UFO videos by amateurs, part II:

This is of course the largest collection you can find in this site.

TEXAS 1995:

On June 11, 1995, retired ABC Network writer and director Jason Leigh was filming scenes of severe weather and flooding near his home in Cleburne, Texas, about 33 miles south of Fort Worth, when he saw a shiny, large, round flying object, moving gracefully in a westerly direction, then east. Without making so much as a turn, then hovering over a tree briefly, it continued westward. In May of 1996, Bunch presented the video at John Price's UFO Enigma Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, who authenticated it. The number of structural references on the tape, such as a house chimney the object passes helped a lot. Leigh did extensive research before going public with the film. "I wanted to leave no stone unturned. Not only did I have a reputation to keep, but I wanted to make sure it was for real," he said. The flight records out of Cleburne and the Federal Aviation Administration Operations Office in Fort Worth found no flights over the area on the day the video was taken. The National Balloon Base in Palestine, Texas, confirmed the object was not a weather balloon or a meteorite, the U.S. Space Command Center stated it was not space debris. A Dr. Kasher and CBS experts have also authenticated it.

Frame from the video
Location:Cleburne, Texas, USA
Date:June 11, 1995
From:Jason Leigh
Source:Jason Leigh
Size:312 Kb
Length:121 sec
Format:Real Video with sound

USA 1998:

A video of a UFO filmed by Chris Miller, who has been chasing UFO with his video camera since then. This is an extract of a show by the US TV channel FOX TV, host is Jonathan Frakes.

Frame from the video
From:Chris Miller
Source:FoxTV Best evidence ever caught on tape II
Size:2014 Kb
Length:171 sec
Format:Real Video with sound


A totaly silent unidentified flying object filmed over Florida on September 24, 1993. Because of its shape, some think it might be a man standing on a personal flying platform.

Frame from the video
Location:Florida, USA
Date:September 24, 1993
Size:1056 KB
Length:10 sec


This UFO was filmed near Fort Campbell, Kentucky on the evening of May 31, 1994, using a camcorder and a tripod. A camera has then been set up to monitor the site of numerous anomalous events taking place since December 15, 1998. The witnesses wish no publicity & have asked that the location not be indicated. The area is located in a rural & quite remote section of the state of Kentucky. Several videos have been obtained & the objects have been viewed by 37 individuals. The video has been published by Ted Phillips, director of the Center for Physical Trace Research.

Frame from the video
Location:Near Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA
Date:May 31, 1994
Size:510 KB
Length:4 sec

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