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The Ummo affair:

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The "Ummo" society as an advanced ET civilization:

"Ummites are quite sympathetic extraterrestrials."


"Here are manners and a quite strange psychology on a not so funny planet."

In my introduction to my file on the Ummo affair, I explain that the - rare - people convinced that these letters were really written by the extraterrestrials are not all crackpots: "A number of them does not deserve caricatured treatments, they are not plain "Ummo believers", some carried out a sizeable work, and often expressed themselves their doubts and recommended caution."

But it is not always so, it is not the general case in France. Many people who have actually studied nothing at all of the case and not even read these famous "Ummites letters" tell a lot of silly things on this topic.

Thus, an anonymous woman whose her friends tell me that I should not criticize for she had been in psychiatric care explains on various "ufological" discussions lists of the whimsical fringes of ufology that Ummites are really extraterrestrial. After being rebuked by my arguments about the alleged "high scientific value" of the "writings of the Ummites", she admitted that she does not have particular competence on the subjects of hard sciences.

But she then ensured the readers that one proof of the undoubtedly extraterrestrial origin of these letters is their "high value", the "hallucinating quality of the social sciences of the Ummites." People of Ummo would have built an admirable society, while we, humans, are only crazy and violent barbarians. The Ummites would be morally higher minds, this would perspire in their letters, and only the stupid people like me would dare to deny this.

It seems well that this person had not read these famous letters well. Of course, once I showed what this "marvelous Ummite society" amounts to, she and other dignified representatives of the "lunatic fringe" concluded that I was in fact a "disinformation team" of a "frightening effectiveness" who "infiltrates the ufological discussion lists."

A visit of this so admirable and higher Ummite society is thus essential, let's look at these "Letters from Ummo."

Ummo morals.

To discover the so advanced social life of Ummites, it is enough to read "their" letters. It is important to understand that the letters that I quote are no way "late" letters or letters that would be recognized as "false Ummites letters" by proponents of the extraterrestrial authenticity of the Ummites letters. They are known letters, diffused a long time ago, and that have never been considered as "false." (Proponents of Ummo, when something silly of contradictory or scientific garbage and silliness appears in a letter, regularly use the trick of proclaiming that this particular letter is not a "true letter.")

Let's get into the mood with letter D102.

However we know techniques that give access to the bodies internal organs, under blocking anesthesiologic of the centers, without loss of conscience and with recovery of the wounded histological structure.

These techniques are tolerated by the UAA. Thus even the condemned can always be accessible by touch at any area of his skin to the will of any of his brother.

All this may shock the sensitivity of the Oemii of the Earth who would have difficulties in understanding how a teenager has the right to enter the thermically conditioned enclosure of the "zone" where a condemned person is in custody, as if he were a guinea pig like those used on Earth, and without "speaking" (i.e. without communicating) with him. It can be a a young person the double of his age. He can touch him to check his reaction while the latter cannot dare to defend himself or dissuade him.

This situation, which imagined on Earth would scandalize the lawyers of a state of right for "transgression of the human rights", is completely justified within the framework of our society.

Humiliation which involves for the condemned OEMII these dramatic situations, and the functionality which makes it go hand in hand with a high level of social utility, compensate for by this catharic way [sic] the damage that at any time he had cause to society by violating the laws of its network.

The defendant who, for an already fixed period, was converted into social property of his others brothers, and cried his terrible shame to be "converted" in images shoed to strangers, relatives and friends, will undergo his punishment until the end. He would then be able to honorably reinstate the society. Nobody will point out the defamatory former period to him, nobody will not be able to call upon it in the future in order to exert an unspecified type of discrimination. This child who one day touched his genitals, motivated by his scientific curiosity, will be today a respectful pupil or his subordinate, without being measured in the absolute on the former condemned some suspicion of revenge by the memory on the former episode.

Let's now see the letters D41, D41-9, D41-10, those that described in the most detailed manner the Ummite society.

"But at the border of adolescence (with the beginning of puberty), the practice of onanism can dangerously emerge."

-> On Ummo, onanism is dangerous.

"It was believed that the strong inhibition of the first attempts of the UGEE (CHILD), initiated by an electrostatic discharge of high potential although without danger to the body, would create defenses in the individual (reflexes) against this vice."

-> On Ummo, onanism is vicious.

There exists on this point an obvious similarity with the terrestrial people. When the experts of UMMO faced this problem which affected almost 100% of the UGEE (young boys) and 38 % of the UUYIE (girls), thousands UMMO years ago, they believed to find the solution thanks to controls by conditioned reflexes. But the development of the solution had an aberrant result. The children were secretly controlled by teams which, via the detection of hormonal variations, knew the moment at which the child began such a practice. Instantaneously the child felt a strong puncture caused by an electrostatic discharge, which caused a strong inhibition to him."

-> Thousands of years ago, Ummites made the children who tried onanism suffer by electrical torture. Then they realized that the "results were disastrous." Fortunately they found better thereafter, as we will see.

"Naturally this failure did not discourage our experts in BIEEWIGUU (psychobiology) and thanks to them we obtained that our young people nowadays arrive at the time of OMGEEIIE (wedding) without ever to have experienced orgasm."

-> Ummites stopped electrocuting the children who tried onanism, they found another method to prevent this horror: orgasm before marriage.

"the defloration is never carried out by another person but the husband."

-> On Ummo, the woman is submitted to the husband and she is forbidden to have sex before wedding.

"Moreover the young inhabitant of UMMO does not spend much time between puberty and his marital union. We judge that it is an attack to the divine laws of WOA to maintain celibacy once that reproductives faculties developed."

-> On Ummo, young girls are immediately married. God wants it.

"Psychosocial controls, concerning the sporadic appearances of morbid erotica, are rigid and effective."

