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12.30.2007CE3: Wissous, France 1967.
12.29.2007CE3: Philadelphia, USA 1966.
12.28.2007CE3: Idaho, USA 1968.
12.28.2007CE3: Cabo Polonio, Uruguay 2006.
12.28.2007CE3: Salamanca, Spain 1950.
12.27.2007CE3: Linha Bela Vista, Brazil 1954.
12.27.2007CE3: Curitiba, Brazil 1954.
12.27.2007CE3: Kuranda, Australia 2005.
12.26.2007CE3: Lan Xi Chekiang, China 1979.
12.26.2007CE3: Johannesburg, South Africa 1988.
12.26.2007CE3 upd.: Duas Pontes, Brazil 1962.
12.25.2007CE3: Canoga Park, USA 1979.
12.25.2007CE3: Rians, France 1979.
12.25.2007CE3: Reims, France 1954.
12.23.2007CE3: Sundown, Canada 1977.
12.23.2007CE3: Miami Beach, USA 1958.
12.23.2007CE3: Toronto, Canada 1985.
12.22.2007CE3: Cabasson, France 1954.
12.21.2007CE3: Pelham, USA, 1977.
12.21.2007CE3: Lesparre-Médoc, France 1954.
12.20.2007The alleged Hayabusa UFO in space.
12.18.2007CE3: Lineville, USA 1948.
12.18.2007CE3: Mont Incahuasi, Chile 1966.
12.18.2007CE3: China Springs, USA 1975.
12.16.2007CE3: San Feliu, Spain 1967.
12.16.2007CE3: Challes, France 1954.
12.16.2007CE3: USA?, 1979.
12.15.2007CE3: Jonches, France 1954.
12.14.2007Your reports: Weird nocturnal lights in Argentina.
12.14.2007Your reports: Weird object near airport.
12.14.2007Your reports: Nocturnal greenish light.
12.14.2007Your reports: Light going up in the sky.
12.14.2007Your reports: Nocturnal lights in Belgium.
12.14.2007Your reports: Fast light on Paris.
12.14.2007Your reports: Nocturnal lights.
12.14.2007Your reports: Three fast moving balls.
12.13.2007Press 1955: Le Provençal.
12.13.2007Press 1955: La Prensa.
12.13.2007Press 1955: Le Méridional.
12.13.2007Press 1955: New York Post.
12.13.2007Press 1955: Reno Gazette.
12.13.2007Press 1955: New York Post.
12.13.2007Press 1955: La Tribune de Sherbrooke.
12.13.2007Press 1955: New York Post.
12.08.2007CE3: Los Angeles, USA 1954.
12.08.2007Press 1954: Bridgeport Telegram.
12.08.2007Press 1954: Le Soir de Marseille.
12.08.2007Press 1954: The Times.
12.07.2007CE3: Narbonne, France 1988.
12.07.2007CE3: Mendionde, France 1954.
12.06.2007CE3: Abitibi Lake, Canada 1940.
12.06.2007CE3 upd.: Bleinheim, New Zealand 1959.
12.05.2007CE3: Le Houlme, France 1956.
12.04.2007Press 1955: Le Méridional.
12.04.2007Press 1955: Le Méridional.
12.04.2007Press 1955: Bournemouth Daily Echo.
12.04.2007Press 1955: La Nazione.
12.04.2007Press 1955: Le Provençal.
12.03.2007CE3: Lamy, USA 1880.
12.02.2007CE3: Thornton, USA 1956.
12.02.2007CE3: Wimereux, France 1956.
12.02.2007CE3: Bardney, U-K. 1977.
11.30.2007CE3: Karapelit, Bulgaria 1989.
11.30.2007CE3: Artigas, Uruguay 1977.
11.30.2007CE3: Lucky Point, USA 1980.
11.30.2007CE3: Serra Branca, Brazil 1977.
11.30.2007CE3: Aktash, Russia 1989.
11.29.2007CE3: Hubbell, USA 1922.
