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Roswell 1947 - Involved people

Greg Boldra

(Greg BOLDRA).

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I have no independently confirmed information on Greg Boldra, who is, according to investigators, the son of Major Ellis Boldra, an engineer said to have been stationed in Roswell at least in 1952.


I did not locate any affidavit by Greg Boldra.

Interviews and public statements:

I have not found that Greg Boldra made any public statements related to the Roswell incident.

Investigators information:

Roswell incident investigators Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt report in one of their book that on December 5, 1991, they interviewed Greg Boldra, son of Ellis Boldra, and friends of the latter.

They so learned that Ellis Boldra was a Major and engineer stationed in Roswell, who in 1952 samples of the Roswell incident's debris locked in a safe in the engineering office. Ellis Boldra is said to have found the sample thin, incredibly strong, he could not cut it with a variety of tools and it dissipated heat in some manner. When crumpled, it quickly returned to its original shape.

He is said to have subjected the sample to the flame of an acetylene torch and the sample did not melt. It did not glow when heated, and once the flame was removed, it did not stay warm and could be handled in seconds.

No one remembers if he tried to drill through it. One of Boldra's friends said that it was not any type of metal that he could identify.


Kevin Randle reported the same in a subsequent book.


Don Schmitt and Thomas J. Carey also reported again on this interview later, adding that the sample was a one foot square section of debris, and that Washington D.C. dispatched a special courier to retrieve the material immediately after news leaked out about its discovery in Roswell.


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