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12.29.2008direct IR image of 3 giants around same star.
12.29.2008France 1954, Upd.: Bourrasole.
12.29.2008France 1954, Upd.: Graulhet.
12.29.2008France 1954, Upd.: Trévoux, and all other October 13 cases.
12.26.2008France 1954, Chaumont.
12.26.2008France 1954, Upd.: Sarreguemines.
12.23.2008France 1954, Upd.: Carcassonne.
12.21.2008France 1954, Upd.: Berck.
12.21.2008France 1954, Upd.: Palavas.
12.21.2008France 1954, Upd.: St. Waast la Vallée.
12.20.2008France 1954, Upd.: Doncourt.
12.20.2008France 1954: Machault.
12.20.2008France 1954, Upd.: Acquigny.
12.19.2008France 1954, Upd.: Fonfrède.
12.18.2008France 1954: Montbazin.
12.18.2008France 1954, Upd.: Bauquay.
12.18.2008France 1954, Upd.: Monteux.
12.17.2008France 1954, Upd.: Heimersdorf.
12.15.2008CE3 Upd.: Whidby Island, 1963.
12.15.2008France 1954, Upd.: Rouen.
12.15.2008France 1954, Upd.: Birac.
12.14.2008France 1954, Upd.: Clamecy.
12.07.2008CE3: San Angelo, USA, 1978.
12.07.2008CE3: Capapava, Brazil, 1978.
12.06.2008CE3: Montvale, USA, 1978.
12.06.2008CE3: Winnipeg, Canada, 1978.
12.05.2008CE3: Kustanay, Kazakhstan, 1978.
12.05.2008CE3: Puerto Rico, 1978.
12.04.2008CE3: Pine Knot, USA, 1978.
12.04.2008CE3: Chelmsford, U-K., 1978.
12.03.2008CE3: Clarksville, USA, 1978.
12.03.2008CE3: Clarksville, USA, 1978.
12.01.2008CE3: Joao Pessoa, Brazil, 1978.
12.01.2008CE3: Damascus, USA, 1978.
11.28.2008UFO crash in Cyprus in 1973?
11.23.2008CE3: Moscow, Russia, 1978.
11.23.2008CE3 Upd.: Lempdes, France, 1978.
11.22.2008CE3: Piranhas, Brazil, 1978.
11.21.2008CE3: Redding, USA 1978.
11.20.2008CE3 Upd.: South Middleton, USA 1978.
11.18.2008CE3: Bouxières-aux-Dames, France 1978.
11.18.2008CE3: Corpus Christi, USA 1978.
11.12.2008The Press, 1965: In France and in Argentina.
11.12.2008The Press, 1965: Deception Island.
11.12.2008The Press, 1965: Flying saucers in Corsica.
11.12.2008The Press, 1965: Flying saucers.
11.11.2008The Press, 1967: UFO in Spain.
11.11.2008The Press, 1977: Nocturnal lights in LA.
11.11.2008The Press, 1979: UFO in France.
11.04.2008Alleged ET pictures: Tasso Frago.
11.04.2008Alleged ET pictures: if you want to believe.
11.04.2008Alleged ET pictures: in a Russian tabloid.
11.04.2008Alleged ET pictures: found at the flea market.
11.03.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.03.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.03.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in Argentina.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in the Vaucluse, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.02.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Provence, France.
11.01.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in the Gard, France.
11.01.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in the Vaucluse, France.
11.01.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in the Vaucluse, France.
10.31.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Kentucky.
10.31.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Bulgaria.
10.31.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Spain.
10.31.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Alsace, France.
10.31.2008The Press, 1978: UFOs in Wales.
10.30.2008The Press, 1978: In Mulhouse, France.
10.30.2008The Press, 1978: UFO in Canada.
10.30.2008The Press, 1978: UFO or space junk, Bolivia.
09.29.2008Your sightings: White ball in the sky, Lyons 2007.
09.29.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal light, France 2007.
09.29.2008Your sightings: Light in the sky of the Bearn, France, 2008.
09.29.2008Your sightings: 3 unseen objects on the picture.
09.29.2008Your sightings: Upd. In Carpentras, France, 2002.
09.28.2008Your sightings: UFO experiences.
09.28.2008Your sightings: Flying triangle, France 2007.
09.28.2008Your sightings: In Carpentras, France, 2002.
09.28.2008Your sightings: On a picture in Poland.
09.28.2008Your sightings: Two sightings in the Savoy.
09.28.2008Your sightings: Orange orb, Cincinnati 1994.
09.28.2008Your sightings: Fastwalker, 2008.
09.28.2008Your sightings: In orbit around the moon.
09.26.2008Your sightings: Weird phenomenon during storm, USA 2007.
