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Trivial phenomena:

Phenomena that are not UFOs:

There is a whole series of phenomena, either natural or artificial which do not have any extraterrestrial visitors features about them. These phenomena are sometimes called upon rightly, or wrongly, as the cause of a UFO report, or the as cause of all UFO reports. Here is some information on these very terrestrial phenomena, including descriptions of their features. In connection with UFO reports, this enables you to check if a sighting can or cannot be explained by one of these commonplace causes.

Lenticular clouds:

Lenticular clouds, whose scientific designation is cirrocumulus lenticularis, have more or less the shape of a disc or several discs piled up on each other, offering generally an inflated silhouette.

They form above 7000 meters of altitude up to the limits of the troposphere. Their form, so particular, is due to factors such as the pressure, the temperature, of turbulences and very strong winds. Their milky consistency can appear almost solid when they are observed from a distance, their color can seem different to the color of other clouds when they are lightened under certain particular conditions.

One of the conditions when such cloudy formation occur is that of winds going up on the sides of a mountain that create such a cloud right at the top of the mountain. These clouds remain usually perfectly motionless.

It is said that people who report a UFO sighting actually saw a lenticular cloud.

In order to help you to visually distinguish both phenomena, check this table. On the left, clouds, on the right, UFOs.

Lenticular cloud: Other phenomenon:

There are some other factors to take into account if you think you observed a UFO and if you wish to be sure that the observed UFO is not a lenticular cloud. Here is a short table of some of the possible differences for your help:

Lenticular cloud: Other phenomenon:

Motionless, or very slowly moving.

Tremendous speed, or complicated manoeuvers through the air, or chasing your car or pacing your aircraft, or landing.

When interrogated, radar personal say nothing was detected.

There are clear and sharp radar records showing a material object corresponding to your observation.

Nothing particular happens.

The phenomenon lands and humanoid or uncommon beings get out of it and maybe do something.

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