11.29.2007CE3: Jutland, Denmark 1940.
11.28.2007CE3: Wearyan River, Australia 1941.
11.28.2007CE3: Hamburg, Germany 1914.
11.27.2007CE3: Mount Cross, USa 1974.
11.27.2007CE3: Victoriaville, Canada 1974.
11.27.2007CE3: Carapito, Portugal 1977.
11.27.2007CE3: Carapito, Portugal 1977.
11.25.2007CE3: Currais Novos, Brazil 1980.
11.25.2007CE3: Hajmasker, Hungary 1975.
11.25.2007CE3: Trent, USA 1977.
11.25.2007CE3 upd.: Brush Creek, USA 1953.
11.23.2007CE3: Toronto, Canada 1973.
11.23.2007CE3: Volgograd, Russia 1972.
11.23.2007CE3: Posen, Poland 1972.
11.22.2007CE3: Lerida, Spain 1977.
11.22.2007CE3: Jordanow, Poland 1977.
11.22.2007CE3: Dunmow, U-K. 1989.
11.22.2007Press 1947: Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.
11.22.2007Press 1947: Le Méridional.
11.22.2007Press 1947: Le Monde.
11.21.2007CE3: Runcorn, U-K. 1957.
11.20.2007CE3: Harrah, USA 1977.
11.20.2007CE3: Anthony Hill, USA 1973.
11.20.2007CE3: Strahalbyn, Australia 1956.
11.19.2007CE3: Siran, France 1954.
11.19.2007CE3: Keston, U-K. 1981.
11.18.2007CE3: Foxboro, USA 1980.
11.18.2007CE3: Rampieux, France 1977.
11.17.2007CE3: Ris, Norway 1974.
11.17.2007CE3: Gisborne, New Zealand 1977.
11.16.2007CE3: Sulitjelma, Norway 1915.
11.16.2007CE3: Navegantes, Brazil 1974.
11.15.2007Press 1947: Circleville Herald.
11.15.2007Press 1947: Le Méridional.
11.15.2007Press 1947: L'Aurore.
11.15.2007Press 1947: The Times.
11.15.2007Press 1947: La Libre Belgique.
11.14.2007CE3: Todmorden, U-K. 1980.
11.14.2007CE3: Beijing, China 1981.
11.12.2007CE3: The Andes, Peru 1974.
11.11.2007Press 1947: L'Union de Reims.
11.11.2007Press 1947: New York Times.
11.11.2007Press 1947: La Libre Belgique.
11.11.2007Press 1947: Le Progrès.
11.11.2007Press 1947: El Paso Times.
11.11.2007Press 1947: Cincinnati Enquirer.
11.11.2007Press 1947: Echo d'Oran.
11.10.2007CE3: Fos-sur-Mer, France 1968.
11.10.2007CE3: West Virginia, USA 1968.
11.10.2007CE3: Aztec, USA 1975.
11.10.2007CE3: Valparaiso, Chile 1968.
11.09.2007CE3: Potosi, Bolivia 1968.
11.09.2007CE3: Summit county, USA 1972.
11.08.2007CE3: Altamont, USA 1974.
11.08.2007CE3: Whitehouse, USA 1974.
11.08.2007Press 1947: Denver Post.
11.08.2007Press 1947: Est Républicain.
11.08.2007Press 1947: Washington Villager.
11.08.2007Press 1947: Var-Matin.
11.08.2007Press 1947: New York Times.
11.07.2007CE3: St. Mathias de Chamby, Canada 1973.
11.06.2007CE3: Montmorency, France 1974.
11.06.2007CE3: Itapoa, Brazil 1971.
11.06.2007CE3: Anza Borrego, USA 1954.
11.06.2007CE3: Parafuso, Brazil 1973.
11.05.2007CE3: Toquilla, Colombia 1990.
11.05.2007CE3: Oléron, France 1954.
11.04.2007CE3: American Falls, USA 1975.
11.04.2007CE3: Gibbstown, USA 1951.