09.26.2008Your sightings: He was contacted.
09.26.2008Your sightings: Light in the sky, France 2008.
09.26.2008Your sightings: The November 5, 1990 space junk case, France.
09.26.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal light, Canada 2007.
09.26.2008Your sightings: A UFO on a friend's picture.
09.26.2008Your sightings: Surprise on the picture.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Pictures of a white ball, France 2008.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Pictures in Canada, 2007.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Pictures in Algeria, 2007.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Sign around the Sun.
09.25.2008Your sightings: A weird video, France 2007.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal lights, France 2008.
09.25.2008Your sightings: Light in the night, France 2008.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Weird activity on Toulouse, France, 2008.
09.24.2008Your sightings: A picture.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Lights on Paris.
09.24.2008Your sightings: BLURFO, Algeria.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal light, Syria 2008.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal light, France 2005.
09.24.2008Your sightings: BLURFO in Latvia.
09.24.2008Your sightings: A huge craft very high, France 2008.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Metallic sphere at school, France, the 80's.
09.24.2008Your sightings: UFO at 20 meters, France 1979.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Flying triangle, France 1998.
09.24.2008Your sightings: Top secret, France.
09.24.2008Your sightings: In Morocco, 2007.
09.24.2008Your sightings: White light, France 2007.
09.23.2008Your sightings: Girl reports UFO encounter, France 2008.
09.23.2008Your sightings: UFO on Lausanne lake, Switzerland 2007.
09.23.2008Your sightings: Lights in the night, 2008.
09.22.2008Your sightings: La Louvière, Belgium 2008.
09.22.2008Your sightings: Nocturnal lights between Thiers and Clermont, France 2008.
09.22.2008Your sightings: Weird luminous balls in the Var, France 2007.
09.22.2008Your sightings: Eight years ago.
09.22.2008Your sightings: "I protect against gres and reptilians".
09.22.2008Your sightings: Object in the sky, France 2008.
09.21.2008CE3: South Middleton, USA 1978.
09.20.2008CE3: Bakers Creek Falls, Australia 1978.
09.20.2008CE3: Rostov-on-Don, Russia 1978.
09.19.2008CE3: Pskov, Russia 1978.
09.19.2008CE3: Iran, 1978.
09.17.2008CE3: Santo Antonio Da Caparica, Portugal 1978.
09.16.2008CE3: Wrose, U-K. 1978.
09.15.2008CE3: Anlaby, U-K., 1978.
09.11.2008CE3: Simonswood Moss, U-K. 1978.
09.10.2008CE3: Gomez Palacio, Mexico 1978.
09.06.2008CE3: Wielikoje, Poland 1978.
09.05.2008CE3: Kuantan, Malaysia 1978.
09.02.2008CE3: Chester, U-K. 1965 and on.
08.30.2008CE3: Galveston, USa 1965 and 1973.
08.28.2008CE3: Monaca, USA 1965.
08.28.2008CE3: Long Beach, USA 1965.
08.27.2008CE3: Storrey, USA 1965.
08.26.2008CE3: Heytesbury, U-K. 1965.
08.25.2008CE3: Sedalia, USA 1965.
08.24.2008CE3: Mar del Plata, Argentina 1965.
08.23.2008CE3: Woodstock, USA 1965.
08.22.2008CE3: Torrent, Argentina 1965.
08.21.2008CE3: Lima, Peru 1965.
08.20.2008CE3: Brand Flats, USA 1965.
08.19.2008CE3: Selva Beach, USA 1965.
08.18.2008CE3: Charente, France 1970.
08.14.2008Your sighting: Fast green light in the Seine-Maritime, France.
08.14.2008Your sighting: In Brussels in 2006.
08.10.2008CE3: Lake City, USA 1965.
08.08.2008CE3: Cooper City, USA 1965.
08.08.2008CE3: Seattle, USA 1965.
08.04.2008CE3: New Kensington, USA 1965.
08.02.2008CE3: Felixstowe, U-K. 1965.
08.01.2008CE3: Colonia Navarrete, Mexico 1965.
08.01.2008CE3: Coatepec, Mexico 1965.
07.30.2008CE3: Birmingham, U-K. 1965.
07.30.2008CE3: Nairobi, Kenya 1965.
07.27.2008CE3: Canhotinho, Brazil 1965.
07.27.2008CE3: Lima, Peru 1965.
07.27.2008CE3: Nacaome, Valle, Honduras.
07.25.2008CE3: Litchfield, USA 1965.
07.25.2008CE3: New York City, USA 1965.
07.24.2008CE3: Mexico city, Mexico 1965.
07.23.2008CE3: San Pedro de los Altos, Venezuela 1965.
