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Colares 1977:

In 1977, the Brazilian island of Colares and the area of the Amazon delta were visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen, some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, barrel-shaped, luminous or not. They arrived generally from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months. Regularly, some Island's inhabitants were targeted by the objects beaming strange lights at them, and many were badly hurt. The Air Force came, investigated, saw, reported. The weird rays hurt thirty-five people, and civilians fled from entire villages. You never heard this before? Well read ahead, then.

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From: (Edward G. Stewart)
Subject: Chupas 1 of 5
Date: 17 Feb 94 03:49:52 GMT
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)

I have shown this translation to A.J. Gevaerd, editor of UFO, a Brazilian publication, and he has told me that the translation is fairly accurate and saw no objections in my disseminating it. Persons interested in the Chupa wave may contact the author, Daniel Rebisso Geise at the address provided below.



The following article originally appeared in the Brazilian magazine UFO, No. 7, vol. 2, April-May-June 1989, pages 13-18. This is an unauthorized and unofficial translation from the original Portuguese by Ed Stewart.


Daniel Rebisso Geise is a biologist and professor, currently working on the state system of health of the State of Para' in Bele'm. President of the Centro de Investigaca~o de Pesquisas Exolo'gicas (CIPEX) since its foundation, currently participates as a director of Grupo Ufologico da Amazonia (GUA), Caixa Postal 624, 66000 Bele'm (PA).



In Amazonia, UFOs are called "aparelhos" [machines] by victims and the violence by these extraterrestrials, principally in their attacks on women, have characterized an odd phenomenon: "Chupa-Chupa." [Suck-Suck]

Daniel Rebisso Giese
Grupo Ufologico da Amazonia (GUA)


In the decade of the 70s, strange phenomena began to occur on the coast and interior of the states of Para' and Maranhao. News came from all parts and the depositions were unanimous: mysterious light beams, projected from unidentified flying objects, which in the majority of cases appeared at night, burning men and women. Chasing people, taking blood from its victims, originating the expression "CHUPA-CHUPA," a name by which the phenomenon became popularly known. In other regions, principally in Maranhao, the phenomenon became known by the name "APARELHO."

The phenomenon, in spite of a long hatching period, manifested itself with such force and consistency never before seen in the history of the national Ufology. In a few short weeks, the news ran throughout the entire States of Para' and Maranha~o, taking the population by surprise, generating a climate of terror and collective panic. Motivated by curiosity and with the objective to shed light on the Chupa-Chupa mystery, we undertook a research which took us to several counties of Para'. We entertained but, due to our modest financial resources, and available time, it was not possible for us to cover all of Para' and Maranha~o. We hope that in the near future someone will be able to complete this research.

What we will be exposing in this article won't consist of fables created by backwoodsmen or diverse residents of the interior and coast of Para'. We will be faithful to the facts and rendered depositions. Each interview was taken with attention and care. This way, we selected the most coherent reports, whose relationships with other depositions, added to the competence of the testimonials, constituted bearing elements. The objective of this work is to trace a real picture and an historical outline of one of the most impressive ufological manifestations which we could know.


The first part of this research constitutes a bibliographical survey of all articles and reports published in the periodicals of Para' such as A PROVINCIA DO PARA', O LIBERAL, and ESTADO DO PARA'. However, the same was not possible, for the reasons previously described, with the press of Maranha~o. We read all the articles of the cited periodicals and feel that the press of Para' related in a very interesting form the development of the Chupa-Chupa phenomenon. All of the articles were heavily illustrated and taken at the locations of incidence, together with the testimonials... If today we are able to reconstitute this ufological wave, it is due to the press and the care of the Public Library of Bele'm.

