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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US secret document, declassified because of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

UFO sighting at Eglin AFB, 1976:

After the Lorign AFB incidents (a weapon storage area was overflown by an unidentified "helicopter", "low flying aircraft" "UFO" - depending on the wording of the declassified documents), responsible people were required to check for "temperature inversions" when UFOs were sighted. Layers of air with strong gradients of temperature can explain more or less diffuse slow radar echoes. They are also sometimes falsely believed to explain visual sightings as "mirages."

Here we have a series of UFO sightings first by civilians and then by security personal, and again a UFO above a weapon storage area of a military installation.




30 July 1976
0545 EDT


Subject: Reports of Unidentified Flying Object (UFOs)

1. At aproximately 0345 EDT, the ANMCC called to indicate they had received several reports of UFO's in the vicinity of Fort Ritchie. The following events summarize the reports (times are approximate).

  • a. 0130 - Civilians reported a UFO sighting near Mt. Airy, Md. This information was obtained via a call from the National Aeronautics Board (?) to the Fort Ritchie Military Police.
  • b. 0255 - Two separate patrols from site R reported sighting 3 oblong objects with a reddish tint, moving east to west. Personnel were located at separate locations on top of the mountain at Site R.
  • c. 0300 - Desk Sgt at Site R went to the top of the Site R mountain and observed a UFO over the ammo storage area at 100-200 yard altitude.
  • d. 0345 - An Army Police Sgt on the way to work at Site R reported sighting a UFO in the vicinity of Site R.

2. ANMCC was requested to have each individual write a statement on the sightings. One individual stated the object was about the size of a 2 1/2 ton truck.

3. Based on a JCS memorandum, subject: Temperature Inversion Analysis, dated 13 November 1975, the NMCC contacted the Air Force Global Weather Central. The Duty Officer, LTC OVERBY, reported that the Dulles International Airport observations showed two temperature inversions existed at the time of the [alleged sightings, one from the surface to 1000 ft the other from 27.000 to 30.000 ft heavily saturated with moisture.]

The scanned document:

FOIA document

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