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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Mary Goode

(Mary GOODE, Mary Kathryn GOODE, Mary K. GOODE).

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Mary Goode is the daughter of Oliver "Pappy" Henderson, was involved in the piloting of a plane transporting the debris during the incident.




(1) My name is Mary (Catherine) Kathryn Goode.

(2) My address is: [Blackened]

(3) I am employed as: [Blackened]

(4) My father was Oliver W. Henderson. When 1 was growing up, he and 1 would often spend evenings looking at the stars. On one occasion, 1 asked him what he was looking for. He said, "I'm looking for flying saucers. They're real, you know."

(5) In 1981, during a visit to my parents' home, my father showed me a newspaper article which described the crash of a UFO and the recovery of alien bodies outside Roswell, New Mexico. He told me that he saw the crashed craft and the alien bodies described in the article, and that he had flown the wreckage to Ohio. He described the alien beings as small and pale, with slanted eyes and large heads. He said they were humanoid-looking, but different from us. I think he said there were three bodies.

(6) He said the matter had been top secret and that he was not supposed to discuss it with anyone, but that he felt it was all right to tell me because it was in the newspaper.

(7) I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Mary K. Goode

Date: August 14, 1991

Signature witnesses by : Robyn L. Christl, Notary Public, Nevada, Douglas County

Interviews and public statements:

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Investigators notes and comments:

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