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12.30.2001French reporter investigates UFOs and writes about it in French local newspaper.
12.29.2001Lenticular clouds.
12.28.2001UFO photographs from Project Blue Book's archives.
12.22.2001Nick Mariana's UFO footage, analyses and new facts.
12.15.2001Pictures, Malaysia, France.
12.13.2001Pictures from South Africa, Argentina, Australia.
12.09.2001The gander (Bethune) 1951, US Navy case, North Atlantic 1951.
11.27.2001Ocala radar Visual case, Florida, 1978.
11.27.2001Marshall County close encounter of the 2nd kind, 1979.
11.26.2001Red sprites.
11.24.2001Operation Mainbrace newspaper article.
11.23.2001On Pseudo Skepticism by CSICOP's Marcello Truzzi.
11.22.2001A scientific paper 1975.
11.20.2001Scientist in denial about the Allen Hill meteorite's magnetites.
11.19.2001FBIS reportUFO interception attempt in Soviet Union.
11.08.2001Pilot Valentich lost in UFO encounter, Australia 1978.
11.08.20011947, Air Force answers to FBI: UFOs are not ours.
11.08.20011948 DC3 UFO encounter.
11.03.20011977. During 4 months, UFOs of all sizes and shapes are seen every day over several small cities. The UFOs direct strange rays at houses and people. 35 people are wounded. Most of them evacuate the area. The army intervenes. But you have probably never heard of it.
10.28.20011952 Washington National sightings, article from the Alexandria Gazette Newspaper.
10.28.2001Former Chiean Admiral speaks.
10.24.2001Florida Today article about ICBMS crews UFOs observations.
10.23.2001Newspaper announces a new witness came forward in the 1973 Pascagoula case.
10.20.2001The colors of Mars debate, some references.
10.15.2001Photographs from Guatemala, 1989 and Venezuela, 1990.
10.13.2001In 1973 Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, reported that three strange beings floated them into their spacecraft near the Pascagoula river in Mississipi, USA.
10.07.2001UFOs radiation emissions: how physical proof is treated.
10.06.2001Article by Richard Hall.
03.10.2001Article by Pierre Lagrange, French sociologist.
09.29.2001NASA project member Clarck McLelland was also secretly a member of NICAP and speaks of ufo and extra terrestrials.
09.18.2001When Pilots see UFOs, article by Air and Space Magazine, 1987.
09.16.2001USAF pilot captures UFO on camera, Utah, 1966.
09.15.2001The Lago De Cote photograph, updated, Jalisco 1993 photograph, added.
09.16.2001Zamora case, graphical reconstitution.
09.10.2001When Father Gill waved at the "men" on the flying saucer hovering near his mission in Papua-New Guinea in 1959, they waved back.
09.09.2001The Mantell case: addition of the account by Ed Ruppelt of Project Blue Book.
09.09.2001Photographs of ET beings or alleged ET beings.
09.02.2001Ufology groups listing, Canada, Belgium.
08.31.2001The Kelly-Hopkinsville 1955 close encounter of the third kind.
08.26.2001The Tananarive 1954 case, a very telling event.
08.26.2001"Why I believe in flying saucers," article from Popular Science, 1966.
08.16.2001The Trindade Island 1958 photographic and visual case, events, pictures, analysis, interviews.
08.03.2001Sneak preview of UFO documentary at the French Senate before national broadcasting.
08.02.2001There is nothing in the claims that Vatican had confirmed ET contact, a fable promoted here and there since 1998.
07.30.2001Radar/visuel case, French pilot interview.
07.28.2001A major announcement about Life on Mars.
07.28.2001Another scientist joins in UFO research.
07.24.2001A USAF report of 1952.
07.24.2001The Mantell affair.
07.22.2001Alleged ancient UFO drawing identified as non UFO.
07.20.2001The 700 'unidentified' UFO cases of USAF's Project Blue Book, 1949 - 1969. Dates, names, case summary.
07.20.2001The famous LIFE Magazine article of 1952.
07.20.2001UFO incidents over Kuwait cause security concerns, 1979.
07.20.2001Wisconsin Rapids Dayly News press article review.
06.29.2001About CIA's statement that the U-2 spy plane increased the number of UFO reports: statistically incorrect.
06.29.2001Black helicopters: the embryo of an information.
06.26.2001British Civilian Aviation authority aknowlegdes 30 cases of Aircraft - UFO near air misses in the last 20 years.
06.24.2001Memo announcing end of Project Blue Book.
06.23.2001No UFOs in Africa? Yes there are.
06.22.2001I found it! Lonnie Zamora's 1964 close encounter in a declassified report from the SAC to the FBI.
06.16.2001Colonel Halt's report of the close encounter of UFO at Rendlesham AFB, 1981.
06.16.2001Some June 2001 crop circles.
06.16.2001BBC reported an air miss of 1998.
06.15.2001The most ridiculous FOIA release ever. CIA mentions Chinese ufology. CIA reports multiple sightings, Barbados 1987. CIA mentions the 1965 Decepcion Island case.
