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UFOs in the daily Press:

The airship stories in the 1897 US Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan, Friday, April 30, 1897.

Warning: the airship stories must not be taken at face value as "UFO sightings." Evaluation of such stories is under way here.

Last night at 11:30 this town (Holton) received a visit from the wonderful airship. It came from the north and descended till it was about 200 feet from the ground, directly over the bridge. It was lighted with electricity and loaded with revellers who were making a good deal of noise, a hundred dancing girls were there with zoneless waists and streaming hair.

The music was entrancing the like of which never was heard in this place. It wasn't long before everybody was on the street to look and listen, many in their night clothes. Not a few thought the Judgment day had come. It was about 300 feet long, tall about 40 feet, its breadth and depth about 90 feet.

It stayed 55 minutes. Its tail commenced whirling and it moved off toward Fremont. But just as it began to move, a grappling hook was let down and caught one of our most truthful citizens who was instantly hoisted on board and carried away. The truthful citizen came back on the 11:30 train from White Cloud and has been talking ever since about aerial navigation.

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