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12.30.2002The Press, UFO spotted in West Virginia, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Ohioans report dozens of UFOs, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, It's a bird! It's a plane! It's..., USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, For sale: Slightly used UFO; needs new candle, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Top secret boom rattles Cincinnati, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, UFO reports and pranks continuing, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Fewer UFOs seen here, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Police say some UFO's are balloons with candles, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Lighted Ball spotted in Brown County, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Ohio countryside swarms with UFOs, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, UFOs reported again in west central Ohio, USA, 1973.
12.30.2002The Press, Patrolman asks day off after glimpse of UFO, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, Lights in sky are puzzle, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, UFO report, USA, 1973.
12.39.2002The Press, Near West Union, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, The world's buzzing with UFO talk, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, Switchboard lights up for UFO reports, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, A UFO with a dome and four legs, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, Lexington, ALabama, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, 15 Sightings of UFOs reported near Dayton, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, UFOs sighted in Dayton area, USA, 1973.
12.29.2002The Press, Mystery objects soar for observers, USA, 1973.
12.28.2002The Press, UFO divers strike out, 2 UFOs reported over U.S., Flying-object rage has spread to Ohio, UFO visits Connersville, UFO sighting, UFO sighting unexplained, Ranger 'sure' of UFO", Woman sees UFO, USA, October 1973.
12.27.2002Leslie Kean, Aircraft and UAP.
12.27.2002The Press, Cattle mutilation investigated, USA, 1980.
12.27.2002The Press, Mutilated cow in Eatonville, USA, 1980.
12.26.2002FOIA, Flying object near Rostov, 1955.
12.26.2002FOIA, Flying saucers and psychological war, 1952.
12.26.2002FOIA, Flying saucers and the national security, 1952.
12.26.2002FOIA, UFOs reported by family in Arnhem, 1952.
12.26.2002FOIA, Blinding light in Lithuania, 1976.
12.26.2002FOIA, Radar visual sighting in French magazine, what to do? 1956.
12.26.2002FOIA, Physics, electronics, intelligence and UFOs, 1953.
12.26.2002FOIA, Bahia Blanca CIA AFP clipping, 1952.
12.25.2002The press, UFOs above Sweden, 1954.
12.25.2002The press, UFOs above Sweden, 1954.
12.25.2002The press, UFO above St Mexant, France 1954.
12.25.2002The press, UFO above Pyrénées, France 1954.
12.24.2002The press, UFOs over West Germany, June 1954.
12.23.2002The press, UFOs over West Germany, June 1954.
12.23.2002The press, Celestial object to be excavated, Denmark, 1954.
12.23.2002The press, Unidentified objects in Sweden, 1954.
12.23.2002The press, Flying saucers over Peshawar, Pakistan 1953.
12.23.2002FOIA, UFOs near Moscow, Norway 1990.
12.23.2002FOIA, 3 foresters watch a UFO, Norway 1952.
12.23.2002The press, UFOs and Defense in Denmark, 1953.
12.23.2002The press, March 8, 1960, unkown satellites, Sweden.
12.23.2002The press, March 7, 1960, unkown satellite, Sweden.
12.19.2002Stefan Michalak's close encounter at Falcon Lake, 1967, Canada.
12.18.2002The Monon railroad sighting, 1958.
12.17.2002The press, L'Est Républicain, July 8, July 9, July 10, July 11, July 14, 1947.
12.17.2002The press, The Cumberland picture, 2002.
12.14.2002The CIA, UFO landing in Soviet Zone in Germany, 1952.
12.14.2002The CIA, UFOs over Budapest, 1956.
12.13.2002The Press, UFOs visit Grampians, Australia, 2002.
12.13.2002The press, UFO in Spain, 2002.
12.13.2002The press, NICAP asks AF to clarify Oregon sighting, 1960.
12.12.2002The press, Soviet study UFOs, 1967.
12.12.2002The press, The Killian-Dee sighting, USA, 1959.
12.12.2002The press, Ford announces UFO study, USA, 1966.
12.12.2002The press, Nocturnal light in South Carolina, Dec. 2002.
12.12.2002University of Arizona, new clues for liquid water on Mars' surface, Dec. 2002.
12.10.2002The press, Flying saucers irk Soviets, USA, 1961.
