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12.30.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Detroit Evening News, Chicago Times-Herald, Chicago Times Herald, Pawtucket Evening Times.
12.29.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Chicago Times Herald, Chicago Times Herald, Champaign Daily Gazette, Champaign Daily Gazette.
12.25.2005A to Z: John Schuessler, Leo Sprinkle, Frank Stranges, Brad Steiger.
12.23.2005A to Z: George Van Tassel, Valensole, James Trevor Constable.
12.23.2005A to Z: Walter SullivanHelen and Betty MitchellSputnik.
12.23.2005Yorba Linda, California, January 24, 1967.
12.23.2005Jennie Zeidman, John Macvey, Walter N. Webb.
12.22.2005Photographs in Yungay, Peru, 1967.
12.22.2005A to Z: ESPI, Fortean, MOC, Orthoteny, OuranosParhelia.
12.22.2005A to Z: Howard Blum, Bradytes, CAA, Clipeology, Equigravisphere, GEPAN, GEIPAN.
12.19.2005Falls, Idaho, 1967.
12.17.2005CE III in Dias D'Avila, 1972, Brazil.
12.17.2005France 1954: Cournon, Thuir, Montpellier, Banyuls-sur-Mer, Anglade, Ligny-le-Chatel.
12.15.2005Arrey, New Mexico, April 24, 1949.
12.15.2005The Press: Plan, car, UFO, Argentina 1966.
12.15.2005The Press: Two lights on Buenos Aires, Argentina 1966.
12.15.2005France 1954: Dôle, Mirande, Sainte-Aulaye, Vaudeurs, Clarbec, Remiremont.
12.14.2005France 1954: Dury, Montamisé, Préchac, Le Sourn.
12.11.2005Camba Punta, Argentina, 1962.
12.10.2005Timmendorfer Strand.
12.10.2005The Jesse wilson picture, 1959.
12.10.2005Tessalit, Africa, Oct. 4 , 1951.
12.09.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Chicago Times Herald, , Algona Republican.
12.09.2005The Press: Kecksburg news, 2005.
12.09.2005France 1954: le Sundgau, Chalon-sur-Saône, La Londe, Dax, Neulise.
12.08.2005France 1954: Confolens, Kerfagot, Mundolsheim, Saint-Privat-de-Vallongue.
12.07.2005France 1954: Chalon-sur-Saône, Triembach-au-Val, Aurillac, Trévillers.
12.06.2005France 1954: Rueil-Malmaison, Juzeau, Le Puy, Vigneux-sur-Seine, Mulhouse, Reichstett.
12.05.2005France 1954: Le Donjon, Tulle, Riquewihr, Vichy, Louhans.
12.03.2005France 1954: Doncourt-Village, Colmar, La Villeneuve-en-Chevrie.
12.03.2005France 1954: Pont-Rémy, Estrées-Deniécourt, Chennevières-sur-Marne, Rivière, Lespignan.
12.03.2005The Press: Soviet Press airs startling UFO evidence from military sources, 1990.
12.03.2005The Press: UFO in URSS, 1990.
12.02.2005France 1954: Cavanac, Pleyben, Bordas, Landéda, Chaudolas, Beaumes-les-Dames, Palavas-les-Flots.
12.01.2005The Press: belgium flap.
11.26.2005Tucson, Arizona, January 19, 1978.
11.26.2005Edgar Mitchell.
11.19.2005Minutes: La Paz, Teller and the green fireballs.
11.19.2005Your reports: An alien named Dora.
11.14.2005Your reports: In a clearing, France, 2002, Light goes much too fast, France, 2005, Large formation of nocturnal lights, France 1991, A "sign" in the sky and a flying saucer, Argentina 1992.
11.14.2005Your reports: Two sightings in Raphele, France, the 70's, Triangle lights and sensation, France, 2005, Nocturnal lights fly in circle, Belgium 2005, Orange disc manoeuvers, France 1973.
11.12.2005France 1954: Bouzonville, Wattwiller, Challes, Vilhonneur, Millencourt-en-Ponthieu, Colmar, Demigny.
11.09.2005The Chicago Tribune, July 9, 1947.
