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UFOs in the daily Press:

Airship stories in the 1897 US Perss:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Champaign Daily Gazette, Champaign, Illinois, Tuesday, April 20, 1897.

Warning: the airship stories must not be taken at face value as "UFO sightings." Evaluation of such stories is under way here.


As a Convenient Thing After the Close of a Heated Campaign

If that man who is flying around in the airship would come to earth in or near Champaign this evening any time after 5 o'clock, the hour of the closing of the polls, he would no doubt be able to work up a good business in transporting defeated aspirants for municipal offices, for there are going to be a good lot of them thrown out on the cold and cheerless world, and they would want nothing better than to jump into the upper deck of a well-regulated airship, and be carried to a far off and strange land, where they would recover from the nervous wear of the campaign.

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