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Is it possible that aliens landed in China a long time ago following their spaceship's crash, and settled there? Scientists and archaeologists studied tombs, remains, strange objects, ethnologists spoke to their descent, a linguist translated their writings, but... as incredible as it sounds, no recent investigation has been made since. The story just served as a plot for an X-Files episode.

A lecture by Hartwig Hausdorf:


The lecture is by Hartwig Hausdorf, German author "UFO and Ancient Astronaut Theory", it was given on August 9,1997 at Lucy and Orlando PlŠ house in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Themes of the lecture:

UFO-crash that probably happened at a time 12,000 years prior to now in China.

In some caves, they discovered lots of tombs with numerous strange looking skeletons buried inside. All the buried had an abnormal big head, along with a small, thin and fragile body. There were no epitaphs at the graves, but a number of 716 stone disc with strange looking hieroglyphs on them.

Dwarfish people, called "DZOPA". Their ancestors came from a planet from Sirius, and crashed down in this mountain area a long time ago. Lots of them lost their lives, but the survivors were used to living conditions of this planet.

China pyramides, etc.

The lecture:


Ladies and Gentlemen,

During the last years, lost of dogmatic truths were pushed down from their throne, because there are indications that our past was more fantastic than we can imagine. Light fell down on so many mysteries from millenniums long gone. Let me take you on the trace of two enigmas from Ancient China.

I want to begin with a mystery of the centuries; which allegedly was discovered 60 years ago. It's ranking around a UFO-crash that probably happened at a time 12,000 years prior to now a "Chinese Roswell" if you like this term. First I will like to introduce you to that intriguing story.

It was at the turn of the year 1937 to 1938, when an expedition led by archeologist Chi Pu-Tei came across the pathless mountain area of Bayan-Kara-Ula, located in the Chinese province of Qinghai. In some caves, they discovered lots of tombs with numerous strange looking skeletons buried inside. All the buried had an abnormal big head, along with a small, thin and fragile body.

There were no epitaphs at the graves, but a number of 716 stone disc with strange-looking hieroglyphs on them. From a hole in the center of each disk, a spiral-like groove went to its rim, and the archeologist had no idea which information were hidden in these hieroglyphs. It was not before the early sixties, when Beijing fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Professor Tsum Um Nui, succeeded in translating some passages of the inscriptions on the stone discs. But when completing on his report, lots of trouble came to the brave man: The Academy of Sciences banned his publication of the result of his research work. It's not surprising when we consider the unusual conclusion, that Tsum Um Nui and four assistant fellows came upon: They were certain that the hieroglyphs on the stone-disks were talking about the crash if an alien spacecraft, that happened in this mountain area some 12,000 years prior to now!

After lots of quarrels and fights, Tsum Um Nui got the permission to publish his work. Herein, he told the story of alien beings called DROPA, who crashed down in the Baya-Kara-Ula mountains after a long space flight and had no possibility to repair their craft. The scientific establishment considered the whole story as nonsense, and Professor Tsum Um Nui was said to be a complete fool.

What the skeptics ignored was the fact, that in the Qinghai province, in the area of Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains, old traditions tell about small and skinny, ugly beings with big and clumsy heads, who came down from the skies a long time ago. People have always been afraid of the strange-looking invaders from the clouds.

So shortly after publishing his report, Professor Tsum Um Nui emigrated to Japan. Embittered from the reactions from the scientific establishment, he died shortly after completing on a manuscript about the stone-disk-mystery.

There was much criticism on Tsu Um Nui's person. Skeptics said, that the name of the Professor does not exist in Chinese language, neither in Mandarin nor in Canton Chinese. But in my book "Satelliten der Gotter" (Satellites of the Gods), co-authored by Peter Krass, we could point out from were the name was originating. A friend's wife, born in Singapore and speaking fluently Japanese, told us, that Tsum Um Nui is a former Japanese name, but adapted to Chinese language. Now think about German immigrants in America: Their former names was Herr Schmid now their name is adapted to Mr. Smith. Consequently Japan was the right place for the Professor to retired from his enervating defeat in China.