12.09.2002The press, Article in Florida Today.
12.09.2002The press, Documentary in 2003 on the Kelly-Hopkinsville case.
12.08.2002The press, Rex Heflin's photographs, USA, 1965.
12.07.2002The press, UFOs do not raise smiles anymore, France, 2002.
12.06.2002Carl Higdon's close encounter, 1974.
12.04.2002Presentation at the House Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on UFOs, 1968, by Dr. Robert L. Hall.
11.30.2002Cocoyoc, Mexico, November 3, 1973.
11.28.2002Red Bluff, 1960, additionnal references.
11.28.2002Red Bluff, 1960, James E. McDonald.
11.28.2002Red Bluff, 1960, about.com presentation.
11.27.2002Colors of Mars, space specialist, "no conspiracy."
11.25.2002Presentation at the House Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects, 1968, by Stanton T. Friedman.
11.24.2002The press, Chuvalo spies object flying over Toronto, New York Times, 1966.
11.24.2002The press, Saucers possible, declares Admiral, New York Times, 1959.
11.24.2002The press, U.S. jets chase strange lights, New York Times, 1953.
11.24.2002The press, UFO or whatever videod in Norway, November 2002.
11.23.2002The press, Roswell, after the SciFi Channel documentary.
11.23.2002J. Allen Hynek 1953 paper.
11.21.2002Horten flying wings.
11.19.2002Nash and Fortenberry in TRUE Magazine.
11.18.2002Nick Cook's Nazi UFOs.
11.18.2002The Press, Nocturnal lights in Australia, November 2002.
11.17.2002Roswell news.
11.12.2002About: proof.
11.11.2002Colors of Mars, imaging specialist, "correct conclusions, vague values."
11.11.2002Présentation au House Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects, 1968, par le Dr. James A. Harder.
11.11.2002Aliens voted Bush.
11.10.2002The Press, China November 2002, crews of three different commercial airline flights reports a UFO.
11.10.2002The Press, Mystérieux cattle deaths in Arizona, Octobre 2002.
11.10.2002The Press, Was the UFO an inflatable battletank? Lorient, Octobre 2002.
11.10.2002Boeing Bird of Prey.
11.08.2002Contactee story in Argentina, 2002.
11.07.2002An evaluation of the UFO problem from Rand.
11.03.2002UFO seen by two pilotes above Long Beach, 1943, USA.
11.03.2002The press, a crop circle in Wiltshire, 1986.
11.03.2002Photographs in Valensole, France, June 17, 1973.
11.03.2002Pascagoula: latest news from Charles Hickson.
10.31.2002Maj. George Filer, USAF, ret..
10.30.2002FOIA: Two UFOs over uranium mines, Belgian Congo, 1952.
10.29.2002U.F.O, the 1956 big screen documentary, article in Saga Magazine.
10.28.2002Tiny 8cm unidentified creature found in Chile, new information (marsupial).
10.27.2002The Press, Tiny 8cm unidentified creature found in Chile.
10.24.2002CNN: Clinton aide speaks against UFO secrecy.
10.22.2002Ufology groups in New Zealand.
10.20.2002The Washington Post article of July 28, 1952.
10.20.2002Photographs, U-K.
10.18.200250 years later, blue light again over Andrews AFB.
10.18.2002Photographs, Columbia, Canada Vol.2.
10.18.2002Mars sky color debate.
10.17.2002Maj. Donald Keyhoe, UFOs and anti-gravity, TRUE Magazine 1966.
10.16.2002The press, Object falls from the sky and cannot be found, Argentina, October 2002.
10.14.2002Declassified: Rumours of recovery of crashed saucers and their occupants at the FBI, 1950.
10.13.2002Declassified: Intelligence letter by CP Cabell, 1949.
10.13.2002Declassified: AMC's opinion on flying saucers, 1947.
10.13.2002Photographs, France.
10.13.2002The press, Armchair research in Canada.
10.13.2002The press, UFOs or balloons reported in Japan, July 12, 2002.
10.13.2002The press, Australian UFO filming pay per view on the Internet.
10.13.2002The press, Linda says "no" to Signs.
10.13.2002The press, sightings in the US and Peter Davenport's NUFORC.
