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Some skeptics are still making ironical comments about UFOs. One of the most frequent comment is "If there were UFOs, how do you explain that pilots do not meet them in the air?". Well they do meet. Sometimes pilots wonder if they will not meet just a little too close...

UFO attacks F-51, 1963:

Source: Cleveland Press, July 31, 1963.

A UFO attacked an airplane:

Cleveland, Ohio (BUP) - Cleveland Press, which belongs to the Scripps-Howard group, publishes that a pilot veteran submitted a report that his F-51 fighter was attacked repeatedly by a flying saucer.

This incident, which was never released to the public, occurred one year ago above Augusta, Georgia, by a warm sunny day.

This pilot was lieutenant George Kinman, who is now piloting jets in Germany. He told that suddenly he saw something in front of him which was coming in his direction and passed his aircraft, "almost colliding his propeller."

It was a thick, white, large disc about twice as large as the plane, without visible protuberances such as engines, machine-guns, port-holes, smoke or fire.

Kinman changed direction, and did not see anything. But, after 15 seconds, the disc reappeared and plunged abruptly to avoid a collision. This operation was repeated several times during five to ten minutes...

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