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Project Blue Book unexplained cases with witness names:

Beulah, Michigan, July 8, 1961:

Project Blue Book case #749?.

Project Blue Book attributed each case a case number. I have a problem with this case. The article underneath indicates that Blue Book categorized the case as "unidentified." Yet there is no July 8, 1961, case in Don Berliner's listing of unidentified cases (see here).

To add to the confusion, the July 7 case shares a witness name with this one, an geographic proximity, and a general similarity. This is why this case is possibly case 7491.

Another enigmatic sighting made from an automobile occurred near Beulah, Mich., just over a month earlier on July 8, 1961. The UFO was observed by six persons over a period of more than 38 minutes. The first observers were Terry Gregory, age 17, a motion-picture projectionist, and his friend, Nannette Hillay. They were parked approximately five miles east of Beulah when a bluish white light appeared over­head at about 11 p.m., local time. It was traveling from the southeast toward the northwest at a speed similar to that of a jet aircraft. About one minute after it was sighted, the object appeared to stop and descend to what seemed to be tree-top level. Then it rose again to an elevation of about 20°. Shortly afterward, it descended again to the tree tops and disappeared. Approximately one second later there was a bright glow behind the trees.

After watching this odd sight for some two minutes, Terry and Nannette drove to Beulah, Mich., to pick up two friends and show them the UFO. They drove back to the sighting area with Walt Paynor, also 17, a fruit farmer, and Ronald Shoebridge, age 20, a plumber. It was now 11:15 p.m. The object was still in the vicinity. Although it was still hidden, ostensibly behind the trees, its light illuminated the back of a nearby house with the intensity of a full moon. But the light brightened and faded intermittently. The four young people watched this phenomenon for around 15 minutes, then they left for Zimmerman Road. roughly three miles to the northwest. They arrived there at 11:45 p.m.

Enroute they were able to observe "a faint rotating beacon inside of the glowing object." When they parked on Zimmerman Road, they could still see the glow in the trees southeast of their position. Somewhere around five minutes later, one red object about the size of a grapefruit came out of the woods moving very smoothly about two feet above the ground. Its speed was about the same as that of a bicycle being pedaled by an average boy or man. Suddenly, a white object appeared, about three feet away from the red one. The red and white objects merged into a single object and split again into two. After a few seconds, the red object disappeared.

Abruptly, four objects appeared behind the parked automobile some three miles away. Two of them were red and two were white, one of each was moving along each side of the road toward the back of the automobile. These objects were at a height above the road that was level with the height of the four persons watching as they sat in the car. The observers were immediately horrified and, starting the car, they headed swiftly for the town of Beulah. Enroute they were able to observe the same rotating beacon that was described earlier. The time was now 12:20 a.m.

At Beulah they urged Terry's parents to drive back with them and watch the extremely unusual phenomena. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory agreed. They arrived on Zimmerman Road about 1:00 a.m. The red and white objects had vanished, but the beacon was still present inside the bluish white object behind the trees.

After taking Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Nannette home, the three young men returned once more to the scene at about 2:00 a.m. The UFO was nowhere in sight.

There was no sound of any type at any time associated with the strange objects. According to the Air Force investigator who questioned the observers: "Witnesses appeared to be sincere in their observation. The Coast Guard at Traverse City, Michigan, stated that there was no air-sea rescue mission in the area at time of UFO sighting." So the objects could not have been flares or searchlights. They remain: "Unidentified" in the Blue Book files.


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