10.12.2002Whether hoax or genuine phenomenon, Saskatchewan no stranger to crop circles.
10.12.2002Radar/visual/camera UFO in Malaysia? October 4, 2002.
10.12.2002July crop circle was a German TV hoax.
10.10.2002Statement submitted by Dr. Frank B. Salisbury to the UFO congressional hearings in the US.
10.08.2002Jacques Vallée personal speculations on crop circles, October 8, 2002.
10.08.2002The press, New Zealand Herald, mysterious space balls were space junk.
10.08.2002The press, Moscow Times, UFOs land on Ukrainian web site.
10.08.2002The press, El Tribuno, cattle mutilations in Argentina, July 2002.
10.08.2002The press, Vox Populi, return of the cattle mutilations in Argentina, August 2002.
10.08.2002The press, Miami Herald, UFO and UFO tourism in Peru, 2002.
10.08.2002The press, The Mercury: Alien rings mystery solved, Tasmania, August 30, 2002.
10.08.2002The press, Lansing State Journal, crop circles, August 2002.
10.07.2002The press, La Liberté de l'Est nocturnal lights, France, August 2002.
10.07.2002The press, Calgary Sun, rumours in Canadian Arctic waters, August 2002.
10.07.2002The press, Knight Ridder, Chilean mayor promotes UFO tourism, June 2002.
10.07.2002The press, El Tribuno, cattle mutilations in Argentina, August 16, 2002.
10.07.2002The press, El Tribuno, cattle mutilations in Argentina, August 16, 2002.
10.07.2002The press, L'Alsace, July 10, 2002.
10.06.2002Hubert Reeves said.
10.06.2002"I know people who saw these flying triangles from quite close..."
10.06.2002"I remember little of the Belgian Flap..."
10.06.2002Stanton Friedman, a position paper.
10.04.2002Astronomer J. Allen Hynek goes public, 1966.
10.04.2002The Press, The Calgary Sun, October 4 2002.
10.04.2002The Press, The Winnipeg Sun, October 4 2002.
10.04.2002The Press, The Evening Star, October 4 2002.
10.02.2002UFOs, real?, in Newsweek, 1966.
10.02.2002Joint Intelligence Committee report on Project SIGN, 1949.
10.01.2002The Solway Firth photograph, 1964.
10.01.2002UFO pictures added, Africa, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Iran.
09.26.2002Mars microbe on Earth?
09.25.2002The Incommensurability Problem and The Fermi Paradox by E. Davies, astrophysicist.
09.23.20022 UFOs, radar visual observation, Nowra, Australia, 1954.
09.23.2002Titan, 2005.
09.21.2002Radar visual case of Fukukoa, Japan 1948.
09.20.2002Mars, circadian rythms in old Viking data, article about the research by Joseph Miller
09.20.2002Crop circle hoaxers not causing any damages?
09.19.2002The press, Crop circle makers claim they did all the major crop circles in UK.
09.19.2002The press, UFO over Tijuana, Mexico, Sept 1, 2002.
09.19.2002One, two, three, newsaper articles, "l'Alsace," 1998.
09.16.2002UFOs and possible trace, Kazakhstan, newspaper article.
09.09.2002Three scientists report a flying disc at Holloman AFB, 1948, USA.
09.02.2002NICAP explains why the Condon Report conclusions should be rejected.
09.01.2002Alternative 3.
08.31.2002NASA astronauts speak.
08.30.2002"The Military Navy photographed a flying disc over Trindade".
08.30.2002Statement by Commandant Paulo Moreira da Silva: "it was not a balloon, and not a teleguided thing, the object that appeared on Trindade island."
08.30.2002Eltjo Haselhoff about crop circles and the evidence of the presence of small balls of light above them during their creation.
08.29.2002The press, unidentified flying object, Brazil, May 1976.
08.28.2002Policeman confirms flying saucer sighting Brazil, 1977.
08.28.2002Observations in China, July 2002.
08.27.2002The press, numerous observations, multiple witnesses, Argentina, June 1967.
08.26.2002The press, strange phenomenon photographed, Chile, 1968.
08.26.2002The press, a UFO conference in Spain in 1978.
08.24.2002The muhnochwa alarm in India.
08.23.2002The Ural ET pictures.
