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This article was published in the daily regional newspaper La Montagne, of Clermont-Ferrand, France, on page 4, October 28, 1954.

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Faits divers

From where does this being of exceptional capacity come from?

Guéret. – Finally, the Creuse was visited by a flying saucer and a being with a magic capacity.

After Mrs. Alice Paquet, of Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf, who claims to have seen a mysterious and silent machine evolving above her, an inhabitant of Vaureille, commune of Alleyrat, Mr. Bousard, aged 47, specified the following facts with the mayor initially, then with the gendarmes:

"After having paid a visit to the town hall of Alleyrat in the evening, to get a paper there, he had left the borough towards 10:30 P.M. on bicycle. At approximately 10:45 P.M. he was at the location called "La Badière", when he suddenly saw somebody who was on the side of the road."

"I stopped, he said, to see what it was while remaining however seated on my bicycle. I had the impression that I dealt with a man: as I bent down, this one stood up suddenly and directed two powerful lamps at me who where projecting a very intense light, of light blue color. This being also had at each side of the head, a lamp emitting a green light, much weaker than the two preceding ones. Of a size of 1 m 60 approximately, he was dressed like a diver. As he stood up, I felt a pressure which I could not define but comparable with an extremely violent breath which projected me to the other side of the road."

"I remained approximately 10 minutes without being able to shout nor being able to call for Help. During this time the two lamps which emitted a blue light were directed in my direction. Then the being crossed the road crossed and disappeared suddenly without it being possible for me to see the direction he took. I was very afraid. While falling under the effects of the lamps, I felt – and I still feel – pains in the leg and the right hand."

"I affirm that I was not drunk: that it is by no means an hallucination and that this was not an ancounter with an inhabitant of the country."

The gendarmes who recorded this curious testimony said that Mr. Bousard indeed appears to suffer from the two stated members and that he gives the impression to undergo a rather strong discomfort. His right hand is swollen and he has difficulties to write. The bicycle does not bear any trace of fall or collision.

On the spot indicated by the farmer, the ground was freshly stirred up as by a circular friction of 0 m 70 of diameter. No footmark is visible in the surroundings.

As one well thinks, this extraordinary fact been the subject of all the comments of the inhabitants of Alleyrat. Some firmly believe in the arrival of an unknown being in this place, which they are not far from calling a "Martian." The large majority however remains somewhat skeptic although Mr. Bousard has the reputation of a sensible man.

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