-> On Ummo, a rigid society, erotica belongs to the morbid and the society represses it.

"It is simply that this same company rejects by instinctive mechanisms of defense the individual who in spite of the effective means of teaching and prophylactic, presents strange symptoms in his sexual control."

-> On Ummo, one does not like people who have "strange symptoms in his sexual control."

"Some URAA (chronics of the times) report terrible scenes from these Xii (days). Many YIE, terrorized, simulated with pieces of YUUWO (vegetable sponge substance) hidden between the tunic and the belly, a pseudopregnancy state. The agents of the WOODOO (police force) uncovered them and ordered to them to be stripped naked on the public highway, disregarding the cries and pleas of the unfortunates. They were dragged in this state to the nearest place of control where, after having been the object of all kinds of excesses, they were aimed for the vivisection center."

-> Do I have to comment on such horrors? On Ummo, the insanities ridicule their terrestrial counterparts.

"The slow evolution of our society, the continuous increase of goods of production (OUMBOO) and consequently the increase in the social well-being, education and scientific progress, reduced little by little the number of these sexual deviance,"

-> Not the horrors of the totalitarian police force of Ummo are deviant, but the Ummites girls who would not subject themselves to their role of property woman-object of the man according to the Will of God.

Only remained rare cases of YIE whose genetic constitution predisposed them to the vice of hypersexuality in a reduced group of well-defined pathologico-sexual features. The most modern techniques of control, during the process of gestation, of the various psychopathological factors, made it possible to obtain that nowadays, the existence of individuals of female sex afflicted with these tendencies, constitutes a true scarcity: the society reacts to these astonishing cases with an exquisite prudence and an affectionate solicitude. The patient is isolated and subjected to a treatment which, although lately discovered and in spite of the advance of our technique, does not warrant the remission of the syndrome for sure, although in very rare diseases we realize a very high percentage."

-> Ladies, on Ummo, you do not have any sexual freedom.

-> On Ummo, homosexuals, bisexual ones, girls who would have sex before marriage, onanism, all this is pathological, fortunately their science put an end to this.

"We can perfectly control the cycle of our wives. This regulation however is strongly related to the requirements and inhibitions of religious nature. Our OMGEEIIE (couples) never tolerate an arbitrary regulation whose single mobile would be personal selfishness or unhealthy satisfaction. Our religion very seriously directs us towards this end."

-> Ladies, on Ummo, sex is to make children, you will give birth on government's decision, in the name of God.

"But it is that, moreover, we can reduce the delay of ovulation between two points of its course by means of techniques which allow this remote control."

-> Ladies, on Ummo, you are remote controlled.

"... and the rare cases of homosexuality can be controlled via hormonal regulation, after adequate intervention on the neurocortical and endocrinian mechanisms, and without need initially surgical. [sic]"

-> Ladies, Gentlemen, on Ummo, gay people are cured directly at the brain.

"Our wives never strip by themselves in front of a man who is not their husband, nor in front of other women."

-> Ladies, on Ummo, you live like in the most repressive societies on earth: only your husband has right on you. You are his object.

"The degree of humiliation inflicted on the woman, when this norm is transgressed against her will, is very intense, so much so that one of the punishment in the legal code of UMMO is precisely nudity."

-> On Ummo, a woman who shows herself naked to another than her husband must be humiliated and is exposed naked on the public place (and shown on TV, as explained in letter D102 above).

"Boys and girls are educated starting at 13,68 years old in a kind of university, small miniature cities in which discipline is rigid, which makes all their life controlled by this education."

-> Much more efficient than our schools, of course.

"But the woman can exhibit her organic constitution with some limit fixed by the UAA (moral-religious code) to influence the man sexually."

-> Ladies, in your role of woman-object, you nevertheless have the right to excite a Gentlemen a little by showing him your specific body parts, in some limit according to the Will of God.

And that goes on and on like that, paragraphs after paragraphs...

What does it all mean?

The Ummite society is nothing of a superbly advanced society with higher morals. Its education system does not have anything extraterrestrial. All it amounts to is one of the most horrible versions of totalitarian and repressive human societies. Morals is marked in the name of god, the woman's sexuality is only for procreation and the pleasure of her husband, children are disciplined, any sexual freedom is prohibited, the body of the woman is property of the husband in the name of God, remote controlled by the government, the woman must be a virgin and never experience organs before marriage, any sexual preference not in conformity with that, homosexuality or simple freedom to have several partners during a life are regarded as pathological and pervert and cured by surgery, chemicals and humiliation.

All that is completely human, it is only one presentation of the most fanatical fundamentalism of certain religions.

This Ummo society is nothing other than the fascistic ideal of the most hard core Spanish Phalangism, intending to found its values morals on the most fanatical side of the catholic religion, intending to reduce woman's sexuality to procreation and to repress anything else as pathological deviance which should be treated by tortures.

Jordan Pena.

Above: Jordan Pena, posing as expert in parapsychology, using hypnosis on a blindfolded admirer.

A wonderful extraterrestrial society? Come on.

All that is perfectly in conformity with the obsessions for controlling women, sadistic seance, humiliations, striping off, and the political opinions of the confessed author of the letters, Jordan Pena, former military man guilty of many abuses, not a man on the extreme right of politics, with obscure sexual desires and manners, an hypnotist of women, having been helped by Vincente Ortuno, Trinidad Pastrana, Mercedes Carrasco and others in deploying the Ummo hoax, and all that makes only reflect the religious fundamentalism and his pro-Franco political opinions, his sadistic personality, his obsessions and his complicated and profoundly ambivalent personality.

Below: meeting announcement of the Spanish Phalange party, on their web site, on April 30, 2007. Notice the symbol. The meeting place? The coffee shop "The Merry Whale", the place where the entire Ummo affair started.


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