08.21.2002The Carson Sink, USA, 1952 case.
08.20.2002The Haneda, Japan, 1952 case.
08.19.2002The press, Black flying triangle in Canada, August 13, 2002.
08.19.2002The original newspaper article about the alleged crash in Aurora, Texas, 1897, and a recent one.
08.19.2002If there is only one thing that you will accept to read in my site, then read The Report on the Unidentified Flying Object. If you are too lazy to read it, or if you still do not get the point, well, I don't mind much.
08.09.2002Close encounter of the 3rd kind in Abbiate Guazzone, Italy, 1950.
08.07.2002New UFO picture from UK.
08.07.2002Geologist remembers the 6 mutilated cows found at altitude 4.000, Argentina.
08.06.2002NIDS says St Louis UFO may be secret craft.
08.05.2002Russian TV says UFO possibly caused air disaster in Ukraine
08.04.2002Man hurt and schocked by close encounter with UFO, Argentine.
08.04.2002Mutilated cow in San Francisco, Argentina.
08.04.2002Chupacabra blamed in lamb death, Chile.
08.02.2002Animal mutilations continue, Argentina.
08.02.2002Crop circles 3000 years old says Chinese researcher to the Shanghai Star.
08.02.2002Crop Circles hoaxes and big buck enterprise, The Boston Globe.
08.01.2002Exeter 1965 classic cases in TRUE.
07.31.2002Twenty-Two Years of Inadequate UFO Investigations, lectured at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's 134th Meeting general symposium on the Unidentified Flying Objects by the physician James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences.
07.30.2002The press, 50 years ago: the Washington Post remembers the National Airport radar visual multiple witness sightings of UFO over Washington of July 1952, USA.
07.29.2002The press, Old sightings in SE Iowa in local US newspaper.
07.29.2002The press, UFO again over the lagoon, Argentina, July 2002.
07.29.2002The press, Animal mutilations, Argentina, July 2002.
07.29.2002The press, Bovine mutilated, Argentina, July 2002.
07.29.2002Ancient astronauts on Fergana wall paintings?.
07.28.2002UFO over Aviano NATO base, Italy, 1977.
07.27.2002F-16 chasing UFO, The Washington Post, July 2002.
07.27.2002Search for life on Europa, where we stand now, July 2002.
07.25.2002The Coyne case, witness drawings, Mansfield, Ohio 1973.
07.25.2002The press, Large luminous UFO, Argentina, July 2002.
07.24.2002The press, Nocturnal lights in Formosa, Argentina, July 2002.
07.24.2002The press, UFO sighting in Southern Cordoba, Argentina, July 2002.
07.24.2002The press, Ufology in Gobernador Ugarte, Argentina, July 2002.
07.22.2002The press, Shanghaï Star, July 18 2002.
07.21.2002A classic case, the Coyne helicopter UFO encounter, Mansfield, Ohio, 1973.
07.19.2002The press, Seven mutilated animals in Yataí, Argentina 2002.
07.19.2002The press, Mutilated cows: Government commissioned a study - partially released - suspecting the presence of a toxic agent, Argentina 2002.
07.19.2002The press, Cows found inside a water tank, Argentina 2002.
07.16.2002The press, UFO sighting confirmed by policemen,Argentina, July 2002.
07.16.2002The press, Animal mutilations, Uruguay, July 2002.
07.16.2002The press, UFO over Villarica, Chili, July 2002.
07.14.2002Tests to be done, cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.14.2002The press, strange lights, seen by many in Argentina, July 13, 2002.
07.14.2002Animal mutilations and bright light July 10, 2002, Argentina.
07.14.2002Crop Circle of July, 2002, in France, as reported in newspaper on July 7 and July 12.
07.11.2002La Pampa regional government dismisses official cattle mutilation explanation, Argentina.
07.07.2002UFOs over Patagones, Argentina, July 6 2002.
07.06.2002Debates on cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.06.2002Pilots report surface-to-air missile explosion, Ukrainia July 5, 2002.
07.06.2002UFO or balloon chased by police car, German newspaper of July 6, 2002.
07.05.2002Sightings in Sri Lanka as seen by newspaper, June 2002.