Primary source for the report on the Bayan-Kara-Ula findings are information coming from Japan. They were first published in German in the July, 1962 issue of the magazine "Das vegetarische Universum". And here the ends could meet one day: In the summer of '96 the book "Satellites of the Gods" was published in Japan. Peter Krassa and me hope, that Japanese readers could give us new information on the late Professor Tsum Um Nui. Where is his burial place? And which library contains his reports on the translation of the stone disc-hieroglyphs of Bayan-Kara-Ula?

What was obvious for a short time's duration but lost again by now, are two of those mysterious artifacts. An Austrian engineer had the opportunity to make these photographs in 1974, when he was on a guided China-tour. In Banpo-Museaum in Xian, the capital of the Province of Shensi, he came across two discs which exactly met the descriptions we know from the Bayan-Kara-Ula report from 1962 and upcoming publications. And he could even recognize hieroglyphs in spiral-like grooves but partly crumbled way.

Knowing of the artifacts background, Mr. Wegerer asked the former managers of Banpo-Museum for more details on the pieces in the showcase. I guess he caused a lot of trouble, because the poor woman didn't know what to say. She was able to tell a complete story about all the other artifacts made from clay, but all she could explain about the stone disc was that they are but unimportant "cult objects".

Anyway - the Austrian engineer was allowed to take one of the discs in his hand make photographs of both of them. Ladies and Gentlemen, the photographs I'm showing in this lecture are the only existing in the world, made of the Baya-Kara-Ula stone platters. Mr. Wegerer estimated their weight at one kilogram or two pounds, and the diameter at 28 to 30 centimeters, that's one foot. And thereís been all of the details reported: A hole in the center plus strange hieroglyphs. I regret they're not to be seen here on the photographs, because they are crumbled away partly and - for second reason - Mr. Wegerer used a Polaroid camera with integrated flash. This wasn't quite good for the contrast of the photograph. Peter Krassa got these photographs not before the end of the eighty's.

And this was the status quo when Peter and me tried to take up trace of this mystery of the Century directly in China. It wasnít that easy to do research work on an event that could be compared easily with the Roswell Case in the United Sates. Meanwhile, China had suffered under the "Proletarian Cultural Revolution" that raged from 1966 till 1976. Lots of people and innumerable cultural objects of value fell victim to this ruthless rage. I'm sure this was the reason for a great number of artifacts to be dislocated from the Capital Beijing into the provinces.

In March, 1994, Professor Wang Zhijun, Director of the Banpo-Museum, welcomed us for a discussion on the stone disc. At first, he wasn't willing to give us further details, but after a while he revealed shocking information. His predecessor, the above-mentioned managers, was called away from her job just a few days after Mr. Wegerer had visited the museum, without giving her any reason. She's vanished since that, and both from her and the two stone discs, any trace is missing! What happened to the woman? I don't know. But I had feeling that Professor Wang Zhijun didn't fell well during our inquiry. When we asked for the artifacts present place, he told us the following (I quote): "The stone discs you've mentioned do not exist, but being extraneous elements in this pottery museum, they were dislocated." (End of Quotation)

Isn't it a strange phenomenon making such a turn in just one sentence?

For objects that do not exist officially, the Bayan-Kara-Ula stone-patters are surprisingly concrete. Professor Warg Zhijun showed us a book about archeology where we could find this sketch of a stone-disk. Is it only a phantom that I'm running after?

Nearly unknown in German-speaking countries is the content of the book "Sungods in Exile", published in 1978 by a certain David Agamon. This book pretends to be a documentary in the 1947 expedition of the eccentric scientist Dc. Karyl Robin-Evans from England. He allegedly seceded in reaching Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range in Central China and found a dwarfish people in there, called DZOPA".

On his way through uncanny regions, he wrote, his Sherpas left him frightened by disturbing incidents. But anyway: The Chi-Pu-Tei expedition in the late thirties reported in fact, that Bayan-Kara_Ula region is avoided by the people living around, because of some uncanny inhabitant there. Under great efforts Robin-Evans reached his goal- and pretends to have a sensational finding.

According to the book "Sungods in Exile", he found a few hundred members of dwarfish people, 4 ft. in average, living in a remote valley of that mountain area. He stayed there for half a year, learned their language and was introduced in history and traditions of the dwarfish beings. They told him that their ancestors came from a planet from Sirius, and crashed down in this mountain area a long time ago. Lots of them lost their lives, but the survivors were used to living conditions of this planet.