07.23.2008CE3: Mexico City, Mexico 1965.
07.23.2008CE3: Caracas, Venezuela 1965.
07.23.2008CE3: Derby, U-K. 1965.
07.22.2008CE3: Pocomoke Forest, USA 1965.
07.22.2008CE3: Orlando, USA 1965.
07.21.2008CE3: Birmingham, U-K. 1965.
07.21.2008CE3: Shasta Lake, USA 1965.
07.21.2008CE3: Lake Forest, USA 1965.
07.21.2008CE3: Perico de San Antonio, Argentina 1965.
07.21.2008CE3 Upd.: Melesse, France 1992.
07.21.2008CE3 Upd.: Holbaek, Denmark 1965.
07.20.2008CE3: San Antonio, USA 1965.
07.19.2008CE3: San Angel, Mexico 1965.
07.19.2008CE3: Farellones, Chile 1965.
07.17.2008CE3: Cuenca, Ecuador 1965.
07.17.2008CE3: Green River Gorge, USA 1965.
07.16.2008CE3: Norton Bravant, U-K. 1965.
07.16.2008CE3: Poole, U-K. 1965.
07.15.2008CE3: Berlin, Germany 1965.
07.15.2008CE3: Saint Louis, USA 1965.
07.15.2008CE3: West Corners, USA 1965.
07.13.2008CE3: Valensole, France 1965.
07.12.2008CE3: Bonnert, Luxemburg 1965.
07.12.2008CE3: Herman, USA 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Sheffield, U-K. 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Uddevalla, Sweden 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Guaymallen, Argentina 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Colonia San Pablo, Peru 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Somewhere, 1965.
07.11.2008CE3: Roosevelt, USA 1965.
07.10.2008CE3: Colloway Clump, U-K. 1965.
07.10.2008CE3: Colsham, U-K. 1965.
07.09.2008About the 'scientifically proven' crop circles in Hoeven in 1999.
07.07.2008CE3: Renton, USA 1965.
07.07.2008CE3: Blanca, USA 1965.
07.07.2008CE3 Upd: Long Prairie, USA 1965.
07.06.2008CE3: Avon Park, USA 1965.
07.06.2008CE3: Astoria, USA 1965.
07.05.2008CE3: Santa Barbara, Peru 1965.
07.05.2008CE3 Upd.: Lake Mason, USA 1965.
07.04.2008CE3: Lexington, USA 1965.
07.03.2008CE3: Seattle, USA 1965.
07.03.2008CE3: Vaggaro, Sweden 1965.
07.03.2008CE3: Arboga, Sweden 1965.
07.03.2008CE3: Kandalasha, Russia 1965.
07.02.2008CE3: Rio Verde, Mexico 1965.
07.02.2008CE3: Mexico City, Mexico 1965.
07.02.2008CE3 Upd: San Jose, Mexico 1965.
07.02.2008CE3: Ross, USA 1965.
07.02.2008CE3: Gunnison River Valley, USA 1965.
07.02.2008CE3: Kennewick, USA 1965.
06.29.2008CE3: Little Jedito Wash, USA 1965.
06.29.2008CE3: Muncie, USA 1965.
06.29.2008CE3: Peoria, USA 1965.
06.29.2008CE3: Holbaek, Denmark 1965.
06.29.2008CE3: Ciudad Valles, Mexico 1965.
06.27.2008CE3: Grand Forks, USA 1965.
06.27.2008CE3: Elizabeth, Australia 1965.
06.27.2008CE3: La Victoria, Peru 1965.
06.27.2008CE3: Phoenix, USA 1965.
06.26.2008CE3: Waverly, USA 1965.
06.26.2008Your reports: Disc in Miami, 2001.
06.26.2008Your reports: Moving light in the night sky, France.
06.26.2008Your reports: Fast light in Strasbourg.
06.25.2008CE3: Ville-Lemoyne, Canada, 1965.
06.25.2008CE3: County Clare, Ireland 1965.
06.25.2008CE3: Brazil 1965.
06.25.2008CE3: Citrus Height, USA 1965.
06.25.2008CE3: Rosemont, Canada 1965.
06.25.2008CE3: Carlington Heights, Canada 1965.
06.25.2008CE3 Upd.: Garahuns, Brésil 1965.
06.21.2008CE3: Fragosa, Spain 1965.
06.21.2008CE3: Nisqually, USA 1965.
06.21.2008CE3: Ozark Mountains, USA 1965.
06.20.2008CE3: Doehlers Beach, USA 1965.
06.20.2008CE3: Coteaux, Canada 1965.
06.20.2008Press 1960: Le Méridional.
06.20.2008Press 1960: New York Times.
06.20.2008Press 1962: Calgary Herald.
