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Alleged photographs of ET beings:

The infamous "J-ROD" photograph:

A man named Dan Burisch, also known under the name of Dan Crain, has claimed to be a microbiologist working for a black project at the alleged S-4 part of Area 51. He tells he worked with an alien named J-Rod.

In 2004, this man gave an interview to the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show in the USA, also known as "Art Bell's" show, which introduces any outlandish claims on alien, UFOs and other strange topics without doing much investigation, if any, so that the show presents a pot-boiler of interviews of both silly and serious ufologists and has also become the easy accessible tribune for all sorts of hoaxers.

After Dan Burisch's interview, the web site of Coast-to-Coast AM published the image underneath, with the caption "J-Rod Photo: This Xeroxed photo (courtesy Ron Garner) is purported to be the "J-Rod" alien that microbiologist Dan Burisch has spoken about":

Unfortunately for the claimant, which seems to be this "Ron Gardner" more than Mr. Burisch, the image is nothing else than a special effect figure done by a group who has a website,, where this image and other images of the same figure were shown as soon as 2000:

I know, because I visited this website back then. It then circulated among websites, of course some claimed it might be a real alien (how such a demonstration can be done is left to the imagination) while most denounced its earthly origin.

"The Ron Garner" credited by Coast-t-o-coast AM for the "J-Rod photo" might be the same Ron Garner already involved in another known fraud, that of the "Reed" alien, according to (

Periodically, the images, generally the color versions, circulate again on so-called UFO websites, without any information or investigation, sometimes with much speculation and wonder at the quality of the "anatomically authentic looking" images and I get questions about it, or suggestion to add it to my "hoaxed" alien pictures section. None of my site's readers have ever told me that these are a real alien's photograph.

The website does not show real alien pictures and does not claim to; they quite simply have the goal to show what can be done with special effect techniques and computer imaging.

These pictures are not "J-Rod" the alien. They are not "possibly a real alien unless it is really disproved". They are not fake pictures made to deceive or ridicule ufology. They are merely pictures created by special effects enthusiasts to show their art.

This is why these images fit into my "Photographs of non-aliens later presented as "true" aliens" section.

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