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The 1954 French flap:

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November 9, 1954, Froberville, Seine-Maritime:

Reference number for this case: 9-Nov-54-Froberville. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.




M. Dufits Lucien, aged 20 in 1954, director of the City Theater in Fécamp.

During his observation M. Dufits was in company of a colleague who deceased after a long disease.

Date: November 9, 1954.
Time: 06h45 P.M. - 07:00 P.M.
Place: Froberville near Fécamp (Department 76). Michelin map #52, folders N.12 and 12.
Observed phenomenon: Unknown object of oval shape like a football. No sound, intense light underneath the object.

Witness' report:

Recorded le 08/09/84.

So as for the phenomenon, let's say celestial phenomenon, that I noticed on November 9, 1954, I remember the date well because I had just obtained a great prize in French popular singing, before setting out again into for a lyric singing career. I was in company of a colleague who was a director of a medical establishment for sick children.

It was approximately 06:45 P.M. - 07:00 P.M., it did not rain and it was not cold, on the other hand there was much wind (70-80 km/h).

We have been returning from getting some dairy products in the farm which is located in the park of the castle.

At that time of the year, the castle was empty, there was no children inside.

When we arrived at approximately 200 meters of the castle, it seemed to me to see behind the large thickets of trees, sort of lights which scintillated, which were not well defined.

As we advanced towards the castle, at a certain moment, we happened to face the phenomenon.

And there it was clear, it was an orange circle slightly green at the top and blue. My colleague told me jokingly "one would say it's a flying saucer."

The thing was hovering at approximately 30 meters of the ground, perhaps thus at 10 or 15 meters above the castle. There was no noise except for the windblow, we were still advancing towards the castle.

The phenomenon had the shape of a football, above these circles there was like some sort of windows, squares, they were rather square windows but horizontal, longer than high.

The more we approached, the more the lights became dazzling and I had like ticking in the eyes.

My colleague was a courageous woman, she had her pilot's licence, her husband was an officer on the Normandie-Niémen.

She told me: I want to check this out. I'm going.

I told her: no, wait for me, but as she was a decided woman, she was 7 to 8 meters in advance on me and I had to run to catch up with her.

We had practically arrived under the machine. At this time there, the intensity of the light practically doubled, tripled and from there, the circles were much apparent. I could not look at them any more, and the machine, because you can say it was a machine, rose with a disconcerting speed, still without a noise, no whistle. It raised vertically during a half second, and it left in an ascending curve to the sea, on the side of the cliffs. We lost sight of it in a few seconds.

The case file included the following drawing:

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Seine Maritime in Froberville on November 9, 1954 at 18:45 hours, "a man and a woman are in the park of a castle where the woman works coming back from a farm. At approximately 200 meters of the building the man observes lights behinds the thickets. Continuing their way, they then observe an object in the shape of a rugby ball of orange color a little green blue on the top. Stuctures were visible on the object like horizontal attic windows or squares. The object stood ar about thirty meters above ground-level. It remained motionless whereas a strong wind blew. The two witnesses accelerate and come below the object. The already violent light and causing picotements with the eyes increased then in an intensity becoming dazzling. The object rose vertically during a half second, then left towards the sea in ascending curve. "

The source is indicated as "Lumières dans la Nuit issue 259/260".


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Froberville, Seine-Maritime, Lucien Dufits, object, oval, portholes, windows, square, circles, luminous, football, silent, light, dazzling, tickling, effects, hovering, fast, manoeuvre, vertical, curve, castle, sea, orange, green, blue


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