11.09.2005Your reports: Nocturnal lights, Sarlat, France, 2005, Object of humanoid with large head shape videotaped drifting in the sky, Nancy, 2005.
11.09.2005The Press, 2 recent sightings in U-K.
11.08.2005Roswell, witnesses, Art McQuiddy, B. A. Tillery, Charles Schmid, Greg Boldra, Ellis Boldra, George Newling.
11.06.2005The Press, French flap of 1954 in the US Press.
11.05.2005France 1954: Derval, Huningue, Saint-Hilaire-de-la-Noaille, Thann.
11.05.2005The Press: the Lubbock lights, USA, 1951.
11.05.2005The Press: sighting in Matador, USA, 1951.
11.03.2005Your reports: Unknown flying craft, Angel hair, Nocturnal lights.
10.29.2005CEIII: Antoine meets the aliens, La Réunion, 1975.
10.29.2005Your reports: A close distance sighting of two flying saucers, 1970, Orb videotaped, USA.
10.29.2005Gendarmerie, on probable meteor in 1955, France.
10.27.2005France 1954: Chéreng, Ambérac, Wintzenheim, La Celle.
10.27.2005Your reports: UFO above the roofs of Rodez, France, 2005.
10.27.2005Your reports: Fast red lights, Quebec 2005.
10.27.2005Your reports: Sort of wandering star, Switzerland, 2000.
10.27.2005Your reports: Gaz pipe on fire produces luminous disc against clouds background.
10.27.2005Your reports: Motionless then fast group of nocturnal lights.
10.23.2005Your reports: silent wingless tailless plane, White luminous disc in the night..
10.22.2005France 1954: Irleau, Heidolsheim, Hallennes, Vienne.
10.21.2005CE3: La Réunion, 1968.
10.21.2005CE3: Saint-Jean-du-Gard, France, 1972.
10.20.2005January 30, 1955, Saint-Simon, France.
10.20.2005January 1, 1961, in Muncq-Mieurlet, France.
10.20.2005October 30, 1957 in Novy-Chevrières, France.
10.16.2005Marius Dewilde in the PRess, 1954.
10.15.2005France 1954: Colmar, Saint-Souplet, Montpellier, Maubreuil, Louhans, Ingenheim, Demuin.
10.15.2005Your reports: Nocturnal lights in the Moselle, France 1994.
10.15.2005Your reports: Manoeuvering nocturnal lights.
10.09.2005France 1954: Mortagne-par-Bruyères, Scherlenheim, Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier, Gray.
10.08.2005France 1954: Domart-en-Ponthieu, Langres, Reims, Saint-Vit.
10.05.2005Your reports: Shining white wingless silent, Blois, France, 2005.
10.05.2005Your reports: Daylight objects, Bois de Vincennes, 2005.
10.05.2005Your reports: Moving lights several nights, Canada, 1995.
10.02.2005France 1954: Vernosc-les-Annonay, Bourbon-l'Archambault, Cernay, Thenon.
10.01.2005France 1954: Précy-sur-Thil, Nantes, Eguisheim, Ygrande, Bergheim, Saint-Quirin, Anduze, Pontivy, Saint-Nazaire, Hésingue, Saint-Macaire-en-Mauge, Hettange-Grande, Contrexéville, Gerardmer, Remiremont, Sérézin-de-la-Tour.
09.25.2005France 1954: Marseille, Ambès, Bellenave, Lacanche, Montrevel-en-Bresse, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, Salins-les-Bains, Sermaize-les-Bains, Vasselay, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Bray-sur-Seine, Fortschwihr, Moret, Thoméry, Bayonne, Vichy, Coudray-sur-Thelle, Arpajon, Hardivillers.
09.24.2005France 1954: Chéreng, Béthisy-Saint-Pierre, Guebwiller, Béthencourt.
09.24.2005France 1954: Préchac, Aizenay, Morvan, Marcillac.
09.24.2005France 1954: Mulhouse, Battenheim, La Roche sur Yon, Sens.
09.24.2005France 1954: Freistroff, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Les Sables d'Olonne, La Croix-Saint-Ouen.
09.24.2005The New Project Grudge status report Nr. 1, USAF, 1951.