06.15.2001The Durant Report, including the Robertson Panel report: a monument of official debunking, and the founding act of the official active cover up under pseudo scientifi alibi.
06.13.2001France's NASA counterpart, CNES has a presentation of Mars on its web site, we learn that they plan to bring Martian soil samples with possible microbes back, while otherwise they describe an incredibly red planet as "absolutely sterile".
06.12.2001Bentwaters 1956case: the scientific proof that UFOs are worth more than a shrug of shoulders. A comprehensive dossier on this multiple ground radar, airborne radar, ground visual and airborne visual case that even the infamous Condon report conceded "unexplained".
06.02.2001Levelland 1957 case.
06.01.2001New amateur picture pages for Peru, Romania.
05.27.2001Heflin photographic case, Santa Ana, California, and multiple witness and photo case in Sherman, 1965, Texas, USA.
05.26.2001Giant disc followed by searchlight for months, photographed and filmed, 1949, Norwood USA.
05.26.2001Classic photographs: Ohio 1932, LA 1942, Morristown 1947.
05.25.2001May 2001 article in Popular Mechanics: When UFOs land.
05.24.2001A summary about the Dysonspheres.
05.22.2001Summary of the various projects conducted by the Air Force about UFOS. Discover projects "Saucer", "Sign", "Grudge", "Blue Book", the "Robertson Panel and the "Condon Comity".
05.22.2001T-6 UFO chase? No, it must be a weather balloon, 1948, USA.
05.17.2001AAA shots at UFOS, Los Angeles, 1942.
05.16.2001Project Disclosure: 21 highly credible UFO witnesses speak out in front of US TV cameras, May 9, 2001. George Filer: Project Disclosure: initial success.
05.14.2001Michigan 1966, the infamous Hillsdale "swamp gas", the Detroit News article, and the Zanesville photographic hoax.
05.12.2001Photographs, New Jersey USA, 1999.
05.12.2001The McDivitt pictures during Gemini IV mission, 1965, endorsed even by the Condon Report as UFO, but maybe not a UFO.
05.11.2001US Senator sees UFOS in URSS, 1955.
05.09.2001Argentina's official recognition of UFOS as flying machines driven by an intelligence.
05.08.2001Chile's official recognition of UFOS as flying machines driven by an intelligence.
05.07.2001The mysterious photographs and subsequent suspect failure of the Soviet probe Phobos 2, as seen in the media by a Canadian citizen.
05.07.2001The respected astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek was totally skeptic about UFOs. USAF asks him to help them to show that UFOs are astronomical natural phenomenon. Hynek finds out they are not. A capital interview.
05.06.2001The first performance of the infamous Men in Black looks like a pathetic fairy tale.
05.05.2001The debate rages about alleged vegetation and glass pipes on Mars, Sir Arthur C. Clarke suddenly reveals himself as a new born believer and gets censored.
04.30.2001Wright Patterson AFB orders study of UFO photographs, 1967, FBIS report: UFO-aircraft encounter in Soviet Union, 1990, FBIS report: interview at the Soviet Ministry of Defence, 1991, UFO sighting in China, 1989, close encounter USSR 1991.
04.29.2001CIA report 1992: China continues scientific UFO investigation,convention in Beijing 1992, FBIS report 1989: multitude of UFOS in USSR, a case of crash and recovery of debris.
04.29.2001UFO near eruptive volcano, 1976, Antartic.
04.27.2001My favourite lake on Mars.
04.27.2001Media announce no more UFO in UK. Thus a new page in my "UFO stupidity" section.
04.26.2001In my region Alsace: Haguenau 1944.
24.04.2001One more Martian surprise.
24.04.200118 more videos.
04.23.2001Cards on the table in 1981, "The UFO Phenomenon: Laugh, Laugh, Study, Study" by Alan Hynek.
04.23.2001Are UFOs in fact secret aircrafts? Here is a set of examples of ridiculous propositionsto "explain" UFOs using so-called secret aircraft.
04.21.2001This page gives an answer to two questions: are there UFO observations in Russia? Are there underwater UFOs?
04.20.2001The entire text of the COMETA report cannot be reproduced, as protected by copyrights law.
04.20.2001Thanks to popular demand, the UFOs videos section has now a help page.
04.20.2001There are now three mirror sites.
04.13.2001Close encounters of James Flynn, 1965 and Gerry Irwin,1959, declassified cases of New Mexico 1947 and Wyoming 1954.
04.11.2001Classic cases: the Coleman radar-visual observation in 1952, the Dorset 1967 observation.
04.06.2001US Navy, having no responsibility in air defence, is often straightworward regarding what UFOs are.
04.05.2001The Lago De Cote photograph.
04.05.2001Science and UFOs: William T. Powers, in "Physics Today", 1970, suddenly restored some common sense.
04.05.2001UFOs spying on nuclear weapon storage space of the Strategic Air Command, USA 1975.
