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Trivial phenomena:

Streetlamps reflections:

One of the rather common sources of amazement about lights on photographs is the reflection of streetlamps.

Here is an example coming from the newspaper Ouest-France on May 21, 2008, via their web site showing this image:


The article indicates that a photographer of Groix took several night photographs on his island in the sky of Locmaria two days before about 10 p.m..

He saw nothing when he took the pictures, it was only later, by looking at them on his computer, and by "zooming" on the images, that... "on the photographs, strange pink balls, above the public lighting appeared."

The newspaper thinks that it is possible that this is "again an unexplained phenomenon in the area", as Geipan in Toulouse (the French official group of studies on unidentified aerospace phenomena) recorded "quite a number of testimonies" in particular of the phenomena observed on April 28 in Relecq-Kerhuon, and in Lanester, on April 14, 2008, towards 6 a.m., where a witness stated he "also" saw the luminous spheres moving in the sky.

What happens here is rather typical. Since "phenomena" were seen and reported in the newspaper, readers send their testimonies, or in this case, pictures, wondering what it is.

Of course, to see something visually moving in the sky is something very different from seeing something on photographs whereas nothing had been seen at the time when they were taken.

In fact, the image shows a characteristic sign of streetlamps reflections: the geometrical adequacy between the positions of the streetlamps and the positions of their reflections:

Here, not only the location is mirrored around the central point, but also the very intensity of the reflections matches the intensity of each standard lamp.

Of course it is impossible to "prove" that the three small pink spots are no alien spaceship nor "paranormal phenomena" nor insects or water drops seized in the camera's flash; nobody can provide "hard evidence" that these pink spots are streetlight reflections. Certain ufologists love to exploit this kind of situations to dispute any ordinary explanation, however probable it is, to save an "abnormal" character to this kind of explainable images. In France, a specialty in lunatic fringe ufology is to claim that "the UFOs" are sometimes "invisible to the eye" or purposely "camouflage" themselves in "ordinary phenomena" to fool people!

But if you are a more rational thinker, you now have understood the point here: with streetlamps reflections, geometrical adequacy appears between the reflections and the streetlamps that cause them.

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