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Retired NATO officer speaks out:

A retired Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean claims he saw a "Cosmic Top Secret" briefing document on UFOs when he worked on the General Staff at SHAPE (Strategic Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe) in the mid-1960s. No copy of the alleged "Assessment" has ever been seen in public, but Dean travels the world insisting that he knows what he saw is true. More than that, he says, the UFO secrets are just "the tip of the iceberg," symbolic of a whole new level of knowledge that will completely transform, or possibly destroy, our world.

Robert Dean:

Robert O. Dean has been engaged in the field of UFO research for the last 40 years. He began this research on active duty in the US ARMY where he served for 27 years. Additionally, from 1963 to 1967 he served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), NATO as an intelligence analyst, and it was while he was at SHAPE that he removed a file from a security vault called "The Assessment: An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe". According to Robert Dean, the document simply concludes that Earth has been for long under survey from several extra-terrestrial civilizations. Robert Dean's current projects are directed toward gaining immunity for ex-military personnel who may shed some light on the UFO issue, enabling them to testify before a Congressional Hearing without fear of losing their pensions or of prosecution.

Additional information:

Robert O. Dean has given many conferences and interviews on this topic. You will find some of them in the video section of this site.

The source:

Source: Perceptions Magazine
Date: May/June 2000

The text is part of an article in the May/June 2000 issue of Perceptions Magazine, in which Randy Koppang interviews Robert O. Dean.

My comments:

The interview might be true or a fabrication, I have no cross-references yet, except that Robert O. Dean has consistently kept the same speech on many many occasion. But I can tell to UFO skeptics that they are not correct when they claim that if there were a UFO cover-up, there would be leaks: unless this interview is a fraud, which has still to be demonstrated, we have here one more example of such a leak.

The links in the body of the interview point to related pages in this sites and are not part of the original publication.

There is a date discrepancy about the Kingman ufo crash and recovery. According to my information, the event took place in 1953 not 1972.

In any case, the views and ideas expressed by Robert O. Dean are highly interesting for anyone interested in the meaning and implications for mankind of an extra-terrestrial presence.

The interview:

Former NATO staffer Robert Dean speaks out on UFOs Says Human Race Is At A Crucial Moment In History:

Randy Koppang: Having a "Cosmic Top Secret "clearance in NATO, how do you feel we can reconcile the intelligence community's exclusive "need to know" with the public's right to share in that transcendental knowledge?

Robert Dean: You've got another thing to consider here. You talk about the intelligence community. It isn't a solid bloc. The "intel" agencies feed on each other continually. The big fuss is turf and money. They are always vying for more power and more money. There has been a difference of opinion within the intel communities for at least the last 25 years on this subject. Should we let it out? Should the American people be told the truth, yes or no? This has gone back and forth heatedly within the communities themselves. CIA fusses with NSA [National Security Agency], NSA fusses with DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency]; it's turf, it's money and it's power.

At the moment, the decision has still been, to my knowledge, "No, we can't let them know." There are indications that maybe, at some level, a policy decision has been to slowly, gently, in a non-threatening way let some of this reality out -- these leaked documents, the fact that some big mouth like me is violating his oath and getting away with it. I've thrown the gauntlet down and demanded they come and sue me, take my pension away, put me in Fort Leavenworth, and they haven't. I said, "Look guys, if you do, I can subpoena witnesses, I can subpoena documents that I happen to know exist. We'll have a helluva nice case. We'll make a real donnybrook out of this.

Well, I'm still getting away with what I'm doing. How effective I am, I don't know. There does seem to be a gentle trickle of classified info, either being leaked or allowed to be talked about, indicating to me that somebody wants it done.

Randy Koppang: For many reasons, technological and perceptual, a "global mind change" is occurring. One of the major reasons for this is a perceived crisis of constitutionality (hiding covert programs lacking congressional oversight). Some of these programs have involved researching and/or refusing to publicly share evidence of a possible ET presence. Was the "Assessment" the ultimate E.T. research project?