07.04.2002UFOs - An International Scientific Problem, Paper Presented at the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Astronautics Symposium, Montreal, Canada, March 12, 1968, James E. McDonald, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
07.03.2002SENASA hypothesis generates many doubts, Argentina.
07.03.2002SENASA official explanation found unconvincing in Río Cuarto, Argentina.
07.03.2002The Ilkley moor encounter, 1987.
07.02.2002Animal mutilations, official SENASA press release, Argentina.
06.26.2002Animal mutilations and UFO sightings, Argentina.
06.26.2002Another dead horse, Choele Choel, Argentina.
06.26.2002Cases extend to Valdes peninsula, animal mutilations in Argentina.
06.26.20028 more cases, in Puelches, animal mutilations Argentina.
06.25.2002SENASA to release a report on mutilations in Argentina.
06.25.2002Strange mutilations reaches Chubut, Argentina.
06.24.2002Airborne radar visual UFO encounter over Hanford nuclear plant, Dec 10, 1952, USA.
06.23.2002Animal mutilations and UFO reports in Argentinean newspaper.
06.23.2002UFO reported at Las Lenas in Argentinean newspaper.
06.23.2002Animal mutilations and UFO reports, Argentina.
06.23.2002Animal mutilations, interview of a veterinarian, Argentina.
06.23.2002Fear of cattle mutilation grows, Argentina.
06.22.2002UFO reported at Las Lenas, summary of Argentinean newspaper.
06.22.2002More mutilations, also birds and ewes in Argentinean newspaper.
06.21.2002UFOs, no way, says A.C. Clarke.
06.21.2002Animal mutilations in Argentine, the 3rd case, April 23, 2002.
06.20.2002Animal mutilations in Argentine, 84 cases now June 20, 2002.
06.20.2002Project Disclosure in the Sunday Express, U-K, 2001.
06.19.2002Roswell RAAF press release in French newspaper L'Aurore.
06.18.2002Cattle mutilations in Argentina, June 2002.
06.18.2002Declassified document: UK adopts CIA's UFO policy.
06.17.2002il Caso Caponi, 1993.
06.16.2002BBC 1 Southampton, June 2002.
06.16.2002Mutilated cattle in La Pampa, Argentina, June 2002.
06.16.2002Mutilated cattle in Quehue region, Argentine, June 2002.
06.09.20021945, foo-fighters in Newsweek.
06.08.2002DC-3 crew and passengers observe UFO for several minutes, Indiana, 1950, USA.
06.02.2002Multiple witnesses radar visual case, Redmond, Oregon, 1959.
06.01.2002Close encounter, Kansas City, 1961.
05.31.2002The Condon Committee scandal in the Washington Evening news, 1968.
05.30.2002French balloon of April 22 reported as UFO in Andorra newspaper.
05.29.2002Rear Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney, USN, Ret., 1957.
05.24.2002Recent animal mutilations in Argentina too.
05.24.2002First press article about Kenneth Arnold's sighting, 1947.
05.22.2002David M. Jacobs, historian, reviews a book by Dr. Richard Haines.
05.21.2002Rendlesham 11 years later in UK Press.
05.20.2002Strange object in US sky observed by radar the Washington flap in the New York Times, 1952.
05.20.2002Multiple sightings and rumours of UFO crashes in the New York Times, 1950.
05.20.2002"The Flying Thing leaves two constables baffled" Police patrol car chases UFO in Devon 1967.
05.20.2002"Flying saucers may be a simple mirage", my regional press echoes US explanations, 1947.
05.20.2002"Flying saucers cross the sky at 2000 km/h", my regional press echoes Kenneth Arnold's sighting, 1947.
05.19.2002The Dominique Weinstein catalog of pilot UFO sightings, 1300+ cases over 80 years.
05.19.2002Two pilot sightings of flying objects, 1952, Korea.
05.19.2002GIs observe two flying objects, 1952, Korea.
05.19.2002Blue elongated object seen from B-29, 1952, Korea.
05.19.2002Two Marines Corps sergent witness a UFO at Pyungthek, 1952, Korea.
05.18.2002UFO and jet multiple radar visual encounter, 1952, Korea.
05.17.2002UFO and jet radar visual encounter, 1952, Korea.
05.16.2002Orange luminous sphere paces B-29, 1952, Korea.