09.11.2005The Press: Saucers in France, 1954.
09.10.2005The Press: Saucers, 1954, Martian, 1954, , The flying 4CV car.
09.10.2005Your reports: Nocturnal lights in Cavaillon, France, On the US flap of 1973, Daylight disk on Nancy, france.
09.09.2005Blue Book unknowns: Miramar NAS, 1955.
09.07.2005Blue Book unknowns: Nederland, Texas, 1966.
09.04.2005Your reports: BLURFOs on digital pictures, Sighting in Belgium, Light in Quebec.
09.03.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Saginaw Globe, South Haven Sentinel, Emmetsburg Democrat, Benton Harbor Evening News.
09.03.2005Your reports: Wingless object.
09.03.2005The Press: on sleep paralysis.
09.03.2005The Press: Susan Clancy and ET abductions.
09.03.2005The Press: Silly season in Eire.
09.03.2005The Press: Silly season in the US.
09.03.2005The Press: a 30 years old sighting, U-K., 2005.
09.03.2005The Press: UFO or balloon, U-K., 2005.
09.03.2005The Press: Aliens in science museum, London, October 2005.
09.03.2005The Press: 8 In 10 say aliens real, 2005.
09.02.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Saginaw Courier Herald, Monroe Democrat, Kentucky Post.
09.02.2005France 1954: Bordeaux, Gironde, Vernegues, Bouches-du-Rhône, Bedoin, Vaucluse, Décize, Nièvres, Moulins, Allier, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, Saône-et-Loire, Mers-les-Bains, Somme, Nevers, Nièvres, Saint-Quirin, Moselle, Plemet, Côte-d'Armor.
09.01.2005Your reports: Triangle, A1 motorway, Chessy, France, 2005, Five objects in the night sky.
09.01.2005A sighting in Cape Cod, USA, August 1964.
09.01.200521 years of UFO reports, by J. Allen Hynek, 1969.
09.01.2005Your reports: Object in fast descent, France 2005, 2 years before the Belgian UFO flap.
09.01.2005The press: Nocturnal lights in Gloucestershire, 2005, Dr Leir in McMinville, 2005.
08.23.2005Your reports: Strange object, Québec, Object with bulge in the sky, Metallic-looking low-flying sphere.
08.23.2005Your reports: Three lights in France, Nocturnal light, Opio, France, 1991 or 92, Point in the sky in Miami Beach, Nocturnal light, BLURFO.
08.21.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Adrian Evening Telegram, New York Times, Sault Sainte Marie News, Detroit Evening News.
08.21.2005Your reports: Korea 1952.
08.21.2005Your reports: Strange low flying object, White elongated object and helicopters.
08.20.2005Your reports: UFO picture from Belgium.
08.20.2005Your reports: Blurfo, lights in the night, Cloud and flashes..
08.18.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Aeribarque.
08.13.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Muskegon Daily Chronicle, Grand Rapids Evening Press.
08.13.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Cincinnati Enquirer, Kalamazoo Gazette, Chicago Tribune, Marshall Daily Chronicle, Saginaw Courier-Herald, Decatur Daily Republican, Detroit Evening News, Oroville Daily Register.
08.10.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Adrian Evening Telegram, Algona Courier.
08.07.2005Flight 169, 1982.
08.07.2005Your reports: Three slow lights, whitish-silvery object, Nocturnal light, the police, and ghostly beings, Nocturnal light green yellow.
08.06.2005Is ET absurd?: Goethe saw no goblins.
08.06.2005Is ET absurd?: This is not a ghost.
08.06.2005Your reports: Athmospheric reentry, Toulouse.
08.05.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Chicago Times-Herald, The Hudson Post, Chicago Times-Herald.
08.05.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: California Bee, Saginaw Courier Herald, Chicago Tribune.
08.05.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Saginaw Evening News, Bay City Times-Press, The Mining Journal, The Ontonagon Herald.
08.01.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Champaign Daily Gazette, The New York Times, The Globe, Grand Rapids Evening Press, The Mining Journal, The Globe, Mount Clemens Monitor, Battle Creek Daily Journal.
07.31.2005Australia releases classified UFO documents.
