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Colares 1977:

In 1977, the Brazilian island of Colares and the area of the Amazon delta were visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen, some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, barrel-shaped, luminous or not. They arrived generally from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months. Regularly, some Island's inhabitants were targeted by the objects beaming strange lights at them, and many were badly hurt. The Air Force came, investigated, saw, reported. The weird rays hurt thirty-five people, and civilians fled from entire villages. You never heard this before? Well read ahead, then.

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Click! Colonel Hollanda of the Brazilian Army speaks out.
Click! Doctor Wellaide Cecim of Colares speaks out.
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Colares 1977 - The military involvment:

Introduction by A.J. Gevaerd, editor, UFO Magazine, Brazil, 2005:

Dear Colleagues:

I made a commitment to myself and the readers of the Brazilian UFO Magazine to never let go of the issue about the lies we are getting from our military and authorities about UFOs in Brazil. The lies are simply outrageous and we cannot be silent.

So I decided to pursue this issue no matter what happens. I am loaded with info to contradict the liars and I now publish a recent message received from a reader of the magazine, who is also angry because of the coverup policy implemented by the military. There is more of this to come and I will spread it both in Brazil and overseas.

If readers want to check out the over 200 pages of official documents of Operation Saucer in the Amazon, 1977, go to:

and download as many as you want.

A. J. Gevaerd

Spokesman From The Brazilian Air Force Department For Social Communication Lies About UFOs

Letter to the Brazilian UFO Magazine:

The newspaper Correio Braziliense published a whole page about UFOs in its January 30th, 2005 issue under the title "Security" and subtitled as "ET Hunters". The report was signed by Ullisses Campbell. Among other subjects, the text describes the campaign carried out by Brazilian UFO Magazine [], UFOs: Freedom of Information Now!, and reports the Brazilian ufologists' will to see the opening of their government secret archives about the Operation Saucer, the Varginha Case, and the Brazilian UFO researchers call "The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil". This request is included in the document called Manifesto of Brazilian Ufology, which is an integral part of the campaign, and is published by the magazine and its website.

In the aforementioned report, under the subtitle Archives in Brasilia, Campbell presents parts of his interview with the Air Force major Antonio Lorenzo, from the Brazilian Air Force Department for Social Communication. The text reads: "The Ministry of Air Force admits the existence of reports about unidentified flying objects in the archives of the Brazilian Command for Air Defense (Comdabra), a military body based in South Lake area". A statement of major Lorenzo follows: "But none of these has an investigative approach. We have never gone out looking for flying sauces in Brazilian skies".

The officer goes on by saying that ufologists do not need to gather 30,000 signatures, which is the intent of the above mentioned campaign - to make these documents disclosed. He finishes: "An order from the commander of the Air Force, Luiz Carlos da Silva Bueno, or from the minister of Defense, Jose Alencar, is enough to open the archives".

The text continues by informing that the report from Operation Saucer, which is read by ufologists all over the world and is published on the website of Brazilian UFO Magazine [], would have been released by the officer who headed the operation, Uyrange Hollanda,interviewed by the editor of the magazine, A. J. Gevaerd. In the documents, says the Correio Braziliense, there should be statements from people attacked by lights coming from the sky which burned their skins, the so-called chupa-chupa (*).

To finish, the report informs the reader that, according to major Lorenzo, there would be no evidence of UFOs sightings in any of the reports of the Air Force. The officer states: "As far as I know, there are only reports about people saying: I saw this, I saw that in the sky. Based on these reports, the Air Force has never established any operation in order to wait for lights from Mars or Jupiter".

The officer lies.

I would like to inform Brazilian UFO Magazine that I received verified information saying that the statements made by Major Antonio Lorenzo, from the Brazilian Air Force Department for Social Communication, are false. He lacks the truth in his declarations to the journalist Ullisses Campbell and, therefore, in the position he occupies, he commits a serious fault towards the Brazilian society which needs to be repaired.

I state that in 1977 I was a member of the Brazilian Center for Ufology Studies (CNEU), founded and headed by General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonca Uchoa, which was based in the College Uniao Pioneira de Integracao Social (UPIS). I occupied a high position in the institution, which I am not going to reveal in order to keep my name in secret. One night, at 8:30 PM, I was in General Uchoa's office, sit at his table, when three men dressed in black suits and holding huge suitcases appeared. From the door they said: "General, we are here". "I'm going", was his response.

Then the three men left to wait at the corridor. General Uchoa told me in low voice: "These are security agents from the Air Force and bring good news from Colares, State of Para". He then asked me to follow him and the men, and we headed to the dead archives of UPIS. The first of the officers had a key in his hands, he opened the door and stand aside so that the others could pass. He was the last one, but when it was my turn to enter, I was stopped under the claim that the subject was secret and I was not allowed to go any further.

General Uchoa, who was already inside the room, turned back and said: "He is a man I highly trust. If he can not enter, than I can not either". Thus, the officers had no choice but to let me in. We sat all around a large table and they started by explaining in details all that should come to General Uchoa - and among other issues, there was the fact that the duty they carried out was assigned in Colares, a city at the coast of the State of Para. What they showed to us were images and documents concerning the Operation Saucer, which were impressive.

I was amazed with the quantity of films and more than 200 pictures they presented. That was an endless source of high quality material. Flying saucers were closely filmed and photographed by those officers - I figure a distance from 100m to 200m. In that great amount of evidence were shots of distant lights, which came towards them until getting very close. Everything was filmed and well photographed in high quality and contrast images. All facts occurred during several nights. There was a photo and film expert among the men, who explained to General Uchoa technical details of the images, the conditions in which they were made, the kind of film, and the exposure time.

There was another expert who explained physical aspects about the UFOs to General Uchoa, and we spent more than three hours watching all the material. However, during all this time, I did not say anything, since I was seen as an intruder and was not really invited. The men did not address me either. In the end, Uchoa's conclusion was: "No doubt these are interplanetary ships present in our planet. We should receive them in order to understand their real intention".

Well, this is my report, which I hope to be useful for Brazilian UFO Magazine and the Brazilian Ufology Community in their campaign for the freedom of Ufology information. My intention is to contribute to show how important it is that the Government asks the Armed Forces to open their archives at once.

R (name and address in our archives)

(*) Chupa-chupa - Brazilian repeated words meaning to suck. Refers to the lights which sucked people's blood.

Translated by Eduard Rado, of the Brazilian UFO Magazine team.

Edited by A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine (

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