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The Hudson Valley UFO flap:

John Dorazio and Richard Glick sighting on July 19, 1984:

John Dorazio is a woodworker then in his mid-thirties from Waterbury, Connecticut, and a ufologist, who co-founded with ufologist Dan Brooke the UFO Research and Study Organization (UFORSO), based in Connecticut, a public membership group which investigates UFO reports in the area. Also with Dan Brooke, he co-authored the self-published book "UFOs in Connecticut - A Grassroots Investigation".

On July 19, 1984, just before 10:30 p.m., John Dorazio was driving with his brother-in-law Richard Glick. They had been at a softball game in Pound Ridge, state of New York, and were driving back home west on Route 35 toward Interstate 684.

Dorazio then spotted a very large boomerang-shaped series of lights in the sky to the south. The object had seven or nine lights across its front.

He knew of the frequent sightings in the area and so they immediately pulled off to the side of the road, and jumped out of the car to observe the UFO.

The UFO was moving very slowly, approaching the road from the south. Dorazio estimated that it was not more than 200 feet above the ground. As they were looking at it, its lights went off completely, and Dorazio noted: "Airplanes don't do that!"

Then the lights went back on again, and they noticed two more lights to the rear of the object. At this point, the lights went off again, and again back on. They were of blue-green color.

Dorazio said:

"The funny thing about it was that the lights weren't like any other lights I've ever seen. They didn't cast a glow or a beam of any sort. They were just light dots in the sky."

During the sighting he tried to get the visual angle of the UFO's width by holding his hand in the air, and noted that at arm's length, it was as large as three hands, and had the impression that the UFO was the size of a football field or bigger.

They saw that several other cars stopped, and two men ran across the street. One was a doctor and he asked them "Do you see what I see? What is it?" Dorazion replied: "You know what it is" and the doctor commented: "I don't believe it!"

After five minutes, the UFO was still slowly approaching the road. When it arrived almost directly overhead, Dorazio heard a very faint hum. At that point, they could see that its lights were attached to a large mass in the shape of a disc.

Dorazio wanted to follow the object on foot, but at this moment it slightly changed direction. Whereas it had been heading northeast, it was now heading more northbound, paralleling Route 684.

The two men jumped back in the car and Richard Glick started to drive at about seventy miles an hour on route 684, to try to keep up with the UFO, which was still about the same level off the ground. But the UFO was just fast enough so that they could not keep up with it.

Some minutes later, as they were driving on Route 22, they saw it again, coming from the east and going towards the Hudson River. They were now between Brewster and Patterson and parked again and watched it.

Dorazio said:

"It was quite a distance farther north of us. We watched it for another ten minutes before it went out of sight. Richard said the two rear lights came away, separating from the main group of lights, but I didn't see that."

There were other reports in the area that night, notably that of again were Danbury Patrolman James Hulton who had his second UFO sighting, his neighbor Ted Cooke, as well as his wife Barbara Cooke and their five children who reported the object as it hovered in their neighborhood.


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