07.30.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Champaign Daily Gazette, The New York Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Battle Creek Daily Journal, State Republicain, Champaign Daily Gazette.
07.30.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Bay City Times-Press, Algona Courier, Chicago Times Herald, Chicago Tribune, Battle Creek Daily Journal, Champaign Daily Gazette, Chicago Times Herald.
07.23.2005Your reports: Luminous ball, Moving lights, Paris 2005, planes chasing object, Low flying tube.
07.24.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: Kalamazoo, explodes, East Maumee, Niles.
07.23.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: a balloon, Discussions.
07.23.2005Your reports: Laser or not, Perpignan, 1993, Lights, flash, effects, Chaulgnes 2003.
07.23.2005Your reports: Wingless, Brittany, 3 lights, France.
07.17.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: in Omaha, in Sacramento, in Michigan.
07.17.2005Airship in the 1897 Press: in Illinois, in Iowa, in Michigan.
07.16.2005French official: the reports of multiple independent witnesses sightings in the Yonne in 1977.
07.16.2005Observation à Paso Robles, 1973, USA.
07.16.2005Your reports: Flying triangle, Paris.
07.16.2005Your reports: Lights formation, Aix-en-Provence.
07.13.2005The "J-Rod pciture".
07.13.2005Alan Godfrey.
07.04.2005Nick Redfern's new truth interview, my review.
07.03.2005Your reports: Pics from Marseilles, gray tube in Mulhouse.
07.03.2005eMail: Belgium flap.
07.02.2005Witness' Polaroid pictures in Gendarmerie file.
07.02.2005From GEPAN to SEPRA.
07.02.2005France 1954: Wassy, Annoeuilin, Cravant-les-Coteaux, Saint-Laurentd'Aigouze.
06.28.2005Your reports: USAF man was at Aviano AFB in 1977.
06.25.2005France 1954: Fécamp, Tarbes.
06.25.2005France 1954 updated: Beaumont, Chamonix.
06.24.2005France 1954 updated: Limoges in Paris-Presse.
06.24.2005France 1954 updated: Dewilde in Samedi-Soir, L'Aurore, Libération.
06.24.2005France 1954 updated: Loctudy in Samedi-Soir.
06.24.2005France 1954 updated: Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges in Le Midi Libre.
06.21.2005France 1954 updated: Mouriéras in La Croix, Samedi-Soir.
06.19.2005France 1954 updated: Vernon.
06.19.2005France 1954: Girancourt, Parthenay, Parthenay, Saxi-Bourdon, Raveau.
06.18.2005France 1954 updated: Harponville.
06.18.2005France 1954: Orchies, Lépanges-sur-Vologne, Moussey, Varennes-sur-Tèche.
06.18.2005France 1954 updated: Bois de Cuges, Ligescourt.
06.18.2005France 1954: Nouvion-en-Ponthieu.
06.12.2005France 1954: Boves, Brive, Provins, Saint-Loup-sur-Semousse.
06.11.2005Franch 1954 Martians in TIME magazine..
06.11.2005France 1954: Saint-Brisson, Brignoles.
06.11.2005The Press: 1954 french flap in N.Y newspaper.
06.10.2005The Press: The Air Force and UFOs 1957.
06.09.2005The Press: UFOs at White Sands Proving Grounds 1957.
06.09.2005Washington National in the Press, Bridgeport Post.
06.08.2005Blue Book unknowns, Case 404, 1949.
06.08.2005Your report, France, silent triangle slow, near, then accelerates, May, 2005.
06.07.2005Washington National in the Press, Grand Haven Tribune.
06.07.2005Washington National in the Press, Observer-Dispatch.
06.07.2005Washington National in the Press, Wilkes Barre Record.
06.07.2005Washington National in the Press, Ypsilanti Press.
06.05.2005Photographs from Roumania.
06.05.2005French official: a cigar at close sight, 1976.
06.05.2005France 1954: Saint-Jory, La Riche, Montluçon, Vabre-Tozac.
06.04.2005France 1954: Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon, Surville, Duclair, Bourges, Saulon, Bazarne, Nice, Hotot-en-Auge.
05.31.2005Emil Barnea's photographs, Cluj, 1968.