If these details are correct - or at least, there's true essence behind the weird story - it is to be supposed that descendants from aliens visitors could still exist in remote areas of Central China. Could they look like these two in 1947? Have a look on their faces - and be aware, that they were just 4 ft. tall.

A few month ago I got a letter from Ukrainian scientist Dc. Vladimir Rubtsov. He wrote, that "Sungods in Exile" was a science-fiction story, designed to fool those among us who are credulous to each and every story about alliance and that stuff. Science - fiction stories, rumors and legends. After all with a true essence? In this case, uncanny legends took shape - and since the end of 1955. the events went head over heels!

It began with news from Associated Press, coming from China in November, 1995. It was just a week after I've been fiercely attacked by a skeptic, while talking about Bayan-Kara-Ura UFO-crash in German TV talk show. In Sichuan Province, Central China, some 120 dwarfish beings were discovered - with the tallest among them to be 3 ft. 10 inch, and the smallest adult to be 2 ft 1 inch! It's really incredible - scientists are helpless: some of them think about poisoned environments, others presume a certain genetic configuration to be the reason for their stunted growth. Maybe they are right...

Thrilling news, that introduces a new era in the research work on the Bayan-Kara-Ula mystery. Meanwhile I could find more details on this, and Iím pretty sure this could be the last living descendant of UFO-crash survivors from 10,000 B.C.

120 dwarfs cannot be created only by chance, as the probabilities for stunted growth is one case among 20,000 - all we know about the theory of probability is against chance! Poisoned environments are not practicable as well, since the "Village of the Dwarfs" is far away from major cities and industries. I got this information from two faxes sent by Chinese Tourist Administration, and from several telephone calls with Secretary of the Chinese Ambassador in Bonn, Mr. Dai.

In January, 1997, a new theory leaked from Chinese ethnologist - revealing their helplessness in a case that grows more and more mysterious. They attributed the dwarfism to a high concentration of mercury in the soil, that poisoned the drinking water for generations.

Norbert Felgenhauer, PH. D. at the Munich Institute for Toxic Surgery, stated this theory to be absolute nonsense! Mercury is a malicious poison, harmful to any organs in our body. Perhaps some among us can remember the disaster that happened in the sixties, leaving a trace of misery in the Japanese town of Minamata. Some factories had introduced water contaminated with mercury into the sea, and the people were badly poisoned from the fish they have eaten. Lots of them died after agonizing, long-term sickness.

But there's one thing mercury is not able to: It's not possible to change the human DNA, carrier of all the vital information. Mercury is not able to cause hereditary decease!

It is significant for the information I got from China that the Authorities did not deny the existence of the "Village of the Dwarfs" - but they kept on directing me to the fact that the place isnít open to foreigners. So I can be sure, that in case of being some kind of ghetto, Chinese Government would have denied any existence of that place. On the contrary: they admitted that scientists are simply helpless, and the evidence is clear if you read between the lines!

Last but not least the so-called "Village of the Dwarfs" is located only a few hundred kilometers east of Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains, almost near the east spur. At this point, Chinese provinces Qinghai and Sichuan are adjoining.

Basing on these information, I can offer two possibilities:

  • First: Not long ago, the tribe called DROPA decided to migrate from the high altitudes from Baya-Kara-Ula mountains, here they've been hidden for thousands of years, into lower parts of the country. This could have happened in 1995.
  • Second: Not long ago, Chinese authorities forced them to migrate in order of better supply and control, and also for study purposes.

For the second possibility would result in denial by Chinese Officials, I'd prefer the first of them. But anyway: The little beings must have been isolated for a very long time, otherwise they would have mixed up with others tribes or races. In this case, they would be taller by now!

The discovery of these beings is the preliminary culminating point of a story haunting our literature since more than 30 years. But I could - in addition to this - find out more indications for the existence of dwarfish people in these Central Chinese mountains.

Mr. George Dendl from Berlin, who takes a doctor's degree in History, found a report from the year 1911 that spoke about repeated sightings of extremely dwarfish being in Tibet and its Central Asian neighborhood.

