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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO-balloons in Italy, 1955:

This article was published in the daily newspaper La Nazione, evening edition, of Florence, Italy, on October 26, 1955.



This time they're colored

Are the flying discs coming back? It would seem so, to judge by a telephone call we received this morning a little before 01:00 p.m. The caller was Mrs Bonini, who lives in the Campo di Marte zone, and who was notified by a friend at 00:55 p.m. to look out the window because "there is something strange in the sky."

Mrs Bonini ran to fetch binoculars, then went out on her terrace, from which she was indeed able to observe a strange construction shaped like a cigar, which was crossing the sky in the direction of Fiesole. The construction was cigar-shaped and multicolored: greenish on top, orange in the middle, and reddish at the bottom. The lady was also able to see the "disc" with the naked eye. It was observed only for a few seconds. Naturally, the two ladies are not certain that this was a real saucer; but they saw something strange, and reported it.

At 01:00 p.m. another call came, this one from a doctor living in the Arnolfo road, who reported the appearance of another "flying saucer", but of a different form from the one described by the Campo di Marte lady: this was a strongly luminous point, high in the sky, like a brilliant white star. Beneath this first presumed "flying disc", seen another point was seen, smaller, but of equal luminosity. The two shining objects were also observed by other people in the street, who remained looking up quite a while so as not to miss any other extraordinary apparitions. It went off in the direction of Rovezzano.

Note: The observed objects very likely were a weather balloon and its payload. The multicolored aspect comes from improperly set up binocular.

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