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Black Helicopters:

Black helicopters have been reported in the 2000's in the US, sometimes associated to UFO observations or cattle mutilation. These helicopters have generated a mystery in themselves: the have no identification marks, are they flown by the US military? Are they secret helicopters? Do they even exist, or are they only hoaxes?

A black helicopter:

Black helicopters do exist, they have no identification marks, and they are not that secret. A source who wished to remain anonymous sent me these pictures. The craft shown here is the successor of the Argus, the Northrop Grumman Ryan model 379 VTUAV, a small size helicopter... without a pilot!

The craft is in use by the US Navy for example, they do publish the same photographs on their web site, accompanied with all the technical data.

Landed VTUAV VTUAV in flight
VTUAV in flight VTUAV landing

Model 379 VTUAV specifications:

Rotor Disk Area: 594.5 ft sq
Max Takeoff Weight: 2550 lbs
Empty Weight: 1457 lbs
Mission Fuel Load: 793 lbs
Payload Weight: 200 lbs
Horizontal Tail Area: 3.1 ft sq
Vertical Tail Area: 4.7 ft sq
Anti-Torque Disk Area: 14.2 ft sq


This kind of unmanned crafts are intensively developed and tested by the US military in the recent years, and will probably be deployed for operational use between 2000 and 2025, depending on budget considerations.

As these crafts generally have no identification marks, they might -or might not- be the famous "black helicopters".

Due to their small size, they might appear to the naive observer as "UFO manoeuvering at high speed in the distance". But on the other hand, they are not at all silent, and you can be confident that tests of such crafts are not conducted over populated areas but rather over isolated dedicated test ranges.

These crafts are also quite recent: there was no informatics capacities in the last decades to get an aircraft of any kind to fly in a stable manner under no human control.

In few words, when a flying device is observed near a military test range these days, it is more and more difficult to discriminate between human or possibly non-human crafts. But such craft cannot be used to dismiss cases of the past decades, particularly if the UFO case is reported as "unexplained" by the military themselves.

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