I received additional information from another part of the world. When holding some lecture in Australia in June, 1996, I was contacted by a young couple one eve in Brisbane. They told me about their grandfather, who was on duty with the Allies in Central China during World War II. Until he died, he never ceased talking about several encounters he had with members of an extraordinary dwarfish tribe in Central China. According to his reporting, these dwarfish folks were far smaller than the Pygmies from Africa, who usually grow by 4 ft 8 up to 5 ft. These latest and dramatic news cry for intensive research work. I have resolved to do my very best to clean up the mysterious incident that happened thousands of years ago in a remote mountain area in Central Asia. It's the "Chinese Roswell" that demands for enlightenment, as well!

But let's talk about another archeological sensation from Central China - let's have a profound look at the Chinese pyramids, which were denied for a long time. But they do exist.

It was in spring 1945, and the days of World War II, were nearly over. There were still some Japanese Troops in China, but the U.S. Army and her Allies were on duty to expel them out of the Eastern Empire. One of these days, Air-Force-Aviator James Gaussman is boarding his aircraft. He got some routine order - to fly over Qui Lin Shan mountain southwest of Xian city. But for the aviator this day is predestined to become the most exciting day of his life.

When flying over the high valleys of Qin Lin Shan mountains, he suddenly became aware of a fantastic building: He saw a huge pyramid. Knowing that none would believe him without proof he took a photograph from the gigantic object.

After his return the photograph was developed, and both the evaluation of the photo and the pilot's testimony brought a very shock: The pyramidís high was 300 Mts. - about 1000 feet - with a length at its base equivalent to half a kilometer! For long years the photograph vanished in the Army Intelligence file.

Two years later. Another U.S. aviator, the late Maurice Sheaha, came across that region. Sheaha was a TWA manager in those days, and this time the paper hooked into the story: "U.S. Flier Report Huge Chinese Pyramid In Isolated Mountain Southwest Of Sian" was the New York Times Headline of march 28, 1947. Sheahan estimated its height at 1,000 feet like Gaussman did two years before, and located the pyramid 40 mls southeast of Xian. In those days, Mao Tsetung's communist party fought for predomination, and when the People's Republic of China was declared on 1st October, 1949, it became impossible to confirm the pyramid's existence.

Certainly, there were rumors, but archeologists usually judged them to be complete nonsense. In the sixties, aviator Bruce Cathie from New Zealand tried to do some research work on the officially not existing pyramid of China. Basing on some reporting and - allegedly using top secret satellite photograph - he made this map with 16 Chinese pyramids. I've coloured them green, so you can easily recognize the pyramid's position. And, by the way, I know it better: This area contains more than 100 pyramids - that's three times as much as there are in Egypt!

Let's change the scenery. 1994 was the year of the breakthrough in Chinese Pyramids research. First time in March 1994, together with my friend Peter Krassa from Vienna, and another time in October, I finally succeeded to get entrance to those forbidden zones. With these photographs I can prove there are lots of pyramids in China. They are usually flattened at the top, like those pyramids we know from Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. When archeologist found the remainders of those buildings, they looked the same way as these Chinese ones do. We could photograph dozens of them in the plains west of Xian City. On this photograph you can see a very fine one that is located one mile from the new Airport Expressway.

Just a few hundred meters far off, a sad impression. Could this be the pyramids future, when Chinese Government does not protect them from destruction? Some of these old buildings were destroyed by the farmers - you should know that the Chinese Pyramids are not built from stone but from clay, which became very hard during thousands of years. Here you could say it's a natural hill, but there arenít some in the flat plains of Qin Chuan!

West of Xianyang you can find the pyramid area of Mao Ling. For the 50 kilometers' distance from Xian downtown we needed approximately 1 and a half hour by car. It isn't easy to be found: Our guide and driver asked more than 10 people for the right way - and they got more than 20 various answer. But finding the right way to go, you can see the great Mao Ling Pyramid from afar.

In the middle of a rural area you'd probably not expect such a view. More than 90 meters high, the pyramid is rising, and its shape must have been more perfect some thousand years ago. One thing is obvious looking at some of these pyramids: Just a few years ago, Chinese began planting fast-growing conifers on the slopes of the buildings. What is their intention? Do they want to hide the pyramids on the long-term? Possibly they would say in a few decades, these are but natural hills.

It seems there is a spell on the pyramids of China. My friend Peter Krassa got a cryptic answer when inquiring an archeologist on the planned opening of the pyramids. I quote: "That's a job for future generation."