05.15.2002UFO encounters RAF Meteor jet, 1954, UK.
05.13.2002Mirage IV - UFO encounter, March 7, 1977.
05.12.2002Beverly Massachussetts 1966 multiple witness close encounter of the 1st kind.
05.11.2002Telephone-Register, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, June 8, 1950.
05.11.2002News-Register, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, May 9, 2000.
05.11.2002News-Register, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, May 13, 2000.
05.11.2002News-Register, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, May 15, 2000.
05.11.2002News-Register, McMinnville, Oregon, USA, May 9, 2001.
05.08.2002Photographic hoax by Walter Shilling, Hamburg, Germany, 1977.
05.08.2002Is Project Silverbug, "revealed after 50 years of secrecy," the explanation for UFOs?
05.04.2002Article in local newspaper The Flushing Observer, 1988.
05.04.2002Review of Hynek's The UFO Experience by J. Kuettner.
05.03.2002Daylight UFO reported in Texas, 1878.
05.03.2002Venezuela, 1886.
05.02.2002Chris Rutkowski about NSF's recent report on pseudoscience.
05.01.2002Blue Book photographic case 9966.
05.01.2002Blue Book photographic case 1501, unexplained.
05.01.2002Editorial of the Guardian Review Michigan US newspaper of March 9, 1966.
04.30.2002Norwegian newspaper publishes a short article about the Hessdalen UFOs.
04.30.2002Disney TV documentary Close Encounters, or how to make profit out of the UFO phenomenon.
04.29.2002Norwood incident 1949 USA, looking for witness.
04.29.2002Eerie blue light Bonsall Moor, Derbyshire, UK.
04.25.2002Article in the Shanghai Star newspaper, objects seen in Beijing sky, China.
04.22.2002Robert M. Wood, Doctor of Physics, 43 years at McDonell Douglas Corporation, "The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Is Not That Bad."
04.22.2002William Bramley, "Can the UFO Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and Vallée Hypotheses Be Reconciled?"
04.22.2002Pierre Guérin, astrophysician, "A Scientific Analysis of Four Photographs of a Flying Disk Near Lac Chauvet (France)."
04.21.2002James E. McDonald, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona: "Meteorological Factors in Unidentified Radar Returns," 14th Radar Meteorology Conference, American Meteorological Society, November 17-20, 1970.
04.17.2002Article by James E. McDonald for Astronautics and Aeronautics, August 1967.
04.16.2002SETI and the "wow!" signal.
04.16.2002Project Disclosure Press release, April 2002."
04.16.2002USAF Letter, 1950: "...the frequency of unexplained aerial phenomena in the New Mexico area was such that..."
04.15.2002Ottawa Citizen article about the increase of UFO sightings reports in Canada, 2001.
04.14.2002Allegged 1864 Cadotte Pass crash geographical update thanks to Scott.
04.14.2002A short CNN.com article about a Hong Kong ufology club.
04.14.2002The gradual lifting of UFO secrecy, lecture by Gildas Bourdais at the San Marino Symposium, 9-10 march 2002: "UFO, Ufology and institutional recognition."
04.11.2002The changing image of Mars in the media.
04.09.2002Saguache County sightings, Colorado, USA, 1993.
04.09.2002A large collection of documents about the Tremonton, Utah, 1952 films by Delbert C. Newhouse.
04.08.2002Probable premature and exagerated announcement about the Martian chlorophyl.
04.07.2002A newspaper seemed to claim in 1983 that the famous Planet X or Nibiru has been detected by the IRAS satellite. Not quite.
03.30.2002An article for those among us that do not see a relationship between the accounts of cattle mutilation and UFOs sightings.
03.25.2002Old files found at Farmington.
03.24.2002Memo from SAC to FBI, one of the many document about the numerous sightings of the "green fireballs" in New Mexico, indicating that these phenomenon are real, are classified secret, are considered undientified flying objects, and a threat to the vital installation they fly over.
03.24.2002A report: in 1949, two confidential conferences between scientists, intelligence personal, were held at Los Alamos, New Mexico, to evaluate what the "green fireballs" were. Conclusion: they were not explainable in terms of common phenomenon. Theory: interstellar probes from another planet.
03.23.2002Of the martian meteorite and other stuff.
03.22.2002Some news from Mars.
