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12.30.2004France 1954: Amigny-Rouy, Alès, Vandreching, Yssingeaux, Remiremont, Vielmanay.
12.28.2004France 1954: Morsbach, Gelles, Monthaleix, Château Gontier, Paris, Angers.
12.27.2004France 1954: Thin-le-Moutier, Sarreguemines, Zinnkoepflé, Camon, Guebwiller, Bollwiller, Guebwiller.
12.26.2004France 1954: Bourg-en-Bresse, Senlis, Hurecourt.
12.25.2004France 1954: Verschocq, Isbergues, Mulhouse, Champagné-les-Marais, Poligny.
12.24.2004France 1954: La Ferrière, Montabon, Le Poiré sur Vie, Waldsheid, La Caillère Saint-Hilaire, La Roche sur Yon.
12.22.2004Montfort Bridge incidents, U-K., 1966.
12.22.2004The Condon report, an historical perpective by Michael Swords.
12.22.2004The Condon report, Review, by Robert Baker, Scientific Research, April 1969.
12.21.2004The Press: Pascagoula 1973.
12.21.2004The Press: Ohio 1973.
12.21.2004The Press: Airmiss, China 1995.
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: A blue rain caused by the flying saucers (?)
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: From the Valais: still the flying saucers?
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: Professor Hahn does not believe in the flying saucers.
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1y954: In the Jura: a flying saucer!
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: Appearances of the flying saucers.
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: Fifteen Germans in Ulm reported flying saucers.
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: Russian television shows received in the Jura.
12.19.2004Swiss Press 1954: About the flying saucers.
12.12.2004France 1954: Saintes, Fontenay-le-Comte, Le Vigan, Tain-l'Ermitage, Chatellerault, Vix, Binic, Tréglamus, Sinceny, Creil.
12.04.2004France 1954: Châteaudun, Vichy, Vatan, Brinon, Brignoles, Cousolre, Lantéfontaine, Corquoy, Blanzy, Guébling.
11.25.2004France 1954: Langeac.
11.24.2004France 1954: Mesples, La Badière.
11.22.2004France 1954: Gouesnach, Landerneau, La Douce-Pierre.
11.22.2004The Press, Saucers makes passes at air base, USA 1947.
11.21.2004The Press, Sightings in Alberta, Canada, 2004.
11.19.2004Dechmont Woods, U-K., 1979.
11.18.2004The Press, Sightings in Wilmington, USA, 2004.
11.17.2004One, two, ET pictures added.
11.17.2004France 1954: Doncourt, Rethel.
11.14.2004The Press, Ufology in Saskatchevan, 2004.
11.13.2004The Press, UFO reports in Ridgecrest USA, 2004.
11.13.2004The Press, Sightings in Canada, 2004.
10.24.2004France 1954: Plougasnou, Lanarvily, Le Drennec, Quimper, Saint-Savinien, Plogastel-St-Germain.
10.23.2004France 1954: Kerhuon, Mauperthuis, Latrie.
10.23.2004France 1954: Montlandon, Quend, Ham.
10.22.2004France 1954: Saint-Plantaire, Cuges-les-Pins, Ballon.
10.21.2004France 1954: La Tour d'Aigues, Entraigues-sur-Sorgues, Acheux-en-Vimeu, Condom.
10.19.2004Blue Book 1198.
10.18.2004JPL: Mars rovers probing water history at two sites.
10.17.2004Minutes of the April 2, 1952 meeting between Colonel Kirkland and Lieutenant Ruppelt of the USAF Air Technical Command (ATIC) with the members of the Civilian Saucer Investigations (CSI).
10.10.2004Colfax, Wisconsin USA, 1978.
10.09.2004The Press, Still they could be real, USA 1952.
10.09.2004The Press, Balloon and saucers, USA 1951.
10.07.2004Alberton, Australia, 1967.
10.06.2004France 1954: Poncey-sur-L'Ignon, Chury, Incarville.
10.02.2004The ever changing scratch/UFO on the B-57B picture.
10.02.2004The Press, Odd object seen in India, 2004.
09.25.2004Fate of MoD's UFO papers in question, U-K.
09.25.2004The Press, Conférence, UFO - missiles sites 1967, USA 2004.
09.25.2004France 1954: Saint Romain, Saint-Cyr, Meussia.
