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UFOs in the daily Press:

Airship stories in the 1897 US Pres:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Journal, Battle Creek, Michigan, Thursday, April 15, 1897.

Warning: the airship stories must not be taken at face value as "UFO sightings." Evaluation of such stories is under way here.

Brevities — Again last evening at about 8 o'clock the airship, or what has been called such was visible to Battle Creek residents many of whom saw the aerial wonder as it traveled rapidly westward in plain sight, and a few moments passed from view on its hurried course. Those who saw it last evening do not describe it as vividly as those who witnessed the novelty on Monday evening. They say it looked very much like a star or an electric arc light seen at a distance, only that the color changed from that of a star to a reddish cast. The most general explanation made of the object is that it is some kind of a meteor or shooting star, but unlike them in the changing of color, and the direction of its course, meteors having almost invariably a downward course. That the mysterious object of last evening was not of human origin is plainly evidenced by the speed at which it was moving, and that too being against the wind.

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