Several ufological news forecasted the Chupa-Chupa wave, but the most significant article was in O LIBERAL, 7-16-77, where we read:

"The UFO photographed in Montevideo, spherical shape, compares in detail with the strange objects seen at several locations in Para', along the Maranha~o side of the Gurupi River and along the entire Para'-Maranha~o border. Just yesterday, these objects were observed at several locations in the interior of Maranha~o, frightening the population, similar to what occurs in the area of Vizeu in Para'."

A few days before, precisely on 7-12-77, the JORNAL DA BAHIA reported in a clear manner what would become the phenomenon Chupa-Chupa:

"Flying object which emits fantastic light frightens Para': Bele'm (AJB) --- A fantastic story of a flying object emitting a strong light and sucking blood from people, circulated from mouth to mouth among the population of the counties of Braganca, Vizeu and Augusto Correa in Para', where many people fear leaving their homes during the night so they won't get caught by the vampire-like light from the strange object which, according to information, already has caused the death of two men. No one knows how the story started, but the truth is that it reached Bele'm and grabbed headlines in the local newspapers."

Months later, on October 8, O LIBERAL launched the first in a series of reports, giving the population knowledge of what was the Chupa-Chupa phenomenon. The report begins in a taxing manner:

"Sucking animal attacks men and women in the village of Vigia: A strange phenomenon has been occurring for several weeks in the village of Vigia, more exactly in the Vila Santo Antonio do Imbituba about 7 kilometers from highway PA-140, with the appearance of an object which focus a white light over people, immobilizing them for around an hour, and sucks the breasts of the women leaving them bleeding. The object, known by the locals as "Bicho Voador" [Flying Animal], or "Bicho Sugador" [Sucking Animal], has the shape of a rounded ship and attacks people (principally women) in isolation, in spite of it also having attacked some men... One of the victims, among many in the area, was Mrs. Rosita Ferreira, married, 46 years old, resident of Ramal do Triunfo, who a few days ago was sucked by the light on the left breast, and passed out. Increasingly it looked like dealing with a nightmare, feeling as if there were some claws trying to hold her. She was attacked around 3:30 in the morning. Another victim was the lady known as "Chiquita," who was also sucked by the strange object with her breast becoming bloody, but without leaving any marks."


It was then on 10-16-77, that O LIBERAL launched for the first time the expression "Chupa-Chupa," as we read in the first paragraph of this report:

"Chupa-Chupa: That was the denomination given by the population of Vigia to an unidentified flying object, which has brought to panic the dwellers of Imbituba, Camaru and Km-25, as well as other localities situated in the vicinity of those cities."

Henceforth, until the end of mid-november 1977, the newspapers of Para' did not seize to bring to the public articles on the Chupa-chupa. The newspaper A PROVINCIA DO PARA' brought, on 10-20-77, 11-19-77 and 11-20-77, valuable reports for ufological investigation. On October 20 there were two full pages with popular depositions, graphics of UFO evolution in the skies of Vigia and the strange CI 2 [Hynek's CE-I] occurrence with colonist Manoel Matos de Souza (known as Coronha), registered in the small village of Monte Serrado, county of Santo Antonio de Taua' (PA). This farmer, 44 years old, was awaken around 2 to 3 am by a strong light which circled his area and penetrated his shack. On opening the door, he met with a flying object with two creatures in its interior. He returned to this room, and now armed with ammunition, he tried to fire in the vehicle's direction. To his surprise, the weapon did not fire and, feeling paralysis overcoming his body by the light from the UFO, screamed for help.

On 11-19-77, A PROVINCIA DO PARA' published, for the first time, photographs of possible lesions of chupa-chupa, registered on the young Aurora Nascimento Fernandes, 18 years old, resident at Passagem Tabatinga, in the Jurunas neighborhood (Bele'm). Aurora found herself washing dishes around 9 p.m. on 11-18-77 in her home when a strong gush of cold air surprised her in conjunction with a strong, reddish light. The young lady relates:

"I became frightened. I called my mother and before she arrived, a strong red light enveloped me, making me dazed. At the same time, I felt really fine piercings striking my breast, and fell to the floor fainted."

