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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The New York Post, USA, on March 25, 1955.


Green-Tailed Thing Scares The British

London, March 25 (Reuters). -- Thousands of people all over Britain were alarmed last night by a "fiery red object with a green tail" which hurtled through the dark skies over the country.

Pilots of a flight of RAF jet fighters spotted the thing when they were 20.000 feet up and gave chase at more than 500 miles an hour. But it vanished before their eyes in a burst of flame.

In London, the Air Force and newspaper offices were deluged with a flood of phone calls.

Meteorological experts decided that the blazing object which mystified the nation was a huge meteorite which blew up 200 miles above Wales as it entered the earth's atmosphere from outer space.

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