03.17.2002Updated, Colares 1977.
03.17.20021968, New York Times: 6 scientists demand UFO studies.
03.17.20021967, New York Times does not hide Condon Committee dissensions.
03.17.20021966, New York Times: Chamber leader Gerarld Ford demands full blown UFO investigation.
03.16.20021979, New York Times results of Ground Saucer Watch lawsuits against CIA.
03.16.2002July 9 1947, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace.
03.16.2002July 8 1947, San Francisco News.
03.16.2002July 7 1947, La France newspaper, scientists opinions on flying disks.
03.15.2002Foo fighters "explained" as new german weapon The New York Times, 1944.
03.15.2002An account of the famous CSETI Project Disclosure conference in Washington by The Independant, 2001.
03.14.2002Former RAF/RNZAF pilot reports about several 1st and 2nd hand UFO sightings.
03.14.2002Who is who? Donald E. Keyhoe.
03.12.2002Article by french newspaper "La Voix Du Nord," March 2002.
03.10.20021967, Retired US Marines Donald E. Keyhoe, founder of NICAP, was practically the first to fight against UFO secrecy.
03.10.20021988, Samuel M. Sherman, film producer talks about the Edwards AFB 1695 incident.
03.10.2002F.a.q: Where are the Blue Book files now?
03.08.2002Flying Saucers Are Real.
03.06.2002UK local press article.
02.28.20025 reasons against the ETH discussed.
02.26.2002Pilot encounters 3 UFOs in broad daylight near Popocatepetl, 1975, Mexico.
02.25.2002Ottawa Citizen detailed newspaper article about current sightings in New Brunswick, Canada.
02.25.2002Halifax Daily News newspaper article about current sightings in New Brunswick, Canada.
02.24.2002Radar sighting Air France flight Strasbourg - Algiers 1990.
02.24.2002Controversy around skull found in Bulgaria, pictures.
02.23.2002What the government knows about UFO sightings, etc. article by Popular Mechanics.
02.23.2002Sighting over Gatwick Airport article in Crawley News, UK, 2001.
02.23.2002Another sighting over Gatwick Airport article in Crawley News, UK, 2002.
02.22.2002More UFOs in Salta and Calama article in El Tribuno de Salta, Chile, 2002.
02.21.2002Flying Saucer Over Tucson article in the Daily Press, Tucson Arizona, 1949.
02.17.2002UFO emerges from ocean at one mile of USAT Delarof, 1945.
02.17.2002FOIA document: de l'What UFOs are not, 1952.
02.17.2002FOIA document: de l'UFOs as an intelligence problem, 1953.
02.15.2002Presentation at the House Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects, 1968, by Dr. James McDonald.
02.08.2002Presentation at the AIAA meeting, 1975, by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
02.07.2002Many thanks to the CIA for this spectacular radar/visual 49 minutes observation UFO report, Newfoundland 1955.
02.05.2002FOIA declassified UFO incident at AEC, 1950.
01.30.2002More French UFO photographs.
01.27.2002UFO taped 10 meters above ground in broad daylight, Grenoble, France, 1998.
01.24.2002Pascagoula 1973: transcript of the 3rd interview by Sheriff Diamond.
01.22.2002Full text of the J. Allen Hynek speech at the 134th AAAS symposium, 1969.
01.20.20021950 article in TRUE Magazine.
01.20.2002Newspaper article, UFOs or flares in Louisiana, January 16, 2002.
01.20.2002Newspaper article, Le Progrès du Jura, a sighting, 2001
01.18.2002What did Dr. McDonald do after the Condon Report's conclusion? He spoke at the UN.
01.18.2002CIA does Condon work, but shhhh..., don't tell.
01.18.2002Member of the Condon Report opposes the conclusion.
01.13.2002In answer to Joe Firmage's 40 questions.
01.12.2002NIDS published its report on a recent cattle mutilation case.
01.08.2002Diario de Pernambuco newspaper article.
01.07.2002Portage County 1966: the case that inspired Steven Spielberg.
01.06.2002Cattle mutilation back in Montana, USA.
01.05.2002New video from Derby, Daily Telegraph article.
01.04.2002Hoax exposed for the dubious Vatican/Vietnam alien skull photograph.

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