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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Derby Evening Telegraph, Eire, October 14, 1954.

Note: my file on the case in Perpignan here.

Saucers Back Again
- This Time Bangkok

BANGKOK, Oct. 16 (INS). -- Thailand which has been feeling ignored by interplanetary visitors - heaved a sign of relief today after a flying saucer was sighted over Bangkok.

Bangkok newspapers, quoted by Agence France Presse, not only hailed the sighting of a saucer over their city "at last," but declared that "available information reveals that uninvited guests from outer space ... are directing their attention here with a friendly attitude towards the people of Bangkok."

PERPIGNAN, France, Oct. 16 (INS). -- A retired French customs man today reported he saw a flying saucer land and a tall man dressed in "a diver's suit" step out.

Agence France Presse said Damien Sigučre, 56, described the "saucer" as a large red sphere. He added that the occupant jumped back into his craft and took off rapidly, but noiselessly, when he saw Siguere's two dogs.

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