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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Felix Martucci


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Felix Martucci was 1st Lieutenant of 393th Bomber Squadron at Roswell Army Air Field and generally was assigned the role of bombardier aboard the squadron's B-29's.


None exist.

Intreviews and public statements:

It does not seem to me that there is any public statement from Felix Martucci in person.

Investigators' notes and comments:

Patrick Gross, April 2005:

It said that it is the other crewmember Robert Slusher who heard Felix Martucci exclaim "we made history" or "Boys, we just made history!" or even in later summaries "Boys, we just made the history books!" right after the B-29 "Straight Flush" lifted off the runway at Carswell Army Air Field, Fort Worth, Texas, for the return flight to Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico.

The quote "we made history" was reported in "Crash at Corona", the book on the incident by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner [1], as well as by ufologist Leonard Stringfield [2], and skeptics commented that it is just not known to what this comment was supposed to apply to.

It is also attributed to Martucci by one other crewmember who remained anonymous and goes under the pseudonym of "Tim" wo contacted ufologist Barry Greenwood in 1989 with the same account as Slusher but claiming he is threatened and does not want to himself known. "Tim" again allegedly surfaced in 2001 by contacting ufologist George Filer, but this time with an "enhanced" story which gives reason for thinking that "Tim" might simply be a defrauder using Robert Slusher's story as a baseline, and not a second hand witness of real statements by Felix Martucci.

This flight is said to have transported a hastily constructed crate, unpainted and unmarked, containing wreckage or bodies gathered at a site of the Roswell incident. The crate is said to be of approximately 5 feet high, 4 feet wide and 15 feet long.

The corresponding entry in the log for July 1947 at Roswell Army Air Field allegedly says: "July 9, 1947 DEH, Ship 7301. B-29. Cross-country. Ft. Worth and return. Flight time 1 hr. 55 mins."

Other crew member Robert Slusher wrote in his signed affidavit [3] that Martucci met a old classmate of his when landing at Carswell, this old friend was then a mortician and it was later implied that the content of the crate was related to Martucci's friend profession.

Again, some have later written that Felix Martucci said that, but other previously simply said that Robert Slusher saw it, and not that Felix Martucci said anything of the sort.

It seems that Felix Martucci refused to discuss anything of his participation in the flight. Ufologists Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt have reported that they tried to interview him but that he did not show up at the rendez-vous, and that he may have passed away afterwards. Karl Pflocks writes in his 2001 book [4] that Martucci is "conveniently" deceased.


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