05.30.2005Exoplanets, the images.
05.29.2005Nancy, France, 1975.
05.28.2005Brownsville, Texas, 1973.
05.28.2005Carl Sagan in 1962.
05.26.2005Extraterrestrial intelligence in the solar system: resolving the Fermi paradox, by Robert A. Freitas Jr.
05.26.2005Extrinsic factors in UFO-reporting, by David Saunders, PhD.
05.25.2005Alleged ET pictures, One, two, three, four, five pictures added.
05.25.2005Your report, U-K., close nocturnal lights, 2005.
05.22.2005Your report, Nocturnal light, Senegal 1999, Nocturnal light, France 2003, Huge cigar, WPAFB 1988, Movin red stars.
05.21.2005Your report, Avignon, France, May 2005, Bondoufle, mai 2005, A case od alleged alien abduction, Formation of lights, France 2003.
05.21.2005No Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life? by John B. Alexander.
05.18.2005Your reports, Moving lights, Vosges, January 2004.
05.17.2005Your reports, Meteor above the Vosges, 2005, Flashes and huge thing, France 1989.
05.16.2005Your reports, BLURFO, white object on photograph, not visually seen.
05.15.2005My own small French FOIA.
05.15.2005Timber Lake, USA, 1958.
05.15.2005The Press: News of element 115, 2005.
05.14.2005Family confrontation with a UFO in Cincinatti, 1966, USA.
05.14.2005Mansfield 1973, the official report.
05.12.2005France 1954, Saint-Macaire, Gironde, Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, Allier, Aramon, Gard, Chevigny-en-Valière, Côtes-d'Or, Fuveau, Bouches-du-Rhône, Gourdon, Alpes-Maritime , Mouflers, Somme, Séranon, Alpes-Maritime, Avignon, Vaucluse, Carry-le-Rouet, Bouches-du-Rhône, Barsac, Gironde, Montgenèvre, Hautes-Alpes, Ambés, Gironde, Le Puy-en-Velay, Haute-Loire, Angoulême, Charente, Janville, Eure-et-Loir,, Saint-Jorry, Haute-Garonne, Montluçon, Allier, Nice, Alpes-Maritime.
05.08.2005France 1954, Arles, Wittenheim, Mailly-le-Camp, Saint-Bihy, Tresques.
05.07.2005France 1954, La Roche-sur-Yon, Feldbach, Gargas, La Faute-sur-Mer, Châtel-Blanc, Calais, Luçon, Laqueuille.
05.06.2005France 1954, Lion-d'Angers, Troyes, Forges-les-Eaux, Chevenon, Arnage, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Garnat-sur-Engièvre.
05.05.2005France 1954, Saint-Silvain-Bellegarde, La Française, Luc-en-Diois, Raphèle, Paimboeuf.
04.05.2005France 1954, Jettingen, Paris, Coulommiers, Valence, Plozevet.
05.04.2005France 1954, Eurre, Saint-Samson, Albussac, Rânes, Saint-Luperce.
05.01.2005France 1954, Siran, Beuzeville-la-Guérard, Crepy-en-Valois, Mérignac, Brémondans.
05.01.2005France 1954, Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, Dieuze, Carpentras, Andlau.
04.30.2005France 1954, Louvigné-du-Désert, Nimes, Melun, Lapoutroie, Le Versoud, Saint-Pierre-de-Fursac.
04.30.2005Your sightings: Possible A-17 sighting, 2005.
04.30.2005Your sightings: NL, Asnières, France, 2002.
04.30.2005Your sightings: Ireland, 1957.
04.30.2005Your sightings: Sollies Toucas, April 10, 2005.
04.24.2005France 1954, Rheims, Cavillargues, Peyrins, Marseille, Ardres, Marseille.
04.23.2005France 1954, Wittenheim, Quimper, Quimperlé, Forêt de Meudon.
04.20.2005Your sightings: Daylight football shaped silent gray object at rooftops level.
04.20.2005Your sightings: Blurfo in Canada, 2004.
04.20.2005The Press: Ghost plane? 2005.
04.20.2005The Press: Ghost plane? 1947.
04.19.2005Your sightings: Canada, Quebec, 2005.
