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Continuing reports of animal mutilations and UFOs, Argentina, 2002:

The following article was published in the newspaper La Capital, Santa Fe, Argentina, on June 21, 2002.


(Telam News Agency) - A mutilated bovine was found in the Santa Fe community fo Moises Ville, 170 kilometers from the provincial seat. The incisions were similar to those reported in cases in Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and La Pampa. The animal, a cross-breed known as Red Overo, was found missing an ear, an eye, tongue, genitals and the muscular mass of its jawbone, according to spokespersons for the Renata Kulemeyer firm on whose pasture field the mutilation occurred. As in earlier cases, the cuts were performed with surgical accuracy, without any trace of blood on the animal's hide nor any tracks in the vicinity.

Moreover, reports were received for the first case involving a dead bovine with strange incisions in the town of Nicolas Levalle in southern Buenos Aires province, according to a cattleman's claim, stating that the cow was "somewhat dizzy. It stood still and stopped walking. While we didn't stop to look, since we had to take the rest of the herd to the watering hole, there's no doubt something happened," said Enrique Kampmeier, the field's owner, located some 65 km west of Bahia Blanca in the Villarino district. The cow broke away from the group and when it was found an hour later, it was missing several organs.

Oscar Bellido, the municipal delegate of Goyena, 140 km north of Bahia Blanca, confirmed the discovery of a cow in a pasture field belonging to the Murguia family. The animal was missing such organs as its tongue and part of its throat. Its extremities were hard. "Last monday, in the vicinity of La Himalaya, going toward Azopardo, resident Ricardo Rodriguez saw a flying saucer over a nearby hill, beaming a strong white light and with a red bottom (sic). His brother was able to see something similar in another field on Tuesday night: he was plowing and saw a UFO in a different location, but in the same region," added Bellido.

Translation © 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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