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The Hudson Valley UFO flap:

The sightings of the night of March 24, 1983, in the New Castle area:

On March 24, 1983, a very large number of people saw UFOs, probably two of them, in one area of the state of New York. Exactly how many people saw that is not known, but the UFO hotline set up after the sightings by several CUFOS ufologist recorded 300 calls from witnesses.

Here is one of these events that night.

A few miles away from the spectacular sighting a week before in Brewster, state of New York, traffic came to a halt again, a few miles away from there, on the same Interstate 84: a weird object hovered above the road and motorists stopped to watch it.

Among the witnesses who publicly reported their experience, was Andi Sadoff, who had been a New Castle police officer and also an instructor in criminal charge of children abuse in the last 5 years at the time of this sighting.

Andi Sadoff.

Andi Sadoff was on a routine traffic police patrol with her partner that night, in the New Castle area. She said [um]:

"I was working on a midnight to 4 a.m. tour, and was setting up some radar, for detecting cars speed up."

At 09:00 p.m., New Castle police dispatch had already received phone calls from people reporting a UFO, but the police officer at the dispatch did not see what to do about that and simply did not act on these calls and did not alert anyone about it.

She was parked in a driveway on Cross Ridge Road, with a large hill on her left.

"I looked up into the sky and saw, coming from East to West, there was a series of lights. And first I thought it was a plane, it was quite in the distance, quite far away. But is was really quite large."

"As I recall, there were mostly white lights but there were green lights also. It was alternating, green and white lights."

She told CUFOS investigators [ns]:

"All of a sudden from a hill I saw a string of white lights, very wide, forming a half circle. It was just coming over the ridge and it caught my attention because it was so large."

She would talk about the colors of the lights [um]:

"It approached my vehicle, and as it approached my vehicle, it stopped, and it seemed to hover."

She told CUFOS investigators [ns]:

"It then turned left started coming around where I was parked. I started shaking my head, thinking that this was strange because I heard no sound and this thing was large. It then passed over my vehicle and headed towards the town. Then about four minutes later, it came back in my direction. It turned over my car once again, but this time it was much lower. The way the object moved was very smooth, as if it was gliding. when it came around I could see the shape better. It was in the shape of a V with white lights on the top and green lights on the bottom. It was flying towards me and headed right for my car. So I looked out the window and did the normal thing. I locked the door. This time it was very low. I stuck my head out of the window and it stopped right over my car."

The lights were now above head for the second time and Andi Sadoff needed to bend to the car's windshield to look up at the lights [um]. She told [ns]:

"It then hovered there about 20 seconds, and I could see a masse that was very large. Behind it, that is, behind the lights, I could see a large solid object."

She said that there was no sound at all [um].

"There was no sound, and I was looking at this thing and I was thinking, what is it? When I put my head out of the window and looked up, it was huge."

And [ns]:

"There was still no sound at all, and I'm saying to myself, this can't be happening, what's happening here? So I got on my radio and I made a call to one of the other guys and they said they got quite a few calls about it. The object then started to move again and headed over the ridge, and that was it."

Years later, she still insisted [um]:

"The thing that I recall most is that I was amazed that there was no noise. There was no humming, here was no engine, no low sound to it. It was absolutely silent."

"I was sitting there looking at it, and I wasn't afraid, I was just amazed, it was just weird and I didn't know what it was. Where did it come from?"

"I guess I was mostly curious about what it could be. You know, excited to figure out what it could be, maybe it's this, maybe it's that, maybe a government thing... But I wasn't frightened. There really wasn't time to be frightened. I was mostly using my time trying to figure out what it was. There wasn't any noise from this thing."

Just seconds later, the silence was broken by another police officer reporting over the radio that he was observing something incredible and asking that somebody else is sent on location. Andi Sadoff took the microphone and answered immediately:

"Unit 5 to base I see it too, it's hovering above my car. I'm following it."

She thus started her car. She reported:

"At the time that we started to transmit over the air, hat was about the time that it started to move and it moved very slowly, almost floated. And we followed it. We followed it until it disappeared off into the hills."

"There was no shaking or movement or rocking back and forth of the lights. It was perfectly still."

The total duration of her sighting was of 8 minutes.

She gave an estimate of the size of the UFO. Arms spread, hands 2 ft apart: the UFO would have just held in this interval.

CUFOS investigators asked her whether she had by chance thought of using her portable gun radar, but she did not: she explained that she had been too amazed to think of it. As often at the time of an impressive UFO sighting, cameras and other recording devices are left unused. I did myself visit witnesses whose video camera was still on their table at arm's length after the observation, it had not been used. A ufologist working on this matter managed to evaluate that there is less than one chance out of a thousand that a UFO witness has a working camera with him at the time of the sighting and remembers of making use of it. In the case of the few thousands of sightings in the Hudson valley, there are indeed three videos and three or four known photographs.

As for civilian and military air traffic control radar, there is no chance. If it is not a civilian plane which emits his own signal by its transponder, the civilian radar operators do not have it on their screen. If it flies slowly, the military radar eliminate it logically, so that their screen are not packed with echoes of cars and trucks. And an object flying low among hills is quite simply not detected, this is why ground attack planes and missiles fly at the lowest possible altitude not to be located by radar.

She was of course explained the theory that some of the Hudson Valley sightings were caused by a group of pilots flying in formation to create a hoax.

"I'm not trying to say what it was, I don't know what it was. I know it wasn't airplanes."

A dozen of other people came forward to report that same object. When she came back at the police station, the Sergeant told her that the entire area had been spotting the UFO. Later on, police chiefs told that the UFO was a formation of ultralight planes, but like other witnesses, she replied that it was impossible. She saw one solid object, with a mass, and lights on it, not separated lights or several planes. And it was silent, and hovered for minutes, something impossible to planes.


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