04.17.2005Your sightings: France, Haute-Garonne, 2002.
04.17.2005Your sightings: Canada 1988.
04.17.2005Your sightings: France, Moulins, 1990.
04.17.2005New Section for your sighting reports.
04.17.2005UFO presentation Monday - lecturer was present for incident over Montana Air Force base.
04.17.2005France 1954, Grumbach, Lagny-Rigollet, Buxières-d'Aillac, Annoeullin, Gouesnou, Maranville.
04.16.2005France 1954, Toulon.
04.13.2005Roswell, witness, Felix Martucci.
04.13.2005Roswell, witness, Robert Porter.
04.12.2005Roswell, witness, Jack Barnett.
04.10.2004Roswell, the Press, The Wyoming Eagle, July 9, 1947.
04.10.2005Holding of the scissors in the alleged Roswell autopsy footage.
04.09.2005Roswell, witness, Stephen Lovekin.
04.09.2005Roswell debris, If the sticks were of wood, what wood was it?".
04.09.2005Roswell, witness, William Brainerd.
04.03.2005The Ummo affair: Jordan Pena, alleged credible witness of the reality of extraterrestrial beings from planet Ummo in his own words.
04.03.2005The Ummo affair: The analysis of the Ummo spacecraft photographs.
04.03.2005The Ummo affair: You may be told that the Ummo affair is "something unprecedented", but this is simply not true..
03.28.2005Quotes: General Curtis LeMay, General E.B. LeBailly, General Georges S. Brown, Lt-col Lawrence J. Coyne, Victor Marchetti.
03.28.2005UFOs and DC-4, Peru, February 2, 1967.
03.27.2005FOIA, sightings in Oak Ridge, 1950.
03.26.2005Military involvment in Colares, another witness.
03.26.2005International Roswell Initiative by Kent Jeffrey in 1995.
03.26.2005France 1954: Le Bouquet, Mâcon, Villepinte, Vichy, Sermoyer, Chapelle-en-Serval, Moreuil.
03.25.2005Roswell, Witness, Bessie Brazel Schreiber.
03.25.2005Roswell, witness, Lorenzo Kent Kimball.
03.25.2005Roswell, Mac Brazel interviewed July 9, 1947.
03.25.2005Roswell witness Mary Goode.
03.25.2005Roswell, pictures, Roswell Army Air Field.
03.24.2005France 1954: Sandrans, Dijon, Brusc, Ancy, Mont Ventoux, Liglet, Vimereux.
03.24.2003Roswell, photograph, The Foster ranch.
03.20.2005France 1954: Biermont, Les Sables d'Olonne, Obersaasheim, Saint-Didier-en-Velay, Arras, Ham, Molliens-Vidame, Crotoy, Guine, Paris.
03.19.2005France 1954: Les Aubiers, Haguenau, Montlevicq, Chalette, Dordives, Cassis, Beauvoir, Colmar, La Ferté-Macé, Pellerey, Jeumont, Strasbourg.
03.16.2003Roswell, Recollections of Mogul radar targets by C.B. Moore.
03.16.2003Roswell, faked images, "Outer Limits".
03.15.2003Roswell, United Press (UP) newswire DXR 54 of July 8, 1947.
03.14.2003Roswell, Fugo balloons.
03.14.2003Roswell in the media, Roswell Daily Record, unconclusive piece analysis, 1996.
03.14.2005Roswell, photographs: KGFL.
03.13.20051997, The alleged alien artefact tested by dr. Russell VernonClark, comments and critics.
03.13.20051997, The alleged alien artefact tested by dr. Russell VernonClark, news and comments.
03.13.2005Roswell witnesses, Chuck Wade.
03.12.2005Press Release: John Mack interview intentionally removed from ABC UFO Special.
03.12.2005The Press: UFO was a balloon, Maurice Island, March 2005.
03.12.2005The Press: UFO Scotland 2005.
03.12.2005The Press: UFO was a kite, Australia, March 2005.
03.12.2005France 1954: Erquières, Annecy, Colmar, Wissembourg, Lalizolle, Didenheim.
03.09.2005Blue Book unknowns: Case 11869.
