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UFOs in the daily Press:

Airship stories in the 1897 US Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Chicago Times-Herald, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Saturday, April 10, 1897.

Warning: the airship stories must not be taken at face value as "UFO sightings." Evaluation of such stories is under way here.

Kankakee, Ill., April 9. – About 100 prominent citizens of Kankakee saw an air ship going in a northeasterly direction at 9 o'clock tonight. The vessel was probably 1,000 feet above the earth and moving very rapidly at this distance. The headlight appeared as large as an ordinary electric arc light. At one time the vessel rose very rapidly and afterward seemed to drop a long distance. In addition to the headlight spectators claimed to have noticed smaller lights behind, indicating that the vessel is of considerable size. It was apparently headed toward Chicago and traveled very rapidly, after hovering over Kankakee about ten minutes. Among the prominent citizens who watched the progress of the machine were ex-United States Marshal R.D. Sherman, Trainmaster Coopman of the Illinois Central Railway and Attorney, William R. Hunter.

Mount Carroll, Ill., April 9. –- Hundreds of people whose honesty and truthfulness are beyond dispute saw an airship about 8:40 this evening. It came from the northeast and when opposite this city changed its course and went due west at terrific speed. It was in sight at least ten minutes. It appeared oblong in shape and carried a great red light. So many people saw it that there is no disputing the fact that something unusual appeared. The people who saw it were in various parts of the city.

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