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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Charles Schmid

(Charles SCHMID).

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Charles Schmid would be a member of the military, possibly in the Army Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC) who was at the same debris field than Sheridan Cavitt at the time of the incident. No confirmed biographical information was found by this webmaster so far.


I did not locate any affidavit by Charles Schmid.

Interviews and public statements:

In a 1991 UFO documentary, a man captioned as Charles Schmid is filmed and interviewed and makes these statements on camera:

"There was pieces of material that looked like aluminum, real light stuff, but strong. It was about 16 inches by 2 1/2 inches and maybe a quarter inch thick. You couldn't bend it or twist it or do anything with it. Even by putting it up against a rock and jumping up and down, you could not bend it."

"There was some material that looked like wood, which I don't know if it was or not. It was broke, but it wasn't broke square, it was broke like a spear, off at an angle. It was about an inch thick, or an inch square [not audible], let's put it that-a-way. It had some writing that looked like flowers on just one side. It had pink petals, centered like a flower [not audible], and green mixed in, but you couldn't make no leaves out of it, or nothing like that. But it was green in between these flowers on that one side of this piece of wood."

The following statements attributed to Charles Schmid were found over the Internet via a search in 2005, as seemingly statements by Charles Schmid within the Disclosure Project by Stephen Greer:

"There was a slightly curved piece of metal, real light. It was about six inches by twelve or fourteen inches. Very light. I crouched down and tried to snap it. My boss [Cavitt] laughs and said, 'Smart guy. He's trying to do what we couldn't do.' I asked, 'what in the hell is this stuff made out of?' It didn't feel like plastic and I never saw a piece of metal this thin that you couldn't break."

"This was the strangest material we had ever seen ... there was talk about it not being from Earth. ...A year later I was talking to Joe Wirth, a CIC officer from Andrews Air Force Base in Washington D.C. I asked what they had found out about the stuff from Roswell. He told me that they still didn't know what it was and that their metal experts still couldn't cut it."


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