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The Coyne incident, Mansfield, Ohio, USA, 1973:

UFO beams green light onto helicopter:

A sighting report from Mansfield, Ohio, USA, on October 18, 1973.

Coyne and his helo

Table of content:

Click! The events, a short summary.
Click! The official report.
This page Witness drawings and flightpath (This page).
Click! The Mansfield News Journal, November 4, 1973.
Click! News Journal, october 18, 1973.
Click! References.

Witness drawings:

First, this figure shows the places of the four helicopter crew members:

Crew positions

This drawing shows what Captain Coyne saw through the helicopter windshield:

Crew positions

Drawing of the object by Captain Coyne:

Captain Coyne's drawing

Drawing of the object by Sergeant Yanacsek:

Sergeant Yanacsek's drawing

Drawing of the object made under Captain Coyne and Sergeant Yanacsek's direction:

Investigator's drawing

Drawing of the ground observation by investigators:

Investigator's ground observation drawing

Drawing by Curt, aged 10, who saw the object from the ground:

Curt's drawing

Drawing by Camille, aged 11, who saw the object from the ground:

Camille's drawing



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