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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a secret document, declassified because of the Freedom Of Information Act.

Report on the flying saucers, October 1947:

As soon as 1947, the Air Material Command thought that flying saucers do exist.


Transmittal of EEI on Alleged "Flying Saucer"

20 October 1947

1. Attached hereto is an EEI written at WRIGHT FIELD, OHIO, concerning the flying saucers recently sighted over the UNITED STATES.

2. For your information, the Air Materiel Command at WRIGHT FIELD is making a study of this subject and is constructing models to be tested in a wind tunnel. As a guide in constructing the models, descriptions from various persons who claimed to have sighted these objects were used. The Air Materiel Command is of the opinion that some sort of object, such as the flying saucer, did exist.

Colonel, CIC
Chief, Operations Branch

The scanned document:

FOIA document

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