11.03.2007CE3: Hughenden, Australia 1956.
11.03.2007CE3: Lake June, USA 1952.
10.26.2007CSI News #4, 1953.
10.24.2007CE3: Highdown Hill, U-K. 1975.
10.24.2007A to Z: Ufology.
10.21.2007CSI News #3, 1953.
10.20.2007CSI News #1, 1952.
10.18.2007CE3: Miami Lakes, USA 2007.
10.18.2007CE3: Conashaugh, USA 1956.
10.18.2007France 1954: Gerardmer.
10.17.2007France 1954: Gerardmer, Moussoulens.
10.16.2007The 1952 Oloron saucers explained by local M.D..
10.16.20071955 Morocco report noted by R. Veillith.
10.16.2007Report form, GREI, the 80's.
10.15.2007Centro de Estudio Interplanetarios, 1958.
10.15.2007Letter from so-called "contactee" Siragusa to Keyhoe's NICAP, 12 décembre 1958.
10.15.2007Henri Chaloupek's 1952 sighting.
10.15.2007Keel/Vallée thesis at the town hall, France, 1980.
10.15.20071958 Italian ufologist's letter to Keyhoe.
10.15.20071958 Brazilian reader's letter to Keyhoe.
10.13.20071955 letter by Veillith to Keyhoe.
10.13.20071957, letter from Cuba to Keyhoe.
10.12.2007CE3: Deputy, USA 1967.
10.12.2007CE3: Croix d'Epine, France 1954.
10.11.2007CE3: Coronel Pringles, Argentina 1954.
10.11.2007Belgium: November 29, 1989, leaving Mazy.
10.10.2007CE3: Cannes-Mandelieu, France 1956.
10.10.2007CE3: East Flanders, Belgium 1956.
10.10.2007CE3: Pont-Saint-Esprit, France 1956.
10.08.2007Belgium: July 26, 1992 in Chênée.
10.08.2007Belgium: November 29, 1989, les Goronnes, le Halloux.
10.08.2007The 1967 Press: Lacombe Globe.
10.06.2007The 1967 Press: Daily Star.
10.06.2007The 1967 Press: Dawson Creek News.
10.06.2007The 1967 Press: Tribune de Sherbrooke.
10.06.2007The 1967 Press: Le Méridional.
10.06.2007The 1967 Press: Le Parisien Libéré.
10.05.2007CE3: Serra do Gordo, Brazil 1939.
10.04.2007CE3: Sierra Madre, Mexico 1951.
10.04.2007Your reports: Light in Rouen in the 90's - Nocturnal lights in Sète in July 2007 - Delta shape gliding in the night above Toulouse in France - Belgium flap and a recent phenomenon.
10.03.2007CE3: Kafr El Dawar, Egypte 1970.
10.03.2007CE3: Ceballos, Mexico 1978.
10.03.2007CE3: Colebrook, USA 1959.
10.02.2007CE3: Nîmes-Courbessac, France 1954.
10.01.2007The St. George multiple-witnesses sighting and photograph, USA, 1965.
09.30.2007CE3: Arles, France 1978.
09.30.2007CE3: Huanaco, Peru 1977.
09.29.2007CE3: Paracuru, Brazil 1960.
09.28.2007A to Z: ETH - Drake equation - Dr Frank Drake - CNES - Enrico Fermi.
09.28.2007CE3: Gorbio, France 1954.
09.27.2007CE3: Pyrogovskaya Lake, Russia 1978.
09.27.2007France 1954 upd: Cussy-les-Forges.
09.27.2007Press 1967: Le Méridional.
09.26.2007CE3: Owyhee County, USA 2007.
09.26.2007CE3: Prouvy, France 1942.
09.26.2007France 1954: Gerardmer.
09.25.2007CE3: Bethesda, U-K. 1980.
09.25.2007CE3: Snyders Lake, USA 1957.
09.25.2007France 1954: Hesdin, Le Tholloy.
09.25.2007France 1954 upd: La Feuillade.