09.24.2004France 1954: Varigney, Morlaix, Montimont, Troussey, Pau.
09.23.2004France 1954: Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Dole, Brest.
09.23.2004France 1954: Moguériec, Louhans, Locronan, Chardonnay, Brest.
09.23.2004The Press, 3 NL in UK, 2004.
09.23.2004The Press, sighting in UK, 2004.
09.19.2004France 1954: Poulhan, Graulhet, Scaer.
09.19.2004Jefferson City 1967.
09.18.2004Le Muy 1999 UFO picture, a hoax.
09.18.2004France 1954: Brigneoc'h, Metz, Saint-Renan, Elliant, Plogastel.
09.16.2004The Press, Saucer story, USA 1954.
09.16.2004The Press, Flying hub cap, 1951.
09.16.2004The Press, UFOs, Vienna, 1954.
09.16.2004The Press, Skyhook ballons, 1951.
09.13.2004NIDS Investigations of the Flying Triangle Enigma.
09.09.2004African Press 1954.
09.07.2004The Press, Sightings, July , 2004, Chili.
09.05.2004The Press, Arnold, sightings, New Mexico, June 28, 1947.
09.05.2004The New York Times, July 9, 1947.
09.04.2004Washington National sightings in the 1952 Press.
09.04.2004Exoplanet Osiris, 2004.
09.02.2004The Press: UFO sightings reported, Dryden, Canada 2004.
09.02.2004The Press: The skeptic, the astronomer and the thing in the sky.
08.27.2004France 1954: Saint Priest, Cagnes, Albias.
08.26.2004France 1954: Cuisy, North, Lanvollon, Bergerac.
08.23.2004Roswell, Major Marcel's last words, article.
08.23.2004Roswell, GAO starts investigating, The Washington Post, 1994.
08.23.2004Roswell, GAO to investigate, 1994 Press.
08.23.2004The Press: Aztec 1948 story in today's Press.
08.22.2004France 1954: Nessier, Leignes, Lusignan.
08.18.2004FOIA: UFO report Fort Smith, 1976.
08.18.2004FOIA: UFO report Eglin AFB, 1976.
08.17.2004France 1954: Bergerac, Tantonville, St.Maixent, Milly-la-Forêt, Angouleme, Saint-Just-Malmont, Champigny, Murs-Erigné.
08.17.2004Roswell: Gov. Richardson in the Press.
08.16.2004The Press: Tananarive, 50 years later.
08.16.2004Pictures taken in Montreux.
08.16.2004Roswell: Sacramento Bee, July 8, 1947.
08.15.2004The Press: Sighting in the Tarn, France 2004.
08.15.2004Tunguska 2004 update.
08.14.2004France 1954: Jou, Welferding, Grenoble, Mesples, Lyon, Savigny.
08.12.2004Tunguska 2004.
08.08.2004France 1954: Pin, Bruay-Thiers, Acheux en Vimeu, Marcoing, Roubaix, Limoges, Angles, La Briquette.
08.08.2004UFO again in Cachi, Argentina, 2004.
08.07.2004The Press: Canadians near record number of UFO sightings, 2004.
08.07.2004The Press: UFO sightings near record high, Canada 2004
08.07.2004The Press: UFO sightings soar over last 48 hours, Winnipeg 2004.
08.07.2004The Press: UFO sightings skyrocket, Canada 2004.
08.07.2004The Press: UFO foklore in Texas.
08.05.2004France 1954: Marseille, Avanne, Ligescourt.
07.31.2004The Press: Rojas, Argentina july 2004.
07.31.2004France 1954: Diges, Harponville.
07.27.2004France 1954: Mozé-sur-Louet, St-Jean-d'Assé.
07.25.2004Analyze this: Orcière-Merlette, 1989.
07.24.2004Beulah, Michigan, 1961.
07.22.2004GEPAN objectives proposal in 1978.
07.22.2004France 1954: Maubeuge upd., Quarouble 1, some pictures.
07.22.2004France 1954: Maubeuge upd., Quarouble 2 upd.
07.21.2004France 1954: Marius Dewilde's story.
07.21.2004France 1954: Pommiers, Acheux en Amiénois.
07.19.2004France 1954: Luneville, St-Martin de Crau.
07.18.2004UFOs and ICBMs, the Press, 1974.
