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October 14, 1954, Fuveau, Bouches-du-Rhône:

Reference number for this case: 14-Oct-54-Fuveau. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Provençal for October 17, 1954, reported on page 9, via their press correspondent in Fuveau, that on Thursday, October 14, 1954, at 06:10 p.m., on the basketball court of the "Trente-Gouttes", Mr. Martin, teacher at Fuveau, introduced his pupils and former students to basketball when, in the middle of the session, he saw in the sky a luminous machine of elongated shape, whose color recalled that of a glow worm.

The apparition had lasted 3 to 4 seconds, and according to the distance, the teacher thought that the machine, moving at high speed, had to fly over Peynier while heading towards Rousset; it followed a trajectory that made him lose sight of it at the village steeple.

This "kind of rocket left behind a short sparkling glow," the newspaper said.

The pupils who surrounded their teacher also briefly saw this "phenomenon".

In 1979, the "skeptical" ufologists Gérard Barthel and Jacques Brucker claimed to have investigated, saying that the witness was dead, that it was a "very brief phenomenon", without further explanation.

Then, in 1979 too, ufologists Michel Figuet and Jean-Louis Ruchon gave the explanation: all the observations of 6 p.m. that day were obviously of an object at very high altitude, seen simultaneously from very distant places; which was probably a big meteor according to the descriptions.

One finds the case summarized on the Web, but without the explanation, even though Figuet and Ruchon are cited as a source.




Flying saucer courier (Continued)

Near la Tour-d'Aigues
The Vaucluse

"Daddy, the sun is falling upon us!"

Looking up, I saw in the sky a disc from 6 to 7 meters provided with a kind of tail of several meters. Having gone in all haste at the place where it had seemed to me that the strange machine had landed, I did not find anything."

And M. Reynier adds: "I acknowledge that I was a little afraid; as for my son, he was sick with it."

This testimony was confirmed by several people who saw the object from different places.


Valence (C.P.)

Thursday night a little after 6 p.m., Mr. Jean Gabert, agent of the principal receipt of Valence, returned by car with his young woman, from Saint-Perey when before Grange-les-Valence, they saw at a low height a ball of fire which followed the valley of the Rhone. They both had the impression that the machine flew over Valence. It was a ball of green color with a tail that ended in yellow color. Mr. and Mrs. Gabert saw it well during a few seconds. Then suddenly the unknown object disappeared.


Tresques (C.P.)

Thursday, at 05:30 p.m., Mr. Payan Yves, who was plowing his field, Saint Martin district, had the surprise to see passing above him at low altitude a machine of an intense luminosity, leaving a dazzling trail and not making any noise. The object moved at a vertiginous speed from West to East. He alerted Mr. Teissier Raoul who was hunting and both followed its flight until complete disappearance in direction of the east.


Carpentras (C.P.)

Thursday evening, around 6 p.m., several people saw from the district of Peyguière, a machine which crossed the sky west of Carpentras. It had the shape of a cigar, shone, and appeared to drop sparks behind.


by a schoolteacher and his pupils

Fuveau (C.P.)

Thursday, October 14, at 6:10 p.m., on the ground of basket-ball of "Trente-Gouttes", Mr. Martin, schoolteacher in Fuveau, initiated his pupils and alumni to basket-ball when, in the middle of the meeting, he saw in the sky a luminous machine of lengthened form, whose color reminded that of the glow-worms. The appearance lasted 3 to 4 seconds. According to the distance, the observer thinks that the machine was moving at high speed to fly over Peynier while moving towards Rousset; besides he described a trajectory which disappeared behind the village's bell-tower. This kind of rocket left behind a short luminous sparkling trail.

The pupils who surrounded their teacher also saw for a short moment this "phenomenon".


Perpignan (A.F.P.).

M. Damien Siguères 56 years old, retired customs officer, stated to have seen on the road, close to his home, in the suburbs of Perpignan, a large red sphere. A tall man came out of it, dressed like a diver. Having made a tour of his apparatus, the "diver" went back inside hurriedly while Mr. Siguères' two dogs were rushing towards him.

The machine then rose without noise and disappeared at an extraordinary speed.

Mr. Siguères was then at about thirty meters of the machine, of which no trace was found on the ground.


The two authors note this case of October 14, 1954:

"Fuveau - 13 - 06:10 p.m.: investigation. Witness deceased. Short phenomenon."


The two authors indicate that on October 14, 1954 at 06:10 p.m., in Fuveau in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, a teacher and his pupils saw an elongated shape whose color reminded of that of a glow-worm, which left behind it a luminous trail in the sky.

The authors note that all the observations at 6 p.m. that day obviously refer to an object at very high altitude, seen simultaneously from very distant places, which is probably a large meteor according to descriptions.

The source is indicated as Le Provençal for October 17, 1954.

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates in his database that in the Bouches du Rhône in Fuveau on October 14, 1954 at 18:10 hours "a teacher and his pupils see in the sky a lengthened shape whose color remind that of the glow-worm which leaves behind it a luminous trail."

The source is noted: "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... by Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** Alain Lefeuvre pub. 1979".


The 06:13 p.m. meteor of that day.


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