06.19.2008CE3: Wheaton, USA 1965.
06.19.2008CE3: Marathon, USA 1965.
06.19.2008CE3: Miami, USA 1965.
06.18.2008CE3: Omaha, USA 1965.
06.18.2008CE3: Murdochville, Canada 1965.
06.18.2008CE3: Moscow, Russia 1965.
06.17.2008CE3: Bernalillo, USA 1965.
06.17.2008CE3: Greenville, USA 1965.
06.14.2008Press 2008: Genetic material in the Murchison meteorite.
06.14.2008CE3: Sorgues, France 1965.
06.14.2008CE3: Chicago, USA 1965.
06.13.2008CE3: Lubbock, USA 1965.
06.13.2008CE3: Provo, USA 1965.
06.13.2008CE3: Richmond, USA 1965.
06.12.2008CE3: Fouke, USA 1965.
06.11.2008CE3: Ermington, U-K. 1965 or 1978.
06.09.2008The hidden paths in crop circles.
06.09.2008Your reports: Objet in the sky oddly remains in sight.
06.09.2008Your reports: In 1977, in 1992, in 2006.
06.09.2008Your reports: Luminous cigar etc..
06.09.2008Your reports: Lights in the sky.
06.09.2008Your reports: Light in the sky.
06.08.2008CE3: Jose de San Martin, Argentina.
06.08.2008CE3: Fortaleza, Brazil 1965.
06.08.2008CE3: Ann Arbor, USA 1965.
06.08.2008The Press: flying saucer in France, 1947.
06.08.2008The Press: flying saucer in France, 1947.
06.08.2008The Press: the Warminster Thing, 1965.
06.08.2008The Press: Leprechauns in Liverpool, 1965.
06.07.2008CE3: Jyrinvaara, Finland 1917.
06.07.2008CE3: La Plata, Argentina 1965.
06.06.2008CE3: Helemanu, USA, 1960's.
06.06.2008CE3: Scottish Highlands, U-K. 1965.
06.06.2008CE3: Auckland, New Zealand 1965.
06.05.2008So-called "UFO" crash in Vietnam in May 2008.
06.05.2008CE3: San Jose, Mexico 1965.
06.05.2008CE3: Saskatoon, Canada 1965.
06.05.2008CE3: Vershi, Russia 1965.
06.04.2008CE3: San Carlos, Argentina 2008.
06.04.2008CE3: Denver, USA 2003.
06.03.2008CE3: Mobile, USA 1965.
06.03.2008CE3: Sidney, Australia 1965.
06.03.2008CE3: Thermalito, USA 1965.
06.02.2008CE3: Coal and Candle Creek, Australia 1965.
06.02.2008CE3: White Mountain, USA 1965.
06.02.2008CE3: El Yunque, Puerto Rico 1965.
06.02.2008CE3: Glen Allen, USA 1965.
06.02.2008CE3: Saint-Etienne de Baïgorry, France 1954.
06.01.2008CE3: Sheridan, USA 1965.
06.01.2008CE3: Red Rock, USA 1965.
06.01.2008CE3: Rio Claro, Brazil 1965.
06.01.2008CE3: Madras, USA 1965.
05.31.2008CE3: Central Tasmania, Australia 1965.
05.31.2008CE3: Joyce, USA.
05.31.2008CE3: Toquepala, Peru 1965.
05.31.2008The Press: Pacific Stars and Stripes 1965.
05.30.2008CE3: Denver, USA 2008.
05.30.2008CE3: Denver, USA 1965.
05.30.2008CE3: French Lick, Indiana 1965.
05.30.2008CE3: Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela 1965.
05.30.2008CE3: Monte Negro, Brazil 1965.
05.30.2008CE3: Canete, Peru 1965.
05.29.2008CE3: Warminster, U-K., 1964.
05.28.2008CE3: Vassalboro, USA 1965.
05.27.2008CE3: Des Plaines, USA 1965.
05.26.2008CE3: Luumäki, Finland 1965.
05.25.2008Press 1965: the Warminster "Thing".
05.23.2008CE3: Espoo, Finland 1965.
05.23.2008CE3: Nablus, Palestine 1965.
05.22.2008IFOs: Pink purplish artefacts on digital images.
05.21.2008IFOs: Streetlamp reflections on photographs.
05.21.2008CE3: Klofta, Norway 1965.
05.21.2008CE3: Lulea, Sweden 1965.
05.21.2008CE3: Fraser, USA 1965.
05.21.2008CE3: La Punta, Peru 1965.
05.19.2008CE3: Guarani, Brazil 1965.
05.19.2008CE3: Anaheim, USA 1965.
05.19.2008CE3: Dirtane, Ireland 1965.
