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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying object over Annonay, France, Spetember 16, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Quotidien De Haute-Loire, France, on September 22, 1954.

A flying cigar above Annonay

Last Thursday, at 12:15 P.M, Mr. Vialon, retired railroad worker, resident in Annonay, was ready to to take his meal when his young son, seven years old, who played in the garden, shouted at him "quick, come see the flying saucer." Mr. Vialon left at once and the display he saw did surprise him. This is the account that he gave: "As soon as I had left, I saw in the sky, moving silently, in the direction of North-South, an ellongated apparatus which I would undoubtedly have taken for a plane if it had not been followed by a white trail, definitely longer than its length, maybe height up to ten times its length, and which, contrary to trails produced by certain planes, kept its rectilinear form in the prolongation of the machine and always kept the same dimension. The speed of this strange machine was lower than that of the planes which pass regularly and, in the front, a kind of disc shining resembling sun reflections on a metal part could be distinguished, by moments. This apparatus took approximately three to four minutes to cross the sky of Annonay. Then suddenly, at the moment when it approached the limit of my field of vision, it went sharply downwards vertically and disappeared. During this diving, the white trail immediately took its place in the prolongation of the apparatus and at no time, did is dissolve in the sky as the trails usually seen in the wake of the planes do."

A German savant

"Flying saucers are stupidities." No reasonable man can believe in the stupidity of the flying saucers, stated in Wurzbourg, professor Otto Hahn, German specialist in the atomic questions, and winner of the Nobel Prize of chemistry (1945). If Martians, or other beings made flights to take a walk on our planet, they would say hello to us, instead of crossing the skies at high speeds, professor Hahn, who spoke at a scientific meeting, added.

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