 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Sofia, "who requested anonymity. He is said to have shown his find only to a narrow circle of scientists and people with a pronounced interest in the paranormal." However, Bulgarian archaeologist Katya Malamet has disputed the article which originally appeared in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet. "Archaeologist Katya Malamet, a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, said she had never seen such a thing."

"The director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad, Dimiter Kovachev, is positive that the find is no fossil and has no analogy" or resemblance to any hominid skull known to science.

"Anthropologist Prof. Yordan Yordanov believes that the skull doesn't look like any human cranium known to science for the past 30 million years."

"In the view of reknowned (Bulgarian) psychic Koubrat Tomov, the creature could be a product of the Atlanteans, which was created to serve man. He believes that it was a scientific experiment which, in all likelihood, had been unsuccessful but which can 'overturn the notions of our existence on Earth,' Tomov claims."

"Scientists are not in a hurry to draw categorical conclusions before DNA tests and carbon-14 analysis to determine the age of the skull" have been made. "In addition to the structure of the skull, the metal found nearby will be examined, too."

"However, interest from abroad has already become evident. The find's owner admitted to the scientists that he had been offered handsome sums of money to sell his discovery." "'We risk the disappearance of a discovery which might change the notions of our origins and existence,' said Marin Maidenov, president of the Bulgarian Association for Astral and Paleontological Contacts."

The mysterious skull was discovered last year after the Plovdiv man had a strange dream in which five aliens, dressed in one-piece yellow uniforms, directed him to go to a certain spot on Mount Rodop, on the border between Bulgaria and Greece, and to dig there.

Many thanks to Iassen Kobarelov for this news story and to Joseph Trainor for the publication of the updated information.

Turkish newspaper reports alien skull discovered in Bulgaria:

Leyla Degirmen, UFO Roundup correspondent in the Balkans, has come across a strange story in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, which stated on for January 4, 2002, that an alien skull was found last May in Asenovgrad, a city located 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Sofia, Bulgaria.

"On May 21, 2001, a villager found an unusual skull on Rodolp Mountain in Bulgaria," somewhere near Ardino and Madan, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) south of Sofia, the national capital.

"Some scientists held a meeting in Asenovgrad. Prof. Yordan Yordanov, one of the best-known anthropologists in Europe, claimed that he had never seen a human or an animal skull like this in his life. Katya Melamet, one of the archaeologists at the Bulgarian Science Academy, has also told that she has never seen anything like this."

"The story of the villager is also very interesting," Leyla writes, "He claimed that he had seen five people, with yellow metallic clothes, in his dream. They told the villager to go to the area on the 21st of May, and when he went there, he found the skull and a (small) elliptical metal object."

"The skull is (weighs) about 250 grams and has six holes in it to (which apparently) belong to the senses. The skull also has no mouth hole. This summary is from an article published in Milliyet on January 4, 2002.

Says Leyla: "I thought it is a very important discovery, but the strange thing is that I cannot find the source of this information, or any other news related to it, no matter how hard I try. Milliyet is a leading newspaper in Turkey, and they have been very reliable for over thirty years."

Joseph trainor commented: "Another "now you see it, now you don't" newspaper story, eh? It could be a hoax. Or maybe somebody tampered with Milliyet's website. It's unlikely that aliens buried one of their own in the rugged Rodolpi range. Could it be that the aliens were bushwhacked by military units operating in the area during World War II, and a dead alien was hastily buried there? Perhaps more of our readers in southeastern Europe can contribute additional information."

My comment: last year I found a news item on the web site of the respected "Times Of India" narrating that a group of extraterrestrial beings spent a day visiting the city of Bangalore, helped by human interpreters... I respectfully asked the newspaper if it is some kind of Indian hoax day tradition, but no answer was given and the web page is still available. Other such example exist. Last year a major Swiss radio apparently with the benediction of the SETI Project, announced that an alien ship is penetrating the solar system. Two days ago, Reuters announced that an Irishman solved the world's energy problem with some breakthrough discovery. What can I say? Truth? Stupidity? Hackers, hoaxes? Or a simple way for a newspaper's webmaster to attract visitors? My position: I do not trust the daily Press at all, I trust serious field investigators, military officials, pilots, and scientists, but definitely not the press and the media. Their goal is to sell, to ignore disturbing news or to provide false or unchecked information is ok to their owners if it increases their profit.

Many thanks to Leyla Degirmen and Joseph Trainor for this report.

The images:

Note: again, I do not know if these pictures are genuine or fabricated and I do not know what they show. This is why they are filed under the "possible hoaxes" section of my site, until there are reasons to move them in a more precise category.

As for now, my opinion is that this bone could be a basin of some animal. If my schedule allows it, I will try to check this.

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