05.19.2008CE3: Batu Gajah, Malaysia 1965.
05.17.2008CE3: Garahuns, Brazil 1965.
05.17.2008CE3: Aguas Blancas, Argentina 1965.
05.17.2008CE3: Puerto Beltran, Argentina 1965.
05.16.2008CE3: Mogi Guaçu, Brazil 1965.
05.16.2008CE3: Sauce Viejo, Argentina 1963.
05.16.2008CE3: Somewhere, 1965.
05.15.2008CE3: Holsenoy, Norway 1965.
05.15.2008CE3: St George, U-K. 1965.
05.15.2008CE3: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France 1965.
05.14.2008CE3: Rio Hato, Panama 1965.
05.14.2008CE3: San Rafael, Argentina 1965.
05.13.2008CE3: Monroe, USA 1965.
05.12.2008CE3: Orlando, USA 2008.
05.11.2008CE3: Malta, USA 2008.
05.11.2008CE3: Buffalo, USA 2008.
05.10.2008CE3: Seattle, USA 2008.
05.10.2008CE3: Toowoomba, Australia 2008.
05.09.2008CE3: Coatepec, Mexico 1968.
05.08.2008CE3: Pichaca, Peru 1965.
05.08.2008CE3: Durango, Mexico 1965.
05.08.2008CE3: Smithville, Canada 1965.
05.07.2008CE3: Cruzeiro, Brazil 1965.
05.07.2008CE3 Upd.: Monte Grande, Argentina 1965.
05.06.2008CE3: Somewhere, USA 1965.
05.05.2008CE3: Lynchburg, USA 1965.
05.04.2008Your reports: Triangular object in the night.
04.05.2008Your reports: Rounds in a field, Lucenay-l'Evêque, France.
05.03.2008Your reports: Object seen and photographed in Switzerland.
05.01.2008Your reports: Light in Algeria captured on cell phone.
05.01.2008Your reports: Lights in 1992 and triangle in 1999.
05.01.2008Your reports: String of light on night photograph.
05.01.2008Your reports: Lights above the TV tower on the mountain.
04.30.2008Your reports: Four nocturnal lights.
04.30.2008Your reports: Object in the sky of Tours.
04.29.2008Belgium flap, Near Eupen 10:30 a.m. Nov. 29, 1989.
04.29.2008Your reports: Two slow lights in Switzerland.
04.28.2008Belgium flap, Pavée street in Eupen at 05:30 p.m. Nov. 29, 1989.
04.27.2008Cussac: questions of measure, the unavailable available data.
04.25.2008"The night of the F-16's": A ground report.
04.24.2008Cussac: questions of measure, continued.
04.24.2008Cussac: questions of measure, continued.
04.23.2008Cussac: questions of measure, continued.
04.21.2008Cussac: questions of measure.
04.17.2008France 1954: Marseilleveyre.
04.17.2008France 1954 Upd.: Marseille.
04.17.2008France 1954 Upd.: Marseille.
04.17.2008Press 1965: UFOs in Bangor, 1965.
04.17.2008France 1954: Clichy.
04.17.2008Press 1965: UFO in Oklahoma, 1965.
04.16.2008France 1954: Marseille.
04.16.2008Press 1965: Albany Times.
04.15.2008CE3: Salto, Uruguay 1965.
04.15.2008CE3: Caliham, Texas 1965.
04.14.2008CE3: Puno, Peru 1965.
04.13.2008CE3: Panama canal, Panama 1965.
04.13.2008CE3: Oroville, USA 1965.
04.13.2008CE3: Shearwater, U-K. 1965.
04.12.2008CE3: Kabul, Afghanistan 1965.
04.12.2008CE3: Bay City, USA 1965.
04.12.2008CE3: Poland 1965.
04.11.2008Belgium flap, November 26, 1991, near Moelingen.
04.11.2008Belgium flap, Eupen, evening of December 1, 1989.
04.10.2008Belgium flap, Andenne, May 5, 1990.
04.10.2008Belgium flap, Natoye, December 12, 1989.
04.09.2008Belgium flap, Houtain-Saint-Siméon, January 19, 1993.
04.09.2008Belgium flap, Hoeilaart, January 21, 1991.
04.08.2008Belgium flap, Verviers July 26, 1992.
04.07.2008CE3: Rio Vista, USA 1965.
04.07.2008CE3: El Aauin, Morocco 1965.
04.06.2008CE3: Carazinho, Brazil 1965.
04.04.2008Your reports: Fast light, France 2008.
04.04.2008Your reports: Object maneuvering in the sky, Paris 2007.
04.04.2008Your reports: Nocturnal lights, France 2007.
04.03.2008Your reports: Memories of a craft in Belgium.
