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The UFO video collection:

There are thousands of filmings and video footage available. Some are from amateurs, other are the results of deliberate investigation, other were accidentally filmed by military equipments. These footages come from all around the world, some of them would be unconvincing if there were no associated testimonies, some other are absolutely stunning and their origin is bulletproof.


I SUSPENDED the ACCESS to doenload the vidéos. The reason is that the monthly allocated bandwidth is exhausted in two three days. Thank you not to be critical on this subject: this bandwidth would cost me $5 by GB, that is, for every people downloading the video I would have to pay $5.

I welcome favorably any free working hosting solution. However is is useless to tell me about the usual free hosting; their limitation - it is quite normal - are so that their services do not suffice for my needs of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file size, because this collection is larger than 350 MB (Take 600.000 visits * 350MB to get an idea of the load) It is useless to suggest that I put the video on peer to peer, they already are.



Click!The Nick Mariana, Montana 1950 footage.
Click!The Delbert C. Newhouse, Utah 1952 footage.
Cliquez!Personal investigation on an alleged UFO recent lengthy digital video.
Click!Information and personal notes on the Apollo 16 "giant UFO" footage.
Click!The Alberton, Australie, 1967 UFO footage.

In brief:

Click!Armed forces filmingsClick!Blue Book footage
Click!Aircrafts and ufoClick!Special interest
Click!Videos of famous casesClick!NASA filmings
Click!US Space Shuttle footagesClick!Russian & Eastern Block footages
Click!South AmericaClick!UFO are all around the world
Click!Videos by amateursClick!Videos of undetermined origin
Click!Videos by amateurs, 2Click!The Belgium flap
Click!Area 51Click!Ufos in the French skies
Click!Interviews, testimonies, lecturesClick!Recent filmings by amateurs
Click!NASA astronauts speak

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This page was last updated on Spetember 7, 2004