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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, le 15 octobre 1994.


A UFO on Palavas?

There are strange goin ons here, in the sky of Palavas. Indeed, yesterday, towards 01:30 a.m., a couple which was close to the roundabout of the road of Maguelone observed the presence in the sky of a strange object, of oblong shape, diffusing an orange light, which was hovering at an altitude difficult to evaluate. UFO or hallucination? Difficult to tell. But the couple however alerted the police officers, who rushed there. And the police officers noted themselves the phenomenon, during a few seconds. Then, like recorded on official report, "the object, of the size of a montgolfier, split in two, and quickly disappeared, without emitting any sound." And the police officers specified that the two witnesses who alerted them "seem lucid and held a coherent speech."

This obviously gives a certain credibility to this observation. Nevertheless, they were apparently the only witnesses of the scene. At the Geospace of Aniane, where the scientists scan the skies, like every night, nothing was detected. According to the director, Bernard Pelqueur, several assumptions are possible. For example "the passage of a plane, as they often turn on their headlights above Palavas, at the end of the landing strip. With the low fog and clouds, it can produce very impressive visual effects. In the same way, there are the large skytracers of the discotheques, which are reflected on the low vapour clouds."

Optical effect or a quick visit of some extraterrestrials in need for a moonlight bath? The sky of Palavas, in any case, did not betray its mystery yet.

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