04.03.2008Your reports: Belgium flying triangle, 1989.
04.03.2008Your reports: Oval object and flash, 2007.
04.02.2008CE3: Milnthorpe, U-K., 1965.
04.02.2008CE3: Rivesville, USA 1965.
04.02.2008CE3: Lima, Pérou 1965.
04.02.2008CE3: Chalac, Argentina 1965.
04.02.2008CE3: Indianapolis, USA 1965.
04.02.2008CE3 Upd: Chantilly, France 1959.
03.31.2008Your reports: UFO in Wisconsin, 1968 or 1969.
03.31.2008Your reports: Nocturnal lights, USA, 2003.
03.31.2008Your reports: Blurfo, Carthage 2008.
03.29.2008CE3: Fairborn, USA 1965.
03.29.2008CE3: Hobart, Australia 1965.
03.29.2008CE3: Bellefontaine, USA 1965.
03.28.2008CE3: Mariannelund, Sweden 1959.
03.28.2008CE3: Edison, USA 1955.
03.27.2008CE3: Caribou, USA 1955.
03.27.2008CE3: Camp Washington, USA 1955.
03.27.2008CE3: Cheviot, USA, 1955.
03.26.2008CE3: West Hampstead, U-K. 1955.
03.26.2008CE3: Boa Vista dos Ramos, Brazil 1955.
03.26.2008CE3: Portela de Pau, Spain 1955.
03.25.2008Your reports: A wheel, a rectangle, follow car to house, France 1996.
03.25.2008Your reports: Small flying sphere enters a barn, France, circa 1972.
03.25.2008Your reports: UFO or large shooting star, weird phenomena, France 2004.
03.25.2008Your reports: Flying triangle, France 2008.
03.25.2008Your reports: Orange nocturnal lights in manoeuver, France 2008.
03.25.2008Your reports: Two sightings in France.
03.25.2008Your reports: Thing on an ISS space picture.
03.25.2008Your reports: Nocturnal lights, France 2008.
03.25.2008Your reports: A fast light, France 2008.
03.25.2008Your reports: Bedroom visitors, France 1999.
03.24.2008CE3: El Cobre, Spain 1959.
03.24.2008CE3: Pinhal, Brazil 1959.
03.24.2008CE3: Pennsylvania, USA 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: Superior, USA 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: Silver Spring, USA 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: Sao Paul, Brazil 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: New Paltz, USA 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: Purnong Landing, Australia, 1959.
03.23.2008CE3: El Cobre, Spain 1959.
03.22.2008CE3: Wright-Patterson AFB, USA 1959.
03.22.2008CE3: Chantilly, France 1959.
03.22.2008CE3: Bagan Dalam Penang, Malaysia, 1959.
03.21.2008CE3: Cherry Point, USA, 1959.
03.21.2008CE3: Brocton, R-U. 1959.
03.21.2008CE3: Kankakee, USA 1959.
03.21.2008CE3: Miramas, France 1959.
03.21.2008CE3 upd.: Blenheim, New Zealand 1959.
03.21.2008CE3 upd.: Modesto, USA 1959.
03.20.2008CE3: County Carlow, Ireland 1959.
03.20.2008CE3: Haverhill, USA 1959.
03.19.2008CE3: Fort Garland, USA 1959.
03.19.2008CE3: Lake Bonita, USA 1959.
03.19.2008CE3: Moscow, Russia 1959.
03.18.2008CE3: Whitefield, U-K. 1959.
03.17.2008CE3: Hawaii, USA 1959.
03.16.2008CE3: Germany 1959.
03.16.2008CE3: Superstitious Mountains, USA 1959.
03.16.2008CE3: Aberdeen, USA 1959.
03.15.2008CE3: St. Michel, Canada 1959.
03.15.2008CE3: Conneautville, USA 1959.
03.15.2008CE3: Mossoro, Brazil 1959.
03.14.2008CE3: Millersburg, USA 1959.
03.14.2008CE3: Vechtel, Germany 1959.
03.14.2008CE3: North Platte, USA 1959.
03.13.2008CE3: Giant Rock, USA 1959.
03.13.2008CE3: Carroll County, USA 1959.
03.12.2008CE3: Ganden, Tibet 1959.
03.12.2008CE3: Fiambala, Argentina 1959.
03.10.2008CE3: Charles Mill Lake, USA 1959.
03.10.2008CE3: Les Mitris, France 1959.
03.09.2008CE3: Marysville, USA 1959.
03.09.2008CE3: Stratford-on-Avon, U-K. 1959.
03.09.2008CE3: Aubagne, France 1959.
03.09.2008CE3: Georgia 1959.
03.09.2008CE3: Tres Cerros, Brazil 1959.