Afterwards, Dr. Orlando Zoghbi, after seeing the patient, framed the fact as an episode of hysteria and panic produced by the collective psychosis around the Chupa-chupa phenomenon. According to Dr. Zoghbi by the configuration of the marks, the wounds present on Aurora's right breast were caused by the contraction of her hands clutching (over the breast), in an instinctive act of protection at the possible Chupa-chupa attack. We loudly disagree, because the same appeared to be concentrated and deep (like biopsies) within a small area; no traces of scratches and the wounds did not possess a fingernail configuration.

In conversation with UFO phenomenon researcher and student, Professor Fabio Zerpa (ONIFE)1, he observed similar facts, ahead of the described picture by Aurora and other women of Para' who said they were Chupa-chupa victims, occurring in southern Argentina in the 70s where one women was attacked by an entity which took blood. It is interesting to note that the described events occurred in cities and villages in proximity to rivers, lakes or seas. This makes us recall the Japanese mythological entities called the "kappas" which, according to legend, came from a distant star and populated the rivers (or seas) of Japan. Researchers Scornaux and Piens, in their excellent work "A Descoberta dos OVNIs" [The Discovery of UFOs], relate:

"Kappas appear to use a submarine, or something of the like, provisioned with a respiratory device as well as some strange helmet with antennas. The ears are abnormally large. The skin is copper-colored (see the men of bronze who appeared at the Utinga reservoir, county of Bele'm, during the Chupa-chupa period) and the hands and feet are hook-like. This description reminds us of some humanoid ETs observed in our day, and the reputation which the Kappas had, of making ill the people who came in proximity to them, makes us think of the physiological effects experimented on some current witnesses."


The island of Colares is located around 70 kilometers northeast the city of Bele'm. It bounds the county of Vigia, another region rich in apparitions and ufological cases. To its front is the Bay of Marajo~ which finds itself separated from the continent by the river Guajara'-Mirim. Colares comprises an area 600 square kilometers, approximately, and harbors several communities, such as Vila de Colares (the county seat), Fazenda, Mocajatuba, Ariri and others. Its population, in great part, is dedicated to fishing and agriculture.

During the Chupa-chupa period, Colares was the target of intense UFO apparitions and several victims of the mysterious rays were detected. The fear was so much that a good part of the island residents abandoned their homes and temporarily went to reside with their parents in other counties.

CIPEX2 located several witnesses to the phenomenon during the days which it stayed in Colares. We look at a few cases:

  1. (a) Jonas Ferreira Gondim, 60 years old, a married fisherman, confesses that in that time his house was illuminated by the Chupa light. Taken with courage, he went outside to the yard and fired a June firecracker to scare away the "aparelho." His son, Claudio Gondin, related to us: "During that time, we did not sleep right. I and some other colleagues went out for vigils at the home of friends. One night, I saw that machine over the treetops, there on S. Joa~o street. It suddenly stopped and emitted a clear light on top of the trees and right away climbed at great velocity towards another side of the village."
  2. (b) Mr. Zacarias dos Santos Barata, 74 years old, married, confesses: "I saw this machine around two times. The first time, it came from the direction of Soure' (Marajo' Island) and cruised the village really fast. On the other time, I saw here from the house when a luminous ball came lighting up all of the Luzio countryside. It wasn't making any noise and it was not enough to see how it was correctly, for the light was very strong and of a bluish color." The same was observed by his neighbor, Julio de Brito Correia, 70 years old, adding solely that the ship flew low and at great speed.
  3. (c) The carpenter Carlos Cardoso de Paula, 45 years old, married, describes two curious events. We see: "In the time of the Chupa, many times I left at night to visit the homes of friends and colleagues. The majority of them would meet on the street making a bonfire and frying fish. Once in a while, they would make noise with guns and cans to scare the Chupa... One time, at leaving the house around 21:00 hours, we heard the people yell: "There goes the chupa"; here from the house I only saw when a ball of fire came running in our direction, but soon it changed headings, entering into another street. A strange thing occurred another time, second account: "We were all asleep in the house and I was still smoking the last cigarette when all of a sudden, through the house's roof ridge, entered a small ball of fire. That thing started to ride around the room until it came next to my hammock. It climbed up my right leg up to the knee. I regarded all of this with much curiosity when that small ball passed to the other leg and I started to feel weak and sleepy. The cigarette fell from my hand and, scared of that situation, I screamed. The small ball disappeared and everyone woke up. I think it was looking for a vein in my body, but it didn't have any luck... When it would increase in brightness, I would feel a kind of heat..."


