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Some skeptics are still making ironical comments about UFO. One of the most frequent comment is "If there were UFOs, how do you explain that pilots do not meet them in the air?". Well they do meet. Sometimes pilots wonder if they will not meet just a little too close...

Airmiss in China, 1995:

A news item from Agence France Presse; which has been relayed by several newspapers.

Beijing (AFP) - a Chinese pilot preparing to land his aircraft on the Guizhou province airport, in South-West China, had to brutally change trajectory to avoid - not another plane - but a UFO, stated the Chinese daily newspaper "Nanfang Daily" yesterday. According to the newspaper, the Boeing 737 was at an altitude of 2 400 meters and started its landing approach when the anti-collision system of the aircraft detected a strange object located at two miles and rushing right at the airplaine.

Arrived at one thousand nautical (1 852 meters) of the airplane, the objet which resembled a rhombus changed shape right under the eyes of the pilot, taking a circular form and changing its yellow color to red. The anti-collision alarm system of the airplane then started.

The pilot changed course and could land without difficulties. But the object was still visible during one hour on the aircraft's radar screen, before disappearing in the south towards the mountains from Dushan, at the border of the provinces of Guizhou and Guangxi.

The Air Traffic tower of control announced no other plane in the sector at the time of the incident and the local authorities concluded from it that the pilot had avoided a UFO. Nanfang Daily dates this even from February.

An UFO of same type had been located in November in a forest in the North of Guiyang, according to the daily newspaper.

More than 5 000 UFO appearances were already announced in China, which represents the eighth of all those listed in the world.


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