09.24.2007CE3: Gemeni, Romania 2007.
09.24.2007Your reports: UFO and alien dreams, Quebec 1999, The Ardennes, France, in the 90's.
09.23.2007Your reports: Nocturnal lights in Manosque, The April 22, 2002 balloon.
09.22.2007France 1954 update: Blanzy, Charme-la-Côte.
09.20.2007A recent pseudo-case of collective hysteria.
09.19.2007CE3: Winterfold, U-K. 1967.
09.19.2007Press: Assevent UFO, 1975.
09.17.2007France 1954: Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne.
09.17.2007France 1954: Saulxures-sur-Moselotte, Vosges.
09.15.2007CE3: Edinburgh, Scotland 1947.
09.13.2007CE3: Brovst, Denmark 1953.
09.13.2007CE3: Mégrit, France 1954.
09.12.2007CE3: Peoria, USA 1973.
09.12.2007CE3: Semons, France 1954.
09.11.2007CE3: Rishon LeZion, Israel 1996.
09.11.2007Another "Bush's alien".
09.10.2007CE3: Rocchetta Sant'Antonio, Italy 1995.
09.10.2007France 1954: Remiremont, Vosges.
09.10.2007France 1954: Cassel, Nord.
09.10.2007Press 1969: Tribune de Sherbrooke, New York Times, Le Provençal.
09.09.2007CE3: Cintalpa, Mexico 1973.
09.09.2007CE3: Moutier-Rozeille, France 1954.
09.08.2007Blurry aliens on pictures.
09.06.2007CE3: Tyler, Texas 1977.
09.05.2007The AF3532 flight UFO: is the visual sighting really correlated to the radar track?
09.04.2007CE3: Harmon Air Force Base, Canada 1950.
09.01.2007CE3: Roncenay, France 1968.
09.01.2007CE3: Lamberton, USA 1952.
08.31.2007Roswell: Jack Trowbridge.
08.31.2007CE3: Youngstown, USA 1917.
08.30.2007Crop circles: Why stem nodes are longer towards the center.
08.29.2007Your reports: Big flying triangle in Thionville, France, 1994, Nocturnal light, France, Nocturnal lights in Guadeloupe, 2006, Flying triangle, Avignon 2006.
08.28.2007CE3: Omro, USA 1973.
08.25.2007CE3: Cornersville, USA 1973.
08.24.2007CE3: Cincinnati, USA 1966.
08.24.2007CE3: Dugny-sur-Meuse, France 1951.
08.23.2007Press 1976: Dauphiné Libéré, The Province, El Correo de Andalucia.
08.22.2007CE3: Welland, Canada 1961.
08.22.2007CE3: soissons, France 1954.
08.21.2007CE3: Brasilia, Brazil 1965.
08.20.2007CE3: Brown Mountain, USA 1961.
08.16.2007France 1954: Coulogne, Pas-de-Calais.
08.16.2007France 1954: Velotte, Vosges.
08.16.2007France 1954: Caudry, Nord.
08.16.2007France 1954: Leers, Nord.
08.16.2007France 1954: Nomexy, Vosges.
08.15.2007The 1976 Press: Le Dauphiné Libéré, La Dépêche du Midi, Le Provençal.
08.14.2007CE3: Prouvy, France 1954.
08.14.2007CE3: Maple Ridge, Canada 1975.
08.13.2007CE3: Beausoleil, France 1951.
08.12.2007CE3: Whidbey Island, USA 1963.
08.12.2007CE3: Atlanta, USA 1973.
08.11.2007CE3: Erbray, France 1954.
08.11.2007CE3: Modesto, USA 1959.
08.11.2007CE3: Leigh, U-K. 1959.
08.10.2007CE3: Collegeville, USA 1966.
08.08.2007CE3: Playa del Rey, USA 1957.
08.08.2007CE3: Mulberry Corners, USA 1955.
08.08.2007CE3: Philadelphia, USA 2006.
08.04.2007CE3: Anost, France 1952.
