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Pilot sightings:

Lima, Peru, December 29, 1967:

The case was reported by UPI and was included for example in the Montreal Matin newspaper of January 12, 1967.

The aircrew of a Canadian airliner observed a mysterious object:

Vancouver, British Columbia (UPI) – "I had never believed in flying saucers, but now, it's different" revealed, yesterday, a pilot of plane of Canadian Pacific.

Captain Robert Millbang and four other aircrew members revealed what they saw to the Press, during the evening of December 29, at the time of their flight in a DC-8 who took off from Lima, Peru, to fly to Mexico City.

Millbang said that the aircraft flew at a level of 35,000 feet above the coast of Peru when he saw, on the left of his airplane's nose, two lights on the horizon.

"These lights were scintillating under the effect of the atmospheric refraction and I first thought they were stars. But stars don't fly in pairs. As I was observing the phenomenon the lights distanced one from the other, in the same time they were approaching us. If it had been a plane, the lights would have been red and white, or red and green, but they where white. I kept on looking and one of the lights started to flutter, showing a change of intensity. Then I saw two luminous beams starting from the lights and pointing towards space, forming a V shape. The strange object seemed to grow bigger all the time and at one time it let a stream of sparkles come out, as one can see at a rocket's tail."

"We tried very hard to convince ourselves that this was a satellite re-entry or an airplane, but we could not convince us of that. Then, the object came more closer and we could now see that it had a series of small lights between the two big lights. Finally, the craft rose above our left wing in full moonlight, we managed to distinguish a shape between the two luminous sources, a shape which appeared larger in the middle. This shape seemed to become motionless for about two minutes, and then it disappeared behind our aircraft."

The other members of the DC-8 aircrew confirmed what Millbang told.

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