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Jack Trowbridge, born in 1916, indicates that he was assigned to the Roswell base in April 1947, (age 31) then assigned to the base Intelligence under the orders of Major Jesse Marcel, and that his rank was First Lieutenant.


No affidavit was made by this witness as far as I know.

Interviews and public statements:

Video-recorded statement on TV, Sci-Fi Channel circa 2007:

The Science Fiction Channel presented a video recorded public statement by Jack Trowbridge, specifying that it was the first time that this witness agreed to speak on camera.

The video can be viewed as of August 2007 at the SciFi channel website at:

Mr. Trowbridge states:

My name is Jack Trowbridge, and I was assigned to Roswell in April of 1947.

I was further assigned to Intelligence, with Jessie Marcel, who was the head of Intelligence, a Major, I was a First Lieutenant.

On this particular evening, we were having bridge at Major Marcel's home. [He?] was there in basket, my wife was there, all the Intelligence was there, playing bridge, except Jessie.

He was out with a pick-up, gathering the junk in this debris field. Okay.

So when we came in it was fairly late I believe, and we broke up the bridge game then, to go out and see was Jessie brought in. And it was of great interest.

It was aluminum in appearance, there were fragments of aircraft-skin or whatever the thing was, and also some girders, with pictures of... hieroglyphic-like things on it. I took them to be ... who knows. You know, it was interesting I could get my hand on the material. And the material had some peculiar properties. For example they looked like [??-bar] wrappings.

But you squeezed it up in your hands as hard as you could, you let go, and it returned to originally, to the original shape. Instantly!

Then the next day, Jessie brought some of this stuff into, in the Intelligence Office. And we looked at it, and played with it wild, and everybody went back to work.

Later that day, boom! Nobody knows anything, they just shut up, nothing happened et caetera.

And when you're in the service, you do what they say.

Major Marcel was hold up to Fort Worth to show the Press what he found.

What he had to show the Press was really a weather balloon. This stuff was not a weather balloon, when he brought that. So he was forced to lie to the Press, as we say. I don't think he's too happy about it, but you do what you're told. You're in the service, you follow orders.

And they were afraid of the American public panicking with this knowledge. I don't think that would have happened, but, hey... the word came down from up above and you do what it says.

Investigators notes and comments:

Greg Bishop:

Ufologist Greg Bishop states on his blog with the author of UFO books Nick Redfern that FATE magazine encouraged them to go meet one of the very few surviving witnesses of the Roswell incident at this year's festival. He reports that they met Jack Trowbridge, aged 91, veteran of the Army then of the US Air Force.

He tells they asked him many impromptu questions, recorded in video.

He tells that Trowbridge was apparently at Jesse Marcel's house Marcel playing weekly bridge with other men of the air base of Roswell when Marcel returned home in the night of July 7, 1947. Trowbridge said to have handled some "memory metal" which, when folded up, took back its initial shape. Greg Bishop indicates that for a 91 year old man, Trowbridge was remarkably alert and lively, and that they enjoyed meeting him.

Greg Bishop comments on that oddly, the bridge game had never been mentioned in accounts up to now, and that the Jesse Marcel Junior did not publicly remember the weird metal, only a lot of debris and the well-known I-beams with strange designs embossed on them.


Note: a similar report from one "Adam Gorightly" is at

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