08.04.2007CE3: Bogota, Columbia 1958.
08.03.2007CE3: Moorlands, Canada 1974.
08.02.2007CE3: Muroc AFB, USA 1954.
08.01.2007CE3: Terrest/Houthulst, Belgium 1951.
08.01.2007A to Z: Robert Adickes, ADC, AFU.
07.31.2007CE3: Lexington, USA 1974
07.31.2007CE3: Derry, USA 1974.
07.31.2007CE3: New-South-Wales, Australia 1978.
07.30.2007CE3: Gibsonia, USA 1974.
07.28.2007CE3: El Cajon, USA 1957.
07.27.2007Another alleged strangeness of crop circle.
07.27.2007A to Z: Landrum UFO footage, James McDivitt, Z machine.
07.26.2007CE3: Aguada, Puertorico 2006.
07.26.2007CE3: Port Molyneux, New Zealand 1909.
07.25.2007A to Z: Francis Ridge, John Cleves Symmes, Ernst Zundel.
07.24.2007CE3: Van Nuys, USA 1956.
07.24.2007CE3: Serodino, Argentina 1979.
07.24.2007CE3 Upd.: San Pietro, Italy 1952.
07.23.2007CE3: Cofico, Argentina 1968.
07.23.2007CE3: Sempach, Switzerland 1972.
07.21.2007CE3: La Roche-en-Brénil, France 1954.
07.20.2007CE3: Tehran, Iran 1954.
07.19.2007CE3: Frametown, USA 1952.
07.18.2007CE3: Juminda, Estonia 1938.
07.17.2007CE3: Oran, Algeria 1975.
07.17.2007CE3: Saki, Ukraine 2006.
07.16.2007CE3: Rethel, France 1954.
07.15.2007CE3: St-Bernard Lacolle, Canada 1954.
07.14.2007The complex interlacing in crop circles.
07.12.2007CE3: Milton, USA 1975.
07.12.2007CE3: Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France 1954.
07.11.2007CE3: Vansant, USA 2006.
07.11.2007CE3: Dewey County, USA 1954.
07.11.2007CE3: Andigné, France 1954.
07.10.2007CE3: Salzburg, Austria 1951.
07.09.2007CE3: Montluçon, France 1954.
07.08.2007The Press, 1966, Dayton Journal-Herald.
07.08.2007The Press, 1966, The Daily Star.
07.07.2007CE3: Sain-Saturnin, France, années 50.
07.06.2007CE3: Bokoelia, USA 1973.
07.06.2007CE3: Kitami, Japan 1974.
07.04.2007CE3: Lake Huron, USA 1959.
07.04.2007CE3: Little Lever, U-K. 1964.
07.04.2007CE3: Battle Creek, USA 1958.
07.03.2007CE3: Vaux-en-Dieulet, France 1950.
07.03.2007CE3: Santa Maria, Brazil 1954.
07.02.2007CE3: Itanhaem, Brazil 1952.
07.01.2007CE3: Sondenborg, Denmark 1951.
06.30.2007CE3: Toulon-sur-Arroux, France 1944.
06.30.2007CE3: Forcett, Tasmania 1983.
06.29.2007CE3: Montreal, Canada 1977.
06.29.2007CE3: Nyon, Switzerland 1977.
06.27.2007CE3: Pinheiro, Brazil 1977.
06.27.2007CE3: Mirassol, Brazil 1978.
06.27.2007The red rains of Kerala, an alien life form?.
06.26.2007CE3: Ciudad Valles, Mexico 1953.
06.24.2007CE3: Quebradillas, Puerto Rico 1977.
06.23.2007CE3: Benacazon, Spain 1976.
06.22.2007CE3: Chickamauga Creek, USA 1947.
06.21.2007CE3: Avellaneda, Argentina 1973.
06.20.2007CE3: Tebedu, Indonesia 1975.
06.20.2007CE3: Acton Vale, Canada 1967.
06.20.2007CE3: Chesterfield, USA 1966.