The account of Mr. Carlos de Paula, besides the bizarre, indicates to us that that small ball, in reality, could be a matter of a probe, for the described characteristics by the witness so indicate. During our research, we located two people in the Vila de Colares who were victims of the Chupa-chupa. The clinical picture of this phenomenon will be better detailed with the description of the accounts which we gathered there.

The first one was of the merchant Neuton de Oliveira Cardoso, 27 years old, married and who, at the time, resided in the Vila de Mocajatuba. One night, he woke up ill, feeling a "heat" throughout the body and, frightened, noticed that he was burned to the height of the neck on the left side. Family members took him on the following day to the Vila dos Colares for the medical appointment owed. Neuton comments: "I became very weak and without courage during various days and still feel a strong torture and headache." The second victim was Mrs. Claudomira Rogrigues da Paixa~o, 43 years old, married, popularly known as "Mirota." She was hit in the breast by the Chupa-chupa light, when still sleeping at her parent's house. It was around midnight and she slept in the hammock next to the window when she was surprised by an intense glare; quickly, she felt a heat over the body that paralyzed her, when then a focused beam of greenish light was projected over her torax, being right away withdrawn. But it was late and mirota already had burns present on the left breast.

During several days, she felt a great weakness and strong headaches which occasionally still return to bother her. Later, she was lead to the Instituto Medico Legal Renato Chaves (Bele'm) for complimentary exams. Years ago, inclusive, she had the visit of two foreign researchers who arrived together with an interpreter at the island in a single-engine plane. Mrs. Claudomira certifies: "During the instant the fire struck me, I felt holes like from needles over my chest. Later, I did not feel any pain, unless headaches and a great laziness which kept me in the hammock for several days..."


At the start of the rumors of curious ufological apparitions in the interior of Para' and in Maranha~o, increased by the panic of the population about the phenomenon, the 1st Regional Aerial Command (1st COMAR)3, located in Bele'm, activated an exhaustive field operation with the intent of clearing up the Chupa-chupa phenomenon enigma. The command's order was the following:

  1. The UFO phenomenon merits a deep and objective study;
  2. All relevant information on the phenomenon needs to be gathered;
  3. Public announcements and commentary about the subject needs to be avoided.

During the time, the Air Force sent researchers to several counties where the presence of UFOs were detected, in such a way that hundreds of reports of the first and second degrees and around 200 photographs of strange objects, UFOs, were gathered. The most rich locations were Baia do Sol (Ilha de Mosqueiro) and the Ilha de Colares (Para'). In these regions several UFO photographs were obtained, mostly nocturnal, and still some films of short duration registering the ship's evolution.

The majority of the photographs were taken with professional cameras (Cannon, Nikon) coupled and tele-aimed, utilizing Kodak 1000 ASA film, black and white, with the equipment belonging to the military. At the end of the field investigation, the second phase of the operation was initiated which included the elaboration of a report and analysis of the recognized data. This report, around 500 pages including photographs of UFOs, drawings, maps, records of interviews and clippings of local newspapers, was sent to the military high command (EMFA), together with all the existing photographic documentation (films, negatives, photograph copies).

