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October 9, 1954, Brignéoc'h, Finistère:

Reference for this case: 9-Oct-54-Brigneoc'h.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In 2004, I received a copy of a note on an observation of October 9, 1954, around 6:15 p.m., in Brigneoc'h in the Finistère department. The note was from the archive of the ufology magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit.

The report indicated that the inhabitants had witnessed "the moves of a luminous object above the sea."

A Miss Jeanne Masson had observed with binoculars "this bizarre craft, which took the shape of an elongated cigar, sparkling, bright red in the front and leaving behind a flame of a dark green glow."

Among the witnesses, Théodore Langou and a Mr. Louarn, retired gendarmes.

It had come from the Southwest, moving at a moderate speed at first; then suddenly, it had gained height, to disappear then in the clouds in the direction of the North-East.

The source was given as Le Télégramme de Brest et de l'Ouest for october 13, 1954, obtained from an archive search by Mr. Jean Michel Marie, who had sent it to Mrs. Gueudelot, the archist of Lumières Dans La Nuit.


[Ref. pgs1:] PERSONAL FILE:

10.09.1954 [Handwritten]

TIME: at about 06:15 P.M.

The residents of Brignéoc'h, a village located on the SOUTH-WEST coast of Esquibien, have witnessed the evolutions of a luminous object above the sea.

Miss Jeanne MASSON observed this weird machine with binoculars, it had the shape of an elongated cigar, shiny, bright red at the front and leaving a flame or a dark green glow behind itself.

Coming from the SOUTH-WEST, this craft first moved at a moderate pace, then suddenly, gained altitude, to then disappear in the clouds in the direction of the NORTH.WEST. Several residents of Brignéoc'h have observed this strange phenomenon. Amon then were, Mister Théodore LANGOU, M. LOUARN, retired police officer etc...


Brigneoc'h: 2 Kms S.W. of Esquibien [Manuscrit]

Sources: [Handwritten]

1. LDLN catalogue [Handwritten]
2. "Télégramme de Brest et de l'Ouest" 10.13.1954 [Handwritten]
(Forwarded to Mrs GEUDELOT by J.M. MARIE [Handwritten]

Note: The above text is printed, except the lines ended by the [Handwritten] mention, which are handwritten.

[Ref. voi1:] "ARCHIVES VIGIE OVNI 29":

Brignéoc'h ( 29 770 ), 09 October 1954, 18 h 15 ...

Testimony nr. FR 29 770 1954 10 09 18 15

Available documents:



The description, of course, looks like the description of a meteor.


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Brigneoc'h, Finistère, Jeanne Masson, binocular, machine, craft, apparatus, elongated, cigar, flame, glow, red, green, bright, dark, multiple, fast, manoeuvers, clouds, police


[----] indicates sources that are not yet available to me.

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