06.19.2007CE3: Sapulpa, USA 1959.
06.18.2007CE3: Gills Rock, USA 1959.
06.18.2007CE3: Maringa, Brazil 1950.
06.17.2007CE3: Terrace, Canada 1970.
06.16.2007CE3: Riverview, USA 1983.
06.16.2007CE3: Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe 1983.
06.15.2007CE3: Egg Harbor, USA 1976.
06.14.2007CE3: Gisborne, New Zealand 1977.
06.13.2007CE3: Konantsevo, Russia 1989.
06.12.2007CE3: Kiev, Ukraine 1989.
06.11.2007CE3: St Stanislas de Kostka, Canada 1968.
06.11.2007CE3: St Stanislas de Kostka, Canada 1967.
06.10.2007CE3: Trois Rivières, Canada 1969.
06.10.2007CE3: Refrigerio, Brazil 1976.
06.10.2007CE3: Villafranca de los Barros, Spain 1969.
06.09.2007CE3: Olavarria, Argentina 1969.
06.08.2007CE3: Dolores, Cuba 1947.
06.07.2007CE3: Matias Barbosa, Brazil 1976.
06.06.2007Press, France 1979: UFOs and airliner.
06.06.2007Press, France 1979: Chased by a UFO.
06.06.2007Press, France 1979: Chased by a UFO.
06.06.2007Press, France 1979: Tehran UFOs.
06.03.2007Press, France 1981: The Sion-les-Mines UFO.
06.03.2007Press, France 1981: UFO or balloon in Montpellier.
06.03.2007Press, Canada 1981: UFO pictures called genuine.
06.02.2007CE3: Drummondville, Canada 1968.
06.02.2007CE3: Coaticook, Canada 1968.
06.01.2007Press, France 1981: Vibrations at the Etang de Berre.
06.01.2007Press, France 1981: Green light above Marseilles.
06.01.2007Press, France 1981: UFOs in Avignon.
05.30.2007CE3: La Plata, Argentina 1968.
05.30.2007CE3: Vilovi, Spain 1968.
05.30.2007Press, France 1989: Belgium flap.
05.29.2007CE3: Rising Sun, USA 1969.
05.28.2007Press, France 1974: Fake saucer footage.
05.28.2007Press, Canada 1974: A sighting.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: January 2.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: January 13.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: February 1.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: February 12.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: February 17.
05.26.2007Press, France 1974: February 27.
05.24.2007CE3: Vastervik, Sweden 1979.
05.24.2007CE3: Barcelona, Spain 1967.
05.23.2007CE3 updated: Erbalunga, France 1974.
05.23.2007CE3: Chillan, Chile 1983.
05.22.2007CE3: Selah, USA 1968.
05.20.2007CE3: Rauma, Finland 1979.
05.20.2007CE3: Roverbella, Italy 1954.
05.20.2007CE3: La Habana, Cuba 1959.
05.19.2007CE3: Erbalunga, France 1974.
05.19.2007CE3: Nuriootpa, Australia 1913.
05.19.2007CE3: Mareil-en-Champagne, France 1954.
05.19.2007Press: Aliens in Argentina, 1979.
05.19.2007Press: UFO-balloon, France 1964.
05.18.2007CE3: Corozal, Puertorico 1977.
05.18.2007Press 1977: start of GEPAN and a CE3.
05.18.2007Press 1977: in Spain and Puertorico.
05.18.2007Press 1977: UFOs land twice.
05.18.2007Press 1977: in Saint-Germain and in Chad.
05.17.2007Press 1977: UFOs in the South-East of France.
05.17.2007Press 1977: UFO at the boarding school.
05.17.2007Press 1977: ufo or accident.
05.17.2007Press 1977: mysterious ponies death.
05.17.2007Press 1977: the Valdes affair.
05.17.2007Press 1977: meteorites in Madagascar.
05.17.2007Press 1977: trace in field.
05.16.2007Your reports: Fireball with trail, Nocturnal lights, Experiences.