07.12.2004Jean Gabriel Greslé in "Le Figaro."
07.12.2004Blue Book 7491.
07.11.2004France 1954: Saint-Brieuc, Bette, La Montagne des Alouettes, Epinal, Montluçon, Comines, Calanhel, Concarneau, Guesnou, Dieppe, Arras.
07.08.2004France 1954: La Norville, French Riviera, Corbeil, Nimes.
07.07.2004Titan, first Cassini-Huygens images.
07.02.2004France 1954: Saint-Prouant.
06.29.2004The Press: Times of India 1954.
06.28.2004France 1954: Château-Chinon, Pau, Montbéliard.
06.27.2004France 1954: Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, Fréjus, Epinac, Chaunay, Santenay.
06.26.2004France 1954: Loudéac, Cozes, Les Rousses, Albias, Hérissart.
06.23.2004France 1954: Vicq, Blainville, Onnaing.
06.22.2004Capturés en film - cinq OVNIS dans le ciel au-dessus d'Emley, the investigation, updated.
06.22.2004France 1954: Dijon, Semons, La Chapelle-Hugon.
06.20.2004France 1954: Belesta, Ciry-le-Noble, Trévoux, Marcoing, Quarouble.
06.20.2004The Press, CNES, SEPRA and the UFOmaniac.
06.20.2004The Press, Saucer, Canada, 1952.
06.19.2004Roswell: Inquiries, secrecy and disinformation, by Gildas Bourdais.
06.19.2004Capturés en film - cinq OVNIS dans le ciel au-dessus d'Emley, the investigation.
06.18.2004France 1954: Bassing.
06.17.2004France 1954: Rixheim, Plaisan.
06.15.2004Long Beach, 1943.
06.12.2004France 1954: Marseilles, Stains, Paris.
06.12.2004The Press, alien beings affect some.
06.03.2004The Press, Saskatchevan sightings.
06.01.2004Rumours near Atom Plant Ohio, USA.
05.31.2004The Mexican Report, crew conversations recorded in the plane during the incident.
05.31.2004The Mexican Report, it was not ball lightning.
05.31.2004The Mexican Report, 'UFOs' may have been caused by atmospheric gasses, expert says.
05.31.2004The Mexican Report, brazilian ufologists than the mexican authorities for their transparency.
05.29.2004SEPRA closed, SEPRA not closed ... Open the archives to the public!
05.29.2004NASA, exoplanetology news 2004.
05.29.2004The Press, Venus, the moon and the UFO, France, 2004.
05.21.2004The Mexican Report, about the plasma explanation.
05.20.2004The Mexican Report, the opinion of a FLIR specialist.
05.20.2004UFOS explained, finally.
05.19.2004The Mexican Report, Press briefing by Jaime Maussan.
05.18.2004The Mexican Report, Questions and answers.
05.15.2004The Mexican Report, astronomers talk of balloons.
05.15.2004France 1954: update Sedan.
05.13.2004George Wheeler.
05.13.2004The Mexican Report, Secretary of Defense already criticized, answers.
05.12.2004The Press, Mute reported, Canada, 2004.
05.11.2004The Press, The blue cube of Guadeloupe.
05.09.2004The Press, Unidentified flying planet?
05.09.2004The Press, UK 2004.
05.09.2004Why did she quit?.
05.01.20041977, Operation Saucer, Page 5 à 8.
04.24.20041977, Operation Saucer, Page 1 à 4.
04.24.2004The Press, Winnipeg 2004.
04.20.2004J.J. Velasco, déclarations.
04.20.2004A Curious Chronological Cluster of Consecutive Canadian Cases.
04.20.2004The Press, Winnipeg 2004.
04.16.2004France 1954: Palleau, Rongères.
04.13.2004France 1954: Neuilly-L'Evêque, Chaumont, Sauzet, Froncles, Valence, Canet-Plage, Lemps, Perpignan, Breusy, Bagnolet, La Varenne, Buttes-Chaumont, Buttes-Chaumont, Paris, Saint-Priest.
04.11.2004France 1954: Les Jonquerets, Vernosc, Commercy, Consigny, Chennevières.
04.10.2004France 1954: Quarouble, Ste-Ménehould, Wimereux.
04.08.2004France 1954: Feurs, Trois-Fond.