I've mentioned it before: Chinese pyramids are flat at the top, like their meso-american counterparts. During my expeditions through Chinas forbidden zones I found this one with a distinct peak. The whole Shensi pyramid area covers more than 2000 square kilometers. But the before-mentioned pyramid which is 300 meters tall is outside that area. Due to latest information, it is located in the immediate vicinity of a launch base of Chinese rocket-program. This could be the reason we were not allowed to set foot on that spot.

The greatest number of these ancient buildings I found around the township of Xianyang. Although located near this 500,000 inhabitants city, the pyramids are in nearly deserted from men. But there are lots of pyramids, like this one resembling to the sun pyramid of Toetihuacan, Mexico. Its height is 65 Mts. like the Mexican one, but two sides are longer so it doesn't look that high on the first glance. Look at the groove created by thousands of years of erosion.

It is uncanny in this forbidden zone. Like on long-gone past, some peasants are working with wooden ploughs; with their oxen to be the only help instead of modern technical supply. They are working in the shadows of the pyramids rising there by dozens. They probably know very few about gigantic monuments, and I'm sure they are not interested in learning more about them. The pyramids are just standing there, making impression of things from another world, from out of our reality. You can imagine being on another planet.

From the trees right and left of these pyramids you'll get an idea of its immense height. But it's pretty unbelievable that the 70 Mts. high monuments is located only three quarters of a mile from Xianyang city limits. I've Bean surprised by two facts when climbing upon the pyramids: On the top, there's some kind of crater, and I suppose there was a cavern that crashed down because of erosion during thousands of years.

But what was far more surprising, was the view from the top. I was able to count 17 pyramids in the immediate vicinity, some of them standing one by one, others on row or clusters. It's amazing: There are pyramids as far you can look! You could even talk about a pyramid city. So I'm asking what mysteries from long gone times are waiting for solutions? When standing right upon the top, a bold idea flashed through my head: Why not trying to open one of these pyramids? Bit I was in a forbidden zone, and even trying to do so world bring me into a prison cell. So I refused that idea - thinking about all the denials from the last decade, I feel happy to be the very first who was allowed to see the famous Chinese pyramids, climb upon and make photographs.

Could we solve one day the mysteries of the Chinese pyramids? What were they built for? Are they just old, imperial burial mounds? Or are they part of that gigantic system of holy lines, called "Feng-Shui" or "Holy Ways of the Dragon"? These old traditions pointed out the places where a building was to be erected - and where not. Could it be possible that these regulations depend upon the observation of old-time UFOs flying in from outer space? Remember that the Dragon from old Chinese tradition seems to be more technical equipment than some fabulous being. The Dragon usually came down to earth roaring and spitting fire, and was characterized being made from metal. That's really not the way fabulous monsters are designed!

Professor Wang Shiping from Shensi Historical Museum supposed that the Qui Chuan Pyramids were aligned due to astronomic constellations.

As well, they give evidence of an enormous know-how in geometry and mathematics. It was not before 1994, that some pyramids were discovered at Wei Ho River north of Xian. One of them standing nearly exactly on the geometric center of the old Chinese imperious. When scientist checked the position, they became aware that there was only a declination of a few meters to the actual geometric center.

For completing on the pyramids, I will give you some information for possible connections to alien intelligent once being on this planet. It was in 1910, when two Australian traders, Oscar Maman and Fred Meyer Schroeder, crossed Shensi Province and suddenly saw some of these pyramids. By the occasion of discussing with an old friar, he told the amazed Australians that the pyramids were mentioned in the oldest records of his monasteries. The records were 5000 years old, and the pyramids not only mentioned but characterized as being very old.

5000 years or even more - that's a very long time. A time, where China was reigned by the so-called old emperors. The old Emperors continuously pointed out that they were not descended from terrestrial ancestry. But they were descended from the so called "Sons from Heaven", who came down to earth a long time ago on their metal- made Dragon from outer space. Yes, from outer space, as the old Chinese tradition point out!

So I want to repeat the question: What were the Chinese pyramids built for? Are they standing around to remember us to the old Masters from the Universe, who came down to earth not only to bring culture but to enable us to go our own ways?

We usually like to see us as the "Crown of Creation" Maybe these old monuments, standing there for thousands of years, are there for reminding us to the fact, that we are not alone in our universe!

I thank you very much for your attention!

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