04.03.2001This article is a good introduction to the UK UFO policy.
04.01.2001Dogons of Mali, and their astronomical data on the star Sirius.
04.01.2001UFOs are real, non terrestrial, concluded unclassified USAF AMC report of 1949. 1953: F86 observes UFO.
03.30.2001The Darbyshire Dales UFO flap, 2001, UK.
03.29.2001The NARCAP, a UFO reporting center for air transportation people founded Dr. Richard Haines, Ph.D.
03.28.2001Probable newspaper hoax: UFO crash, Nebraska, 1884.
03.28.2001There was no "Alien" encounter in Lyons, France, 840.
03.25.200110 videos added.
03.24.2001Scientific evaluation concludes: scientists see UFO as often as everyone, but do not like to go public.
03.23.2001Air miss, Burbank 1950.
03.23.2001You migh enjoy the new UFO stupidities section.
03.18.2001Information located about the not-so famous Airport Terminal anomalous site on Mars.
03.18.2001Retired NATO officer speaks out and tells the Big Picture behind the UFO phenomenon on TV. True or false, it is anyway stuff to think about.
03.17.2001DIA declassified report about the dogfight between USAF jet fighter and UFO over Tehran in 1976.
03.11.200118 UFO footages added in the video section.
03.11.2001Another page with several ancient UFO pictures.
03.10.2001Prehistoric Aborigene paintings of Kimberley, Australia.
03.10.2001Another page with several ancient UFO pictures.
03.08.2001Illustrated sighting at Windsor Castle, 1783, and Hamburg, Germany, 1697.
03.06.2001New video of UFO above Popocatepetl in February 2001 released.
03.05.2001UFO - aircraft encounter cases: Augusta, 1953.
03.02.2001UFO - aircraft encounter cases: Ararangua, 1957, Lisboa, 1957, Kondair, 1984, Guizhou, 1995, Bariloche, 1995, Wuhan, 1996.
03.01.2001Picture of Foo Fighters.
02.25.2001Pilots see giant UFO, 2001, Chile.
02.22.2001"M. Chairman, UFOS are real" states Astronomer Alan Hynek, previously skeptic, at the United Nations.
02.22.2001FOIA releases: 15, 16, 17.
02.18.2001Symmes Orb photographs, near Cincinnati USA, 1994
02.18.2001Aviation Safety in America: A Previously Neglected Factor by Richard Haines, Ph.D, a capital scientific paper.
02.18.2001The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Flying Saucers (1995) by nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman.
02.18.2001Manuscript by Project Blue Book’s Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla.
02.18.2001US Firemen guide about risks of disasters caused by UFO events.
02.17.2001Further documentation on UFO crashes: Mexico 50, Spitzberg 52, Matydale 54, Ubatuba 57, New Paltz 60.
02.15.2001I make a face about the Face on Mars.
02.15.2001FOIA document with genuine military irony in it!
02.13.2001Liquid water on Mars, nowadays? Watch it burst!
02.11.20014 more FOIA declassified secret documents published.
02.10.2001Retired NATO officer speaks out and tells us the Big Picture behind the UFO phenomenon. True or false, it is anyway stuff to think about.
02.10.2001Additionnal stories ofUFO crashes: Cosford 1963, Ft. Riley 1964, Maury Island hoax 1947.
02.10.2001ET nanotechnology objects 100.000 years old found in Ural?
02.02.2001New UFO crash cases documented, including the Kingman 1953 case.
01.31.2001New entries in "A to Z": the Twining memo, TUFOIC, the Robertson Panel, Swamp gaz.
01.31.2001The 1897 Aurora UFO crash story is probably a hoax.
01.30.2001What's behind the fake colors of the Martian surface? My investigation continues.
01.30.2001Following the event on 01.27.2001, here is some more information about near airmisses between UFOs and aircraft.
01.28.2001Stunning new information about the Dropas.
01.27.2001AFP news item: Rusian Airport shut down because a UFO hovers above its runway.
01.27.2001An article of Fate Magazine in 1998 has some recent developments about the search for the Dropa discs.
01.25.2001An F-86 of the USAF shoots UFO in 1952, and we learn this fromthe former head of Project Blue Book.
01.25.2001New data about the famous Rendlesham incident in 1980, The Halt Tape: transcription of the sound recording by Lieutenant Colonel Halt during is patrol in the forest, during which they met the landed ufo. The tape has been released in the public by a Colonel and a General.
01.21.2001In a paper published in 1968, six well-known scientists explain that the study of UFO is serious and want that the UN, not the USAF, starts investigating.
01.20.2001More information on Project Blue Book.
01.14.2001Are there ufo observation in my own region, Alsace? How many? What kind of events? What kind of echo do they get in the media?
01.11.2000The observations in 2001 page starts today with a first report.
01.08.200118 ufo videos added, the collection has 104 videos now.
01.03.2001Mid-air ufo crash filming, 1996, Israël.
01.01.2001Pictures of ufos over Japan by amateurs.

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