04.07.2004France 1954: Vioménil, Ecaillon, Lesparre, Chatellerault, Londinière, St-Amand, Brienne, Espartignac, Rians.
04.03.2004France 1954: Hyères, Monteux, Oléron, Saint-Alban, Andigné, Ygrande, Alleyrat, Wittenheim.
04.02.2004France 1954: Nivelle, Fenie, Saint-Sauveur, Rouen.
04.02.2004The Press, Hessdalen 2004.
03.27.2004France 1954: Loctudy, Puymoyen, Isles-sur-Suippe.
03.25.2004France 1954: Jouy-sur-Morin.
03.23.2004The Press, Roy Craig deceased, USA, 2004.
03.23.2004The Press, Symposium in Aztec, USA, 2004.
03.23.2004The Press, Phoenix lights, USA, 2004.
03.23.2004Roswell, Ft. Walton Beach Daily News, July 8, 1990.
03.21.2004John Keel's Mothman.
03.16.2004NOAA: giant UFO picture explained.
03.16.2004France 1954: Carpiquet, Thaon, Croix de Nivollet.
03.15.2004The Press, Kids' sighting, U-K., 2004.
03.13.2004France 1954: Montargis, Calais, Kembs, Chateau-Gaillard.
03.12.2004France 1954: Formerie, Hennezis, Méral.
03.10.2004The Press, Edwin Fuhr, 1974.
03.07.2004Pictures: new information on North Carolina 1967 ET.
03.06.2004France 1954: Haute-Provence.
03.06.2004France 1954 updated: Vron, Chabeuil.
03.05.2004France 1954: Chamousset, Armentieres, Lombez.
03.04.2004Paris-Match 1952.
03.03.2004The scientific context of UFO abductions.
02.28.2004The press, Orly 1956.
02.28.2004The press, Conference with Edgar Mitchell, USA 2004.
02.28.2004The press, Conference on abductions, USA 2004.
02.25.2004Ubik-batman in West Virginia.
02.22.2004Roswell, The Washington Post, July 9, 1947.
02.21.2004Roswell, Photographs before the July 8 Press conference.
02.21.2004The Press, lights in the sky, Canada, 2004.
02.21.2004The Press, UFO and helicopter, USA, 1993.
02.21.2004The Press, Photos in Plymouth, U-K., 2004.
02.19.2004Roswell, Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 9, 1947.
02.19.2004Roswell, Roswell Daily Record, July 9, 1947.
02.19.2004Roswell, Ceylon Observer, July 9, 1947.
02.18.2004Roswell, Rawin balloons.
02.18.2004The Press, Flash in the sky, R-U., 2004.
02.17.2004The Loch Raven Dam case.
02.15.2004December 6, 1952.
02.14.2004The Press, Darwin Airport, 1972.
02.14.2004The Press, Close encounter in Canada, 2003.
02.09.2004SS Docteur Angier, 1954.
02.09.2004Hanbury, 1969.
02.04.2004Lt-Col. Halt's tape.
02.04.2004Observation, U-K.
01.25.2004Evald Maarup, 1970.
01.25.2004The Press, Scotland, 2004.
01.25.2004Fake ET.
01.24.2004Sightings in Canada.
01.24.2004Picture from Australia, 2004.
01.24.2004AIAA UFO commitee on the RB-47 case.
01.18.2004A à Z: Agrest, Stringfield, Smith, Fry.
01.17.2004UFO and occupants, Argentina, 2004.
01.16.2004Sightings in U-K, 2004.
01.16.2004It's interesting, not humorous.
01.16.2004Policemen sighting in Indiana follow-up.
01.15.2004On board an RB-47, 1957.
01.15.2004Huntington in the Press.
01.10.2004Color of the sky on Mars.
01.09.2004Why don't we see stars on pictures taken on the moon?
01.08.2004Sighting in U-K, 2004.
01.08.2004Cercle dans la glace dans le Michigan, 2004.
01.06.2004Policemen sighting in Indiana, 2004.
01.06.2004Sightings in U-K., 2004.
01.04.2004Sighting in U-K, 2004.
01.02.2004Water on Mars.
01.02.2004Seattle Daily Times, July 8, 1947.
01.02.2004Kent Jeffrey and Roswell, by Stanton Friedman.

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