The obtained results of this far away work points that the Chupa-Chupa phenomenon was general and of ufological nature, being difficult to specify with objectivity the origin and purpose of the same.


In a ufological research, it is not sufficient to gather and archive cases. It is necessary to test them, compare them with others and submit them to several criticisms (both internally and externally).

The climate that the 1977 Para' wave generated in the breast of the population is complex and rich in data; all of society's sectors were hit and the divulged opinions are the most diverse possible. The press effected an excellent job, maybe addressing, as it allowed itself by one side, by the skepticism of the high domes; and, on the other side, by the inexperience of the ufological camp. However, these small flaws are understandable and natural. But, the same judgment is not valid when we denounce the scientific, political and military community's position which still insists in hiding themselves under old anti-ufological pretexts. This omission was expected, being in part deliberate.

Tactics of this nature are well recognized among researchers and publicists of the UFO reality. Not withstanding or missing were the Air Force secret research, the ridicule, the "prophets" announcing the arrival of the martians and still the confusion tactic with the prejudiced affirmations of some liberal professionals with their "famous" convenient explanations.


This research, despite its limitations, allowed us an adequate sampling of the 70s ufological wave in Para'. We emphasize some points:

  1. The zone of action was the north of Brazil, being frequent the sightings on the edges of rivers and of the Atlantic Ocean;
  2. The UFOs surfaced, in the majority of times, at night, being rare the sightings during the day;
  3. The depositions confirm the presence of ships - not always coming from high and disappearing in the sky;
  4. Whatever the small ships, everything indicates they were about probes, due to their aerodynamic and behavioral profile, such as round extremely luminous objects, rapid movements, low altitude flying, emission of luminous beams and chasing people;
  5. The burns produced by the UFOs were not accidental, but demonstrated an objective. Men and women were the aim, preferably targeted when they slept;
  6. There is no complete proof that the UFOs removed blood from their victims; on the other hand, the biochemical and clinical exams performed by Dr. Wellaide C.C. de Oliveira attest to the lower number of hemoglobin in the hemogram from the victims, besides the quite peculiar clinical picture of people who have lost considerable blood (fainting, chronic headaches, body weaknesses, preventing the victims from standing on their feet) including the presence of diminutive "prick marks" in the regions hit by the beams from the UFOs;
  7. Informational references about the occupants of the ships were few, but they point to the presence of beings of below/medium stature, greenish and wrinkled skin;
  8. There is a specific objective of great importance which precipitated the UFOs invasion of coastal Para' and Maranha~o.

Everything leads to believe that the global phenomenon was a mission of great scope, not only by the frequency of sightings, but by the great number of sighted objects. The zones incidental were chosen due to their strategic positions and by the security which they gave to the action of the UFOs (geographic isolation, far apart and small population centers). The objective of that invasion was related (possibly) with the research and biological manipulation on man on the part of the aliens, whose purpose in the mean time we are unable to elucidate.


Page 13: In the inset, an UFO photographed by the team from the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR), in Bele'm, Para'. The larger photo is on an UFO whose shape is the same as in the described cases in Bai'a do Sol (Para'). Both phenomena are associated with the "Chupa-chupa."

Page 14: Above, view of Bai'a do Sol (Para'). Below, ufological probe frequent in the region.

Page 15: Above, UFO of great proportions photographed by the team from the 1st Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of Bele'm. In the inset, a smaller ship, extremely luminous against the nocturnal sky, observed in Mosqueiro (Para').

Page 15: The proof of silence and military secret about the UFO problem:


Round seal ----> Regional Aerial Command - 2nd Section

All and any person who becomes aware of this
secret matter becomes, automatically,
responsible for the maintenance of its secret.
(Art. 12, of Doc. no. 79,099 of 06.01.77)
(Regulation for the Safeguard of Secret Matters).

Page 16: Authentic engraving from the time of Heian, of a "Kappa" - a dweller from the deeps of rivers and seas. Similar beings are seen in Para'.


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