03.08.2008CE3: Lampertheim, Germany 1959.
03.07.2008CE3: New Richmond, USA 1959.
03.07.2008CE3: Covington, USA 1959.
03.06.2008The Press: A UFO in the Vaucluse?, France 1975.
03.06.2008Your reports: Green disk seen from Bugarach, France.
03.06.2008Your reports: Also in Dechmont that 1979 day.
03.06.2008Your reports: A probable confusion in Montréal de l'Aude.
03.05.2008The Press: Hynek on UFOs, 1975.
03.05.2008Your reports: Between Voreppe and Grenoble.
03.05.2008Your reports: A November 5, 1990, report.
03.05.2008Your reports: Lights in the Sarthe, 2007.
02.28.2008CE3: The Andes, Peru 1955.
02.28.2008CE3: Toronto, Canada 1955.
02.28.2008CE3: Peterboro, USA 1955.
02.27.2008CE3: Fredericksburgh, USA 1955.
02.27.2008CE3: Nebraska, USA 1955.
02.27.2008CE3: Plattsburgh, USA 1955.
02.26.2008CE3: Chazy Landing, USA 1955.
02.26.2008CE3: Cheltenham, U-K. 1955.
02.26.2008CE3: Stanley, Canada, 1955.
02.25.2008CE3: Eagle Pass, USA 1955.
02.25.2008CE3: Rosenheim, Germany 1955.
02.25.2008CE3: Tlahualilo, Mexico 1955.
02.25.2008CE3: French ufology and the year 2008.
02.24.2008CE3: Arbesthal, Austria 1955.
02.23.2008CE3: Dogtown, USA 1955.
02.23.2008CE3: Caseros, Argentina 1955.
02.23.2008CE3: Ste. Therese, Canada 1955.
02.22.2008CE3: Troy, USA 1955.
02.21.2008CE3: Casa Blanca, USA 1955.
02.20.2008CE3: Winton Woods, USA 1955.
02.20.2008CE3: Bronwood, USA 1955.
02.19.2008CE3: Boisseuges, France 1954.
02.19.2008CE3: Bradford, U-K. 1955.
02.19.2008CE3: Niagara Falls, USA 1955.
02.19.2008CE3: Ohio, USA, 1955.
02.18.2008CE3: Edison, USA 1955.
02.18.2008CE3: Kolomenskoye, Russia 1955.
02.18.2008CE3: Porto Alegre, Brazil 1955.
02.18.2008AF 3532 case: more stupidities by French ufologists.
02.16.2008CE3: Stockton, USA 1955.
02.16.2008CE3: Meopham, U-K. 1955.
02.16.2008CE3: Liesingau, Austria 1955.
02.15.2008CE3: Loveland Heights, USA 1955.
02.15.2008CE3: Baltimore, USA 1955.
02.15.2008CE3: Brighton, U-K. 1955.
02.14.2008CE3: Vestra, Sweden 1955.
02.14.2008CE3: Loveland, USA 1955.
02.14.2008CE3: Petare, Venezuela 1955.
02.13.2008CE3: Kotka, Finland 1955.
02.13.2008CE3: Dallas, USA 1955.
02.13.2008CE3: Muros, Spain 1955.
02.12.2008CE3: Sinopoli, Italy 1955.
02.11.2008CE3: Yronde et Buron, France, 1954 ou 1956.
02.11.2008CE3: New York, USA 1955.
02.11.2008CE3: Belhaven Terrace, Scotland 1955.
02.11.2008CE3 Upd.: Eucla, Australia, 1955.
02.10.2008CE3: Dinan, France 1955.
02.10.2008CE3: Forest of Chizé, France 1955.
02.10.2008CE3: Colorado, USA 1955.
02.09.2008CE3: Karachi, Pakistan 1955.
02.09.2008CE3: Rivoli, Italy 1955.
02.09.2008CE3: Hong Kong, 1955.
02.08.2008CE3: France, 1955.
02.08.2008CE3: La Roca, Spain 1955.
02.08.2008CE3: Pensacola, USA 1955.
02.07.2008CE3: Broadlands, U-K. 1955.
02.06.2008CE3: Ceret, France 1955.
02.06.2008CE3: Upd. Adelaide, Australia 1955.
02.05.2008CE3: Camaqua, Brazil 1955.
02.05.2008CE3: Wildenstein castle, Germany 1955.
02.04.2008CE3: Giant Rock, USA 1955.
02.03.2008CE3: New Zealand, 1955.
02.03.2008CE3: San Francisco, USA 1955.
02.03.2008CE3: Del Rio, USA 1955.
02.02.2008CE3: Eucla, Australia, 1955.
02.02.2008CE3: Chita area, Russia, 1955.