Robert Dean: I would not like to think the "Assessment," a three-year study, reflected the very finest piece of work that could be done of that subject. I hope that in our own government, at certain levels, much more thorough research programs have been conducted. I learned, after leaving SHAPE/NATO in 1967, that the conclusions of the "Assessment" had been known essentially as early as 1948 or 1949 by our government, at least by the Air Force, after the crash at Roswell [New Mexico]. And Roswell was the TIP OF AN ICEBERG. I know of at least a dozen crash retrievals involving bodies and survivors besides Roswell.

Our government knew in 1949 essentially the same thing that SHAPE published in 1964, but they kept it at the highest-level classification, didn't share it with anybody, didn't share it with our NATO allies. That's why the Air Marshall and General Lymon Lemnitzer had to conduct the "Assessment" in house, from 1961 to 1964. They could get nothing from London and Washington on the subject. We knew some of these things that early!

I hope a thorough evaluation of [the E.T. presence] has been done and will be shared with the American people by their government. I've talked to people on the inside who say amazing studies have been conducted not only in laboratories, not only in research, not only in hard science, but amazing things have been learned psychologically about the human condition, the human potential... The UFO matter is simply the tiny, tiny tip of an iceberg which is so enormous that when the truth comes out, its going to change the whole world.

A lot of government scientists and a number of government and military planners know these things. That's why many of them say, "Hell, no, we're never going to let that out. The 'people' will never be prepared for that."

Roughly 12 years ago, and I've heard from a number of independent sources - they did indeed pulled off a sustained, controlled fusion reaction at Los Alamos, using lasers. In itself, this little piece of scientific knowledge can blow the world up in terms of global economics. Fusion means endless cheap power. Think what it could do to the oil companies, auto industry, steel industry and world economy!

Now, I'm making a point here: I understand why that kind of knowledge must be released carefully, shared carefully, or the whole damn house of cards is going to fall around us. We could have massive world economic collapse, starvation, riots, blood in the streets, etc.

So I understand something that sensitive won't be released tomorrow. It's going to be released gently and carefully through the process of technology, probably over the next 30 to 50 years.

Randy Koppang: How about the implication of E.T. craft maneuverability, what some refer to as "free energy," a self-contained gravitational field propulsion system, powered by some unlimited energy source?

Robert Dean: There's a lot more to it. First of all, there was a crash at Kingman, Arizona in about 1972, where we retrieved some bodies and hardware. The hardware was in pretty good shape. Do you know what the biggest damn secret of all was? They could not find a propulsion system in that ship! They could not find a motor. What made it fly; what caused it to crash; how was it propelled; how was it controlled? To my knowledge, they never did find out.

Randy Koppang: At the end of World War II, America entered an a historical era in which our previous historical landmarks, war for instance, no longer dictated the national will. Without a national will of distinct purpose, the government runs free towards imperialistic profiteering. As a result, authority loses its grounding, leaving the national will in a stagnant limbo. The Apollo moon program and exploration of space should have filled this need, but they are going nowhere. The budgetary crisis is grounding them. Comments?

Robert Dean: That's why we are reaching this crucial moment in "history," I suspect. This may be a given in the universe, on hundreds of thousands of worlds, where intelligent species reach this crucial moment, as we have reached it.

We've got thermonuclear weapons, biological weapons, particle-beam weapons, psychotronic weapons. We can't continue to live the way we have any longer. Now, if we don't make this adjustment, this coming to terms with who we are, why we're here, how we came to be here and where we're supposedly going, then we're going down into the abyss. It'll be the end of this species. It'll be one little footnote in the great galactic book: "Well, those people on the third planet in the little system didn't make it. They self-destructed." I think that's probably happened thousands and thousands of times.

I believe we're at that point where we either have to make it and get off the planet, go out and take our place in space with other intelligence out there, or we're going to self-destruct. And those intelligences out there are not about to let us come "out there" with our war-making baggage. They're going to keep us quarantined here until we self-destruct, or until we do come to terms with this new reality, this paradigm shift, as painful as it's going to be. And with hope, we'll step out into that vast community.

To me it's clear as it can be, but I don't know how to get this info out to the masses of people. A few others in this effort and I are trying as best we can, in our limited way, to do it. But we're at a crucial moment in our history as a species and as a race.

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