05.15.2007CE3: Penon de los Banos, Mexico 1950.
05.15.2007CE3: Kranglvea, Cambodia 1978.
05.13.2007Press 1966: Soucoupe volante, France.
05.13.2007Press 1966: UFO-balloon, Portugal.
05.13.2007Presse 1966: Boule de feu.
05.12.2007Press 1966: Dexter sightings.
05.12.2007Press 1966: Dexter sightings.
05.12.2007Press 1966: More sightings.
05.09.2007The Clifford D. Simak article, 1966, part2.
05.09.2007The Clifford D. Simak article, 1966, part 1.
05.06.2007AF 3532, January 28, 1994, angular size.
05.05.2007CE3: Pernambucco, Brésil 1979.
05.04.2007CE3: Kharkov, Urkraine 1988.
05.02.2007Press 1966: 10 report UFO sightings.
05.02.2007Press 1966: UFOs, stars or planets.
05.02.2007Press 1966: She spots a UFO.
05.02.2007Press 1966: Strange light or noctilucent cloud.
05.01.2007Press 1966: Le Monde.
05.01.2007Press 1966: Le Provençal.
05.01.2007Press 1966: Le Méridional.
04.30.2007Ummo: an admirable alien society?
04.29.2007Press 1964: Saucers of fireworks.
04.29.2007Press 1964: Probable balloon.
04.28.2007Press 2007: UFOs in Bury St Edmunds.
04.28.2007Press 2007: Huge UFO on Jersey.
04.28.2007Press 2007: UFOs or chinese lanterns.
04.28.2007Press 2007: Huge UFO on Jersey.
04.28.2007Press 2007: Huge UFO on Jersey.
04.28.2007Cadotte Pass 1864, new feedback.
04.27.2007Press 1977: Jimmy Carter.
04.27.2007Press 1977: Saucers in Canada.
04.27.2007Press 1977: Saucer or meteor in Canada.
04.26.2007Press 1978: Frederick Valentich.
04.26.2007Press 1978: Frederick Valentich.
04.26.2007Press 1978: Frederick Valentich.
04.24.2007Press 1952: Oskar Linke
04.24.2007Press 1952: La Roche-sur-Yon.
04.24.2007Press 1952: Belle-Ile-en-Mer.
04.23.2007Press 1952: Monster, alien or owl.
04.23.2007Press 1952: Jet-saucer.
04.23.2007Press 1952: Meteor-saucer.
04.23.2007Press 1952: Saucer of jet.
04.23.2007Press 1952: Saucers or whatever.
04.22.2007CE3: Saint Louis, USA 1967.
04.22.2007CE3: Calgary, Canada 1966.
04.21.2007Exoplanets thrive around binaries stars.
04.21.2007Dr. James E. McDonald, references.
04.21.2007Press 1967: UFO seen from airplane.
04.21.2007Press 1967: Photos.
04.21.2007Press 1967: Identified - not identified.
04.20.2007Press 1967: Strange ship in Edmonton.
04.20.2007Press 1967: Ill-reported sightings.
04.20.2007Press 1967: Sightings up in 1966.
04.19.2007CE3: El Maiten, Argentina 1949.
04.19.2007Press 1967: MP seeks report on UFOs.
04.19.2007Press 1967: UFO clue seeker missing.
04.18.2007CE3: Badaja Grande, Argentina 1962.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: January 14.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: March 28.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: July 15.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: August 13.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: August 14.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: August 27>.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: September 28.
04.17.2007New York Times 1966: October 21.
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01.31.2007UFO stupidities: Dandelion to get rid of UFOs.
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01.05.2007Chicago airport UFO on CNN.
01.03.2007Chicago airport UFO on CNN.
01.02.2007Your reports: Two sightings in France, Maneuvering nocturnal light, UFOs outran jets.
01.02.2007Your reports: Aliens on a farm, Nocturnal lights, BLURFO.
01.01.2007Carl Sagan in 1967.

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