03.08.2005The Mongo photo-visual case, 1994.
03.07.2005A Spherix communiqué.
02.27.2005Bud Hopkins about ABC's UFO Special.
02.27.2005The Press: a sighting and other sightings, Tasmania, 2005.
02.26.2005Blue Book unknowns: Case 185, 1948.
02.26.2005France 1954: Reims, Valette, Metz, Le Puy, Lunéville.
02.26.2005Blue Book unknowns: near a river in 1949.
02.24.2005France 1954: Vauchelles-les-Domart, Laize-la-Ville, Mareil-sur-Loir, Saint-Chéron, Le Cateau, Trondes, Fontainguet, Bay of Biscay, Longeville-lès-Saint-Avold, Dommartin, Paris, Ernemont-sur-Buchy, Nordausques, Cloyes-sur-le-Loir.
02.20.2005Aliens down under.
02.20.2005Clinical discrepancies between expected and observed data in patients reporting UFO abductions: implicaions for treatment, by Rima E. Laibow, M.D.
02.20.2005Air trafic controller's UFO experiences.
02.20.2005Airborne sighting, Peru, 1967.
02.20.2005Jefferson County, 1993.
02.20.2005ET symposium at UN' SEAT, 1993.
02.11.2005Colares 1977: doctor Weillade Cecim speaks out.
02.10.2005France 1954: Fixin, Pierrefontaine-les-Varans, Saint-Martin-de-la-Place, Metz, Les Vétisons, Saint-Marien, Moutier-Rozeille, Paris, Saint-Claud, La Feuillade.
02.06.2005The Varginha case: One of the physicians who treated the deceased policeman after the capture and contact with the ET of varginha makes new revelations, by Gildas Bourdais.
02.06.2005France 1954: Chapelle-des-Bois, Bette, Saint-Maudan, Villers-Guislain, Menton, Doullens.
02.05.2005Falcon Lake, the report by Chris Rutkowski.
02.05.2005Falcon Lake, the Condon investigation.
01.30.2005The Press: U-K starts to declassify secret UFO reports, 2005.
01.30.2005France 1954: Ventenat, Pissotte, Talence, Andlau, Galfingue.
01.22.2005France 1954: Saint-Waast-la-Vallée, Froberville, Saint-Martin-aux-Chartrains, Peronne.
01.22.2005France 1954: Gemeaux, Cambrai, Montluçon, Issoire-le-Broc, Lyon, Saint Valéry-sur-Somme, Soissons.
01.20.2005Tunguska 2004, the latest non-news.
01.20.2005The Press: A saucer is said to have landed in Sainte-Dorothée, Canada, 1977.
01.20.2005The Press: "Have we been visited by aliens? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is just a smudge on a windscreen?", U-K, 2005.
01.20.2005The Press: saucer and angel hair, Rome, 1954.
01.20.2005The Press: a sighting, France, 1993.
01.20.2005The Press: a beam of light, U-K., 2005.
01.20.2005The Press: low strangeness in Delaware, 2005.
01.19.2005Down, down, down with censorship, by Donald E. Keyhoe.
01.19.2005Condon, review by Thornton Page, Ph.D., in American Journal of Physics, 1969.
01.18.2005The Press: Trindade 1958 in the Los Angeles Times.
01.16.2005France 1954: Guengat, Segré, Amiens, Saint-Prouant (upd.), Guéthary.
01.15.2005The Press: UFO stories from Fremont, New Hampshire, USA.
01.15.2005France 1954: Vicq-Exemplet-en-Berry, Liernais, Criteuil-la-Magdeleine, Sainte Anne.
01.14.2005Huygens probe arrival on Titan, first raw images.
01.13.2005France 1954: Asnières-les-Dijon, Faulquemont, Longeville-lès-St.Avold, Orly.
01.11.2005France 1954: Jonches, Fontainebleau, Villeneuve sur Lot, Saint-Marcel, Quincy-sur-Loison, Haut-Koenigsbourg.
01.10.2005France 1954: Hardinval, La Roche sur Yon, Roye.
01.10.2005Abduction reports during the Hudson valley UFO flap.
01.09.2005Lesser known cases during the Hudson valley UFO flap.

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