02.02.2008CE3: Goodhurst, U-K. 1955.
02.01.2008CE3: Zula, Mexico 1955.
02.01.2008CE3: Homer, USA 1955.
01.30.2008CE3: Lakewood, USA 1955.
01.30.2008CE3: Glasgow, U-K., 1955.
01.30.2008CE3: Chillicothe, USA 1955.
01.29.2008CE3: MàJ. Provins, France 1992.
01.29.2008CE3: MàJ. Gobi desert, China 1982.
01.29.2008CE3: Adelaide, Australia 1955.
01.29.2008CE3: Prague, Czech Republic 1955.
01.29.2008CE3: Cedarville, USA 1955.
01.27.2008CE3: Moab, USA 1955.
01.27.2008CE3: San Martinho de Bilene, Mozambique 1955.
01.26.2008CE3: Fréjus, France 1954.
01.26.2008CE3: East Hull, U-K. 1977.
01.25.2008CE3: Quebradillas, Portorico 1977.
01.25.2008CE3: Sanary, France 1975.
01.25.2008CE3: East Bridgewater, USA 1990.
01.25.2008CE3: Smithfield, Australia 1968.
01.24.2008CE3: Wortley, R-U., 1990.
01.24.2008CE3: Mar Del Plata, Argentina 1980.
01.23.2008CE3: Faroe Islands, Denmark, 1723.
01.23.2008CE3: Footedale, USA 1977.
01.22.2008CE3: Gobi Desert, China 1982.
01.22.2008CE3: Cairns, Australia 1987.
01.20.2008CE3: Halidon, Australia 1951.
01.20.2008CE3 Upd.: Coaticook, Canada 1968.
01.16.2008CE3: Coniston Cutting, R-U., 1982.
01.15.2008CE3: Tbilissi, Georgia 1989.
01.15.2008CE3: Ann Arbor, USA 1990.
01.15.2008CE3 Upd.: Cazères, France 1955.
01.15.2008CE3 Upd.: Saint-Maudan, France 1954.
01.14.2008Your reports: Three UFOs in the night, France 1981.
01.14.2008Your reports: In Prague in 2007 and France in 2002.
01.14.2008Your reports: The Netherlands, 2005 or 2006.
01.14.2008Your reports: Very fast white ball in the night.
01.14.2008Your reports: Grey object in Miami, July 2007.
01.14.2008Your reports: Oval and luminous in the night, France 2006.
01.14.2008Your reports: Unidentified seashore light in Britany.
01.13.2008Your reports: In Northern Manitoba in July 1967.
01.13.2008Your reports: Big flying triangle, France, 1998.
01.13.2008Your reports: Heard explosion in Saint-Bomer, France, 2007.
01.13.2008Your reports: UFO, ghost or Elve.
01.13.2008Your reports: On the lake of Neuchâtel.
01.13.2008Your reports: Something hid stars.
01.13.2008Your reports: In Ottawa, July 1986.
01.13.2008RR3 Update: Wissous, France 1967: a hoax.
01.12.2008CE3: Krini, Greece 1929.
01.12.2008France 1954: Villenave d'Ornon.
01.12.2008Your reports: At the plate of Albion.
01.12.2008Your reports: Green ball passes twice in the night, Blue craft in the night.
01.12.2008Your reports: Nocturnal light maneuvers, France.
01.12.2008Your reports: Weird spots on digital picture.
01.12.2008Your reports: At sea in 1815, and in London newspapers 1968 or 1969.
01.12.2008Your reports: Huge daylight flying triangle flies fast in France.
01.12.2008Your reports: Weird daylight "star", 1977.
01.12.2008Your reports: Triangle luminous objects in the sky of Vias-Plage, France, 2007.
01.12.2008Your reports: Fast, with a trail, Switzerland.
01.11.2008CE3: Alastaro, Finland 1914.
01.11.2008CE3: New Mexico, USA 1947.
01.10.2008CE3: Mount Pendeli, Greece 1977.
01.10.2008CE3: Snohomish, USA 1977.
01.09.2008CE3: Noyon, France 1992.
01.09.2008CE3: Provins, France 1992.
01.09.2008CE3: Melesse, France 1992.
01.07.2008CE3: Santo Antonio do Taua, Brazil 1977.
01.07.2008CE3: Campo Serrado, Brazil 1977.
01.06.2008CE3: Aalen, Norway 1870.
01.05.2008CE3: Long Prairie, USA 1965.
01.03.2008IFOs: Reflections.
01.02.2008CE3: Arroyito, Argentina 1978.
01.02.2008CE3: Salto Osorio, Brazil 1975.
01.02.2008Press 1956: New York Times.
01.01.2